National Free Flight Society

Maps and Directions to Flying Sites

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Free Flight Clubs

Outdoor Flying Fields

Indoor Flying Sites

Eloy, AZ
“The Grassy Knoll,” Sepulveda Basin, Encino, CA
Lost Hills, CA
Otay Mesa, CA (San Diego)
Perris, CA
Waegell Field, Rancho Cordova, CA
Aurora, CO
Rocky Hill, CT
Palm Bay, FL
Whitesburg, GA
Muncie, IN
Kansas City Speedway, KS

Falmouth, MA
Chesterton, Ingleside, MD
North Branch, MN
Morningside, Charlestown, NH
El Dorado Dry Lake, Henderson, NV
Geneseo, NY
Wawayanda, Middletown, NY
Borden, Ontario
Tangent, OR
Harts Prairie, Olympia, WA
Bong Field, Burlington, WI