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Science Olympiad & the Wright Stuff

NFFS and Science Olympiad

NFFS has teamed with Science Olympiad to sponsor and support the Indoor Flying Events. Science Olympiad is a scholastic competition encompassing a broad range of science disciplines. Students compete in a range of events including test-only, laboratory, and prebuilt events. The competition is a single-day event, and each team consists of 15 students. There are 23 different events throughout the day, each using 2-3 students. Therefore, the students must be proficient at 3-6 events, not just the flying events.

The flying events are pre-build events, where a flying apparatus to fit current rules is constructed and perfected prior to the event, and then flown for duration at the event in a gymnasium or ballroom facility.

In addition to sponsoring scholarships at Nationals, NFFS endeavors to provide useful resources for students, coaches and mentors. These resources will continue to grow as we develop materials. In addition to resources, NFFS will seek out flying opportunities for the students beyond the SO competitions, where they can perfect their flying skills alongside NFFS members at an AMA competition or in guided seminars.

Our goal is to help students have an enjoyable experience in building and flying free flight models, overcoming the frustrations that may be present when resources are lacking. This page will be a landing site for help for the student, coach, and mentor.

For further information contact Chuck Andraka

A Science Olympiad student launching her model at the 2021 Indoor NATS in Pontiac, MI