National Free Flight Society

NFFS Contacts

National Free Flight Society Board of Directors

David Lindley
Contact David
Term: January 2024–December 2027

VP, Eastern District
Gene Ulm
Contact Gene
Term: January 2022–December 2025

VP, Western District
Ken Bauer
Contact Ken
Term: January 2023–December 2026

VP, Southern District
Mark Vancil
Contact Mark
Term: January 2022–December 2025

VP, Central District
Jim Parker
Contact Jim
Term: January 2024–December 2027

Julie Parker
Contact Julie

Lisa Pacelli
Contact Lisa

Appointed Officials


NFFS Digest Editor
Don DeLoach, Contact Don

NFFS Membership Manager
Lisa Pacelli, Contact Lisa

NFFS Publication Services Manager
Patti Lorbiecki, Contact Patti  

NFFS Plans Service
Craig Greening, Contact Craig

NFFS Safety Director
Dick Covalt

NFFS Public Relations and Publicity
Gene Ulm, Contact Gene

Alan Petersen, Contact Alan



2024 Symposium

Roger Morrell, Contact Roger

Model of the Year Chair

Hall Of Fame Chair
Don DeLoach, Contact Don

Patron Chair
Julie Parker, Contact Julie

2023 Nationals Contest Directors

David Lindley

Glenn Schneider

National Cup Administrator

Bob Hanford, Contact Bob

Competition Committee

Bob Stalick, Chairman,
Bob Hanford
Bob Sifleet
Clint Brooks
Harry Grogan
Ted Hidinger
Don Deloach

Nostalgia Subcommittee
Ted Hidinger, Chairman, 
Ron Sharpton
Faust Parker
Roger Erridge
Bob Stalick
Bob Mattes, technical advisor

Rubber Subcommittee
Don DeLoach, Chairman, 
Bud Romack
David Mills
Dohrman Crawford

Electric Subcommittee
Harry Grogan, Chairman,
Bernie Crowe
Jack Murphy
Frank Perkins

Indoor Subcommittee
Don DeLoach, Chairman, 
David Aronstein
Kurt Krempetz

Glider Subcommittee
Tim Batiuk, Chairman, 
Mark Covington
David Gerspacher
Jan Langelius

Vintage FAI Power Subcommittee
Bob Stalick, Chairman, 
Neal Menano
Mike Schwartz
Glenn Schneider
Nigel Tarvin

Golden Age Subcommittee (Provisional)
Denny Dock
Rudy Kluiber

Education Committee

Ross Jahnke, Chairman
Tim Batiuk
Chuck Andraka
Rocco Ferrario
Sevak Malkhasyan
Brian Pacelli
Randy Secor
Brian Turnball

College Subcommittee
Ross Jahnke, Chairman 
Kit Bays
Gary Fogel
Mike Kirda

Science Olympiad Subcommitee
Chuck Andraka, Chairman
Brian Turnbull
Tom Sanders
Jimmy Jordan

Mentoring Subcommittee
Tim Batiuk, Chairman
Chuck Andraka
Ronnie Espolt
Josh Finn
Bill Kuhl
Sevak Malkhasyan
Randy Secor

Scholarship Subcommittee
Sevak Malkhasyan, Chairman
For information see NFFS Scholarship Information