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America’s Cup

2023 America’s Cup, Scores, First Release, March 11

Two weeks ago, we wrapped up the 2022 AmCup Season with award ceremony at Fab Feb, Lost Hills.  A bit cold and dark to my liking this year so I’m re-thinking the timing and location.  Two options being considered: 1) Awards at the field like the last two years but on a non-FO day so the awards are during daylight (~5:00pm start). This likely means on Thurs prior to MaxMen, assuming  MaxMen  F1A Friday, F1B&C Saturday. A concern is will the Thursday date significantly reduce attendance? Option #2 is to return to the Lost Hills Recreation Building on MaxMen Saturday evening (post FO, ~7:00 pm). We would keep the informal program, hors d’oeuvres and snacks, non- alcoholic drinks. Flying clothing OK.  For both options, a small fee (5$ to 10$) to increase the amount of hors d’oeuvres and snacks. For an informal survey, email me <> your choice of option #1 or #2.

First four 2023 contests are on the books. No play by play for this report other than to note the strong start (80+ points) for Enes Pecenkovic in F1A and Walt Ghio in F1B.
No rule changes for 2023 so reference the America’s Cup, FAI Free Flight Rules, 2022 posted on the NFFs website.
Also unchanged is the contest list from 2022 with the possible addition of a 3rd Tangent contest in September and possible resurrection of Hoosier contest at Muncie just prior to the NATs.  The Am Cup fee remains $30 and is due by April 1st. If your club has a problem getting approved and paid by the April first, contact me for an extension.
 Last note is the next AmCup contest is the flagship SCAT Annual, March 18 &19, 2023, Lost Hills. Hoping for a break in the California rains with continued green flying site. The contest flyer is now (or soon) on the LHFFA and the NFFs websites. Also recently on SEN 3090, Feb 28.
Jim Parker
SCAT AmCup Administrator