National Free Flight Society

Why Join the NFFS?

Your NFFS membership in NFFS demonstrates your support of Free Flight.

The NFFS is recognized by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) as the only voice of Free Flight in the U.S. Free Flight is only one part of model aviation, and relatively small. Your support through membership in NFFS helps us speak with one strong voice.

NFFS supports ALL aspects of Free Flight.

A large number of our members are outside the U.S., and many are overseas, a true testimonial to the value of NFFS membership.

Note that international members receive only the digital edition of Free Flight, the eDigest, that can be downloaded from the web site.

Among the benefits of membership in the NFFS is a subscription to our great publication, Free Flight, that is published six times a year. Each issue is 40, or more, pages of information devoted strictly to Free Flight. You will also have the personal satisfaction of knowing you are contributing to the future direction and growth of Free Flight. Free Flight covers every aspect of Free Flight: AMA, Indoor, FAI, FAC, SAM, Nostalgia–the works. Now available in an online, electronic format.

Click here for a free sample of the Free Flight Digest

The NFFS also:

– Maintains a scholarship program for young modelers going into college
– Administers the two premier Free Flight contests, the Indoor and Outdoor Nationals
– Maintains a technical library with helpful articles and videos on all aspects of free flight
– Provides access to free flight publications, videos and a comprehensive plan service

And – if you’re not already an AMA member, consider joining and help support model aeronautics in all of its forms as well as free flight! Join here.