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First 2024 Am Cup Scores May 9 


The Ca, Az and Tx early contests are in the books. I’m looking forward to more great FF to come. I won’t do a detail commentary other than to note it is great to see several of our new Junior flyers placing in the top 5 and so being listed.

I do need to point out two rule changes for 2024 which can be found on the NFFs website <2024AmCupRules.pdf (>.

The first is to provide more flexibility for the rescheduling of the small- local (ie non- World Cup) contests. It is always recommended to make contact with the CD before traveling long distances to contest.

Rule 1e) AmCup contests that requires rescheduling prior to the published date (the AMA primary sanction

date) a 21-day advanced notice is recommended, and a 12-day notice is required for World Cup

contests with the organizer making widespread notification on social media (such as SCAT

Electronic News (SEN) and Facebook) as soon as possible. Special attention shall be made to avoid

conflict with other AmCup contests in the region. Rescheduling of non-World Cup (local) contests are

allowed within the 12 days of the published date with the organizer making a good faith effort to

notify via social media and direct contact (email, phone call) to those known to travel long distances

to the contest. The use of a reserve day as part of the AMA sanctioned primary dates and published

in contest bulletin are encouraged to maximize the opportunity to complete contests.

The second rule eliminated the “3- flying site” requirement for F1E (only). This was recommended by a majority of the active F1E flyers. F1E struggles to find and conduct F1E contests at sites other than Lost Hills CA.

4) The highest scores from a maximum of four contests will be counted with the following criteria. The

total score may include two scores from one site only; all other scores must come from different sites,

that is, the scores must come from at least three sites.  For F1E the site rule does not apply. Points will

be scored only if the contest was flown to the minimum number of rounds as stated in section 1b.

The final note is the $30 AmCup fees are due. Thanks to clubs and CD’s that have paid, ~25%. The 2024 rules (link above) still site me as point of payment, but Terry Kerger is now the SCAT treasurer and so please send payment to him. It is important to make checks out to Terry Kerger and on the ‘for’ line “AmCup fee”.

Terry Kerger

709 Domingo Dr

San Gabriel, CA 91775-2108

Jim Parker
SCAT AmCup Administrator