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Past Symposium Tables of contents

The National Free Flight Society publishes annual symposia to further the technical advancement of Free Flight modeling in all of its forms.

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Introductory Notes – Bill Hartill
Summary of Propulsion and Propeller Theory as Applied to Model Aircraft Propulsion Systems – Ronald Monson
Determination of Flight Trajectory for Rubber Powered Model Aircraft – John Gard
The Effects of Model Trim and Propeller Characteristics on the Climb Performance of a Wakefield Model – George Xenakis
Comments Concerning Rule Changing and Interest in the Sport – Bill Bogart
Thoughts on Circling in Wind – Frank Zaic
An Introduction to the Zero Lift Line for Free Flight Models – Charles Sotich
Approximating and Elliptic Loading with Simple Planforms – Dennis Mihora
Propeller Designs for 40 Gram Wakefields – Sherman Ovelmen
Design of a Wakefield Propeller – Christian Schwartzbach
Choice of Rubber Motor for Low Ceiling Indoor – Bud Tenny
Free Flight – In Perspective – John Worth
Free Flight Modelling – Hobby, Sport, Art or Science? – Bill Hartill
Progress Report – Hardy Broderson

Progress Report – NFFS Leads the Way – Chuck Broadhurst
A Parametric Study of Free Flight Model Endurance as Affected by Wing Area – Thomas Modlin
Contest Glider Tactics – Tom Hutchison
Stressed Skin Construction for Models With Curved Dihedral – Hardy Broderson
International Competition and the C.I.A.M. – Ron Moulton
The Optimum Climb Path for a Rubber Powered Model – George Xenakis
A Study of the Physical Characteristics of Birds to Aid in Model Aircraft Design – Roger W. Schroeder and Roger J. Schroeder
Hall Meteorology, Hall Geometry and Low Ceiling Duration – Tom Vallee
Stretch Your Odds – Bob Wilder
Gliders and Wind – Dick Nelson
Estimation of the Neutral Point – Harold L. Crane
Conducting the Big Free Flight Meet Made Painless – Bob Stalick
Changes in Prop Pitch Distribution Due to Blade Rotation – Charles Sotich
Effect of Model Design and Flight Pattern on Wakefield Model Performance – Bob Meuser

Progress Report – NFFS Leads the Way – Chuck Broadhurst
A Parametric Study of Free Flight Model Endurance as Affected by Wing Area – Thomas Modlin
Contest Glider Tactics – Tom Hutchison
Stressed Skin Construction for Models With Curved Dihedral – Hardy Broderson
International Competition and the C.I.A.M. – Ron Moulton
The Optimum Climb Path for a Rubber Powered Model – George Xenakis
A Study of the Physical Characteristics of Birds to Aid in Model Aircraft Design – Roger W. Schroeder and Roger J. Schroeder
Hall Meteorology, Hall Geometry and Low Ceiling Duration – Tom Vallee
Stretch Your Odds – Bob Wilder
Gliders and Wind – Dick Nelson
Estimation of the Neutral Point – Harold L. Crane
Conducting the Big Free Flight Meet Made Painless – Bob Stalick
Changes in Prop Pitch Distribution Due to Blade Rotation – Charles Sotich
Effect of Model Design and Flight Pattern on Wakefield Model Performance – Bob Meuser

Robert Meuser – Editor
Charles H. Broadhurst … a Dedication – Hardy Brodersen
The Ultimate Wakefield … Proceedings of the First Scandinavian Wakefield Symposium, Malmo, Sweden – Sven-Olov Linden and Christian Schwartzbach
Experiments on 16-Strand Rubber Motors – Jon Davis
A New Family of Free-Flight Airfoils for All Occassions – C. W. Bogart
A Plea for Free-Flight Scale – William F. McCombs
Energy Storage in Rubber Filaments – Walter C. Erbach
The Dihedral Effect for Large Dihedral Angles – Peter W. Soule
Energy Release of Rubber Measured with Automatic Integrators – George W. Xenakis
The Low-Speed Aerodynamics Research Association – Thomas J. Patrick
Propeller Performance Prediction … The Benefits of Gearing – David A. Mendel
The Elevated Streamer as a Thermal Air Current Detector – Ralph Vescera
Design Considerations for One-Bladed Propellers – W. Hewitt Phillips
The Effect of Airfoil Parameters on Flight Duration – John R. Krouse
The Flight Testing of 13 Wakefield Propellers – Sherman Ovelmen and Robert Meuser
Some Aspects of Airfoil Geometry and Selected Experiments – Donald R. Monson
Radio Assisted Recovery of Free-Flight Aircraft … A Preview – Frank H. Perkins
Ten Models of the Year – Hardy Broderson, et al.

Bill Bogart – Editor
Word From the Exec – Hardy Brodersen
Single Cylinder Engine Dynamic Balance – Maximiliano Boccardo
Flying Scale Indoor Models – Charlie Sotich
A Comparison of “Optimum” and Helical Pitch Propellers – George Xanakis
Center of Pressure – Bill Bogart
The Geometric Properties of Commonly Used Wing and Tail Planforms – Don Monson
Where to Put the Ballast and Other Stories – Bob Meuser
Airfoil Leading Edge Bluntness … Good or Bad – John R. Krouse
Some Aspects of Airfoil Geometry Part II – Don Monson
Locating the Wing Mount on the Fuselage – Bill Bogart
Free Flight … A Change is Coming – Ron Evans
Ten Models of the Year – Bob Meuser, et al.

Report From the Executive Director – Hardy Broderson
Three-Minute Nordic: Fact or Myth? – John Krouse
Model Glider Performance From Airfoil Data – Alan Brocklehurst
A Quasi-Static Analysis of Model Glider Longitudinal Towing Characteristics – Alan Brocklehurst
Rubber Thermodynamics – Dale Hornish
Implications of Optimum Propeller Design – J. G. Krol
Can Formed Propeller Blades – Bob Meuser
On Carving Rubber Model Propeller Blades From Thin Sheet – Bill Bogart
Rossi 15N Evolution: Factory and Field – R.L. “Doc” Anderson
Experimental Verification of Indoor Model Flight Analysis by Computer – Walter Erbach
What Size Tail? – Bill Bogart
Ten Models of the Year – Dave Linstrum, et al.

Word From The Exec – Hardy G Broderson
Painless Propeller Pitch Determination – Bob Meuser
The Flying Chicken Story – Lennart Flodstrom And Lars G Olofsson
Probing The Future: Nordic – John Thornhill
Model Aircraft Moment Of Inertia – Doug Wilson
An Experimental Evaluation Of Some Popular Modeling Adhesives – Thomas Ersted And Edmund Smith
Aerodynamic Measurements Of The Wing Of The Geronimo A/2 – Ferdinand Hendricks
Intuitive Airfoil Theory And Construction Of Solid Wings – Phillip A Hartman
A Method Of Visualizing Airfoil Sections – Bob Meuser
The Longitudinal Dynamic Stability Characteristics Of An A/2 Glider – Alan Brocklehurst
Analysis Of Towhook Systems – Klaus W Salzer
The Best Of Nakashima – Will Nakashima
Performance Analysis On Hand Launch Gliders – Lou Young
Wing Wake Effect On Longitudinal Stability – Fred Pearce
The Ten Models Of The Year – Bill Bogart And Bob Meuser
Authors And Others

Word From the Exec – Hardy Brodersen
History of Coupe D’Hiver – Pierre Chaussebourg
Simple Telemetry With a Crystal Microphone – Ferdinand Hendricks
Development of Flash X-18 – Frank Zaic
Weight and Balance Calculations and C.G. Criteria for Max Altitude Performance of Free Flight Model Airplanes – Robert P. Dodds
The Laminar Airfoil Problem – Andrew B. Bauer
The Performance of Twelve Types of “Free Flight” Model Aircraft – A. Brocklehurst and P. Whitehead
Experimental Determination of the Induced Velocity of a Wakefield Propeller – LeGrand D. Feeley and Sherman Ovelman
Prospects for the Application of Modern Airfoil Design Technology to the Low Reynolds Number Flow Regime – John Russell
Wing Shaping for Improved Efficiency – Lou Young
The Effects of Several Design Parameters on the Performance of Model Rocket Boost – Gliders – J.W. Crane and B.S. Papadales
Drag Elements of Indoor Models – Raymond B. Harlan
Torque Variable-Pitch Propeller – Jeff Annis
Indoor Model Propeller Peformance – Theory and Evaluation – Walter Lounsbery
Electric Power for Competition Free Flight – Roland Boucher
The Rear Hook Location and Gears for FFS Rubber Models – Bill McCombs
Rubber Scale Flight Performance Prediction – Leon Bennett
Power Model Ideas of 1975 – Reid Hull, Hardy Brodersen, and John Ferrer
Ten Models of the Year – Bob Stalick

Northwest Nordic Symposium 1-31-76 – Steve Helmick
Effect of Some Design Parameters on the Glide Performance of A-2 Gliders – Harry Grogan
Circle Towing American Style – Paul Crowley
On Nordic Wing Joiners – Ken Phair
Low-Speed Wind-Tunnel Tests of Two Airfoils Suitable for Models – W. Hewitt Phillips
Fun and Games With FAI Flappers – Andrew B. Bauer
Propeller Performance – Andrew B. Bauer
Experimental Analysis of the Indoor Propellor – Walter Erbach
Nakashima Strikes Again – Will Nakashima
A Method for Predicting Indoor Model Duration – Doug Mclean
Philosophical Dimensions of Free Flight Modeling – Robert T. Huber
Carving Prop Blades From Thin Boards – Bob Meuser
A Timer Actuated V.I.T. – Dieter Siebenmann
The Ten Models of the Year – Bob Dodds

A Computer Approach to Model Glider Design and Performance Analysis Predictions and Preliminary Flight Test
Data – E. Bratfeld and A. Hadas
“Op-Prop” An Extension of the Schwartzbach Approach to the Design of A Propeller With Optimum Circulation
Distribution – A. Brocklehurst
Wing Tips – Variations on A Theme By Hoerner – Bill Bogart
Power Model Propellers – Robert Lieber
Some Guides for Warp and Flutter Resistant Wing Structures – William F. Mccombs
Aerodynamic Characteristics of A High Lift Two-Element Wing – An Experimental Study – Amos Hadas
Computer Simulation of Model Aircraft Climb Performance (FAI Power) – Jeffery Annis
An Analysis of Rubber Driven Model Aircraft – Martyn Pressnell
Aerodynamic Design of Propellers Having Minimum Induced Loss – E. Eugene Larrabee
Gurney Flaps – Glen R. Simpers
Thermals, Lift and Methods and Devices for Finding Them – Bruce S. Hannah
The Advantages, Real or Imagined, of the Tapered, Sweptback Wing – Ed Hopkins
FAI Gliders and Hooks – Ivan Horejsi
The Ten Models of the Year – Clarence Mather

Theoretical Performance Potential of Modern FAI Power Models – Joel Chesler
A Significant Increase In Lift to Drag Ratio of Airfoils At Low R.N. Through the Use of Multiple Trippers and
Low Drag Laminar Flow – Bruce H. Carmichael
Energy Analysis of A Wakefield Climb – Earl W. Boteler
A New Family of High Lift Airfoils for Low Reynolds Numbers – Peter J. Allnutt
Mini-Rpv Engine-Propeller Wind Tunnel Tests – J. Earl Bailey
Spiral Stability – Andrew B. Bauer
Some Aspects of F1A Glider Design – Harry Grogan
Analytical Studies Aimed At Improving FAI Power Model Performance – Dave Benepe
The Missing Ingredient – John Worth
Design of Electrically Powered Models for Maximum Climb – W. Hewitt Phillips
1977 Championship Summer In Europe – toni White
The Ten Models of the Year – Tony Italiano

The Mulvihill Model – A Review of the State of the Art – Jim O’Reilly
The Myth of the Fifty-Foot Nordic Zoom – tom Hutchinson
The P-30 Event – Harry Steinmetz
The Joy of Free Flight – Andrew Bauer
1979 Continued Bob White Interviewed – Bill Bogart
Remarks of the F1D Model Archaeopterix – Dieter Siebenmann
Novice Free-Flight Power Event – Dave Benepe
A Cookbook Approach to Rubber Testing – Chris Matsuno
Building That First Model Airplane – Cynthia Sabransky
Computer FAI Power Climb Stability and the Speed Cream Model – Andrew Bauer
The 10 Models of the Year – Anthony J. Italiano

Analytical and Experimental tools Useful In Selecting and Developing Power Model Propellers – Donald Monson
Stretch Your Odds – William L. Baker
Spiral Stability of Aircraft – Frank S. Gue
Can We Catch Them Young? – Amos Hadas
On Dynamic Longitudinal Stability of Airplane Models – Gerhard W. Simon
Computer Analysis of F1A Wing Stresses Due to Bending Under High G Loads – Matt Gewain
The Development of the Folding Propeller – William L. Baker
High Strength/Weight Wing Spars – Jim Thornbery
Static Stability of Modern World Class Designs – Bill Bogart
How to Trim Free Flight Models for Thermaling – William L. Baker
An Aeronautical Engineer Views Spiral Stability – Hewitt Phillips
Performance and Dynamics of Nordic Zooms and Powered Model Climb – Andrew B. Bauer
Some Guides for Rubber-Powered Scale Models – William F. Mccombs
Champs, Kudos, Quirks, Curiosities and Famous Firsts – Jim Bennett
The Development of New A/2 Airfoils Aided By Computer – B. Eggleston and D. Surry
Models of the Year – Steve Geraghty

Word From the Exec
Design Technology
Some Thoughts On Designing and Trimming – Morris
An Experimental Method To Determine Rubber Powered Airplane
and Propeller Efficiency – Gard
More How To Trim For Thermaling – Baker
Structureless Foam Composite Construction – St Jean
Update On High Performance Model Airfoils – Carmichael
Tail Aspect Ratio Must Be Small – Wantzenriether
Ten Years at the Hook Works – Hatschek
A Book Review – Carmicheal
Contest Flying
Hunting the Elusive Thermal – Stoy & Stoy
Some Psychological Aspects of Model Competition – Baker
The Problem of Winning and Losing – Bauer
NFFS Ten Models
Hall of Fame
Who Won What, When, Where

Performance Growth of an F1C – Mario Rocca & Alberto Dall’Oglio
Prop Mechanics and F1C Engine RPM – Andrew Bauer
Picking Power Props – Dave Benepe
F1C Folding Props – Dave Sugden
Digital Timers – Thomas Koster
Magic Shape – Harry Murphy,
Wakefield Dynamics – Jean Wantzenriether
On Trimming an F1B – Giora Herzberg& Amos Hadas
Bob White on Rubber – Walt Rozelle
Consumer’s Report on Wake-Up – Rich Sander
Nordic Wings – Tam Thompson
Aspect Ratio of F1A Wings – Martin Pressnell
Optimum FAI Indoor Model Wing – Walter Erbach
Design for Over 55 – Jim Bennett
Thirty Minutes or Bust!! – W. Hewitt Phillips
Nagoya – Stan Stoy
Aerofoil Turbulator and Invigorators – Martyn Pressnell & Mohamad Bakin
Asymmetrical Wings – William Baker
Minimum Induced Drag – Dennis Phillips
Airfoil Base to Chord – Cliff McBaine
Flying Models in Japan – Koei Tsuda

A Word From the Exec: Flying Sites – Brodersen
Contest Technology
Recording Thermal Detectors – Pearce
Tree Line Effects – Joyner
Wakefield Climb Energy Use – Bauer
Aerodynamics of a P30 – Thoren
George, How Do You Design a Model – Perryman
Rubber Energy – Pearce
Climb Stability of Symmetric Power Models – Bauer
Glider Ramblings – Klipp & Matsuno
Indoor Guidelines – Richmond
Aero Research
Polars of Four Airfoils – Johnson
Airfoil Correlation – Wantzenriether
Contest Management
Free Flight Down Under – Lloyd
Hall of Fame – Italiano
NFFS Awards – Wilson
Who Won What When Where

Few Good Men – Hardy Brodersen
Design of Airfoils for Minimum Sink – Barnaby Wainfan
Drag of Wings – James DeLaurier
Research in F1C Props – Mario Rocca
Elliptic Wing Twist – Wadsworth Owen
Power Effects in Sailplanes – Frank Gue
Getting A Handle On CG – Gil Morris
Wakefield Flight Records – Andrew Bauer
International Ornithopter Postal Contest – David Erbach

Design Technology Introduction – Hank Cole
FAI F1C Performance Tradeoffs – George Xenakis
Empirical Studies of Covering Material -Norman Poti
Design of Ornithopter Linkages – Frank Kieser
F1C Glide Performance – Bob Lieber
Guurtje, Hihl, Still-There Comments – Cenny Breeman & Jan Somers
Torque Return of Rubber Motors – Walter Rozelle
Trimming F18 and F1C Models – Andrew Bauer
Fuselage Motion of Ornithopters – Hewitt Phillips
On Wakefield Longitudinals – Jean Wantzenriether
Set & Temp Effects on Energy of Rubber – Fred Pearce
Analysis Large Deformations Rubber Strip – Robert Thoren
New Developments For F1A Gliders – Jim Wilson
Interview with Randy Archer – Hermann Andresen

Peanut & Pistachio Ponderings – Bill Hannan
Wakefield Climb Trimming – Andrew Bauer
Rubber Scale Zoom – Leon Bennett
Design Studies of F1A Sailplane Wings – Martin Simons
Smoke-Flow Photos of Flow Over Airfoils – Sivaramarkrishnan Mangalam
Performance of Model Aircraft – Martyn Pressnell
Propeller Gyroscopic Moments – Reid Hull
Symmetrical Stablizer-Airfoils – Hans Gremmer
Deltoid Pumpkinseed Sprouts – James Longstreth
Why Your Glider Has Two Personalities – Charles McCutchen
Sizing the Rubber Model Power Train – Cliff McBaine
Helicopter Rotor Techniques – Alan Brocklehurst
Computer Programs for Model Builders – Frank Kieser
Building a Wind Tunnel – Hewitt Phillips

Dedication – Hardy Brodersen
Editors Comments – D J Lindley
The Effects of Stability Design Features on Glide and Sink Rate – Andrew Bauer
My Bunts, or, The Tail of a Tiger, or, Having a Tiger By The Tail – Andrew Bauer
The Effect of Weight on Rubber Model Performance – Bernard H Carson
What Can We Do About Laminar Separation Bubbles? – Hans Gremmer
An Empirical Evaluation of Covering Materials – Richard N Hall
Ornithopter Wing Design – Frank Kieser
Screening Low Rn Airfoil Data for Model Airplane Design – Charles A Lindley
Aeroelasticity; Examples,Causes and Cures – Hewitt Phillips
Aerodynamics of Airplanes With Cambered Tail Surfaces – Barnaby Wainfain
Reflections on a Golden Era – Frank Zaic
Free Flight Hall of Fame – Tony Italiano
Models of the Year – Jon Zeisloft

Some Effects of Design and Trim on F1C Glide Recovery – Andrew B. Bauer
Slotted Wingtips on Soaring Birds and Models – Hans Gremmer
Your F1B Stabilizer: Lift Slope Implications – Jean Wantzenriether
Computation of Low-Speed Airfoil Lift and Drag Characteristics – William F. Waterman
Stress Analysis of An F1C Folder – Stan Wennerstrom
Using Composite Materials – Matt Gewain
Measurement of Stored Energy of Rubber Strips and Analysis of M-N Curves of Various Rubber – Li Renda
The Cylinder of the Co2 Motor – Klaus J. Hammerschmidt
Computer Program for the Rossi Mk Ii – Douglas Joyce
A Progressive Tilting Vit – Rich Rohrke
Influence of Moment of Inertia on F1B Performance – Li Renda
A Small Hub Folding Propeller – Ed Lidgard
A Reversible Helicopter – Mark Young
Wakefield Propellers, the State of the Art – Joe Maxwell
Variable Pitch Front End for Wakefields – Robert Piserchio
From the “Rara Avis” Nest – Anselmo Zeri
Aluminum Skin Wings – Randy Archer
F1C Motor Models, Balancing and Building – Georgio Venuti
Composite Wakefield Wings – Heiko Rapp-Wurm
Making Carbon Fiber Spar Caps – Allard Van Wallene
F1B Propeller Construction – Louis Joyner
The Inside Story – James Richmond
What to Do After the Dope Dries – Robert White
Ed Konefes’ Sheet Aluminum Winding Stooge – Charles Sotich
How to Find the Thermal By Using the Streamer – Zhou Yaodong
Models of the Year – Jon Zeisloft

Spiral Stability, Free Flight Glide Miracle – Andrew B Bauer
Airfoil Development by Glide Test – Hank Cole
Over the Top with Hardy – G Xenakis
Influence of Elevation and Temperature on Model Performance – Hermann Andresen
Optimization of Aspect Ratio for Gliding – Lou Young
Design of Canard Aircraft – TW Felstel
Nose Lifting Canard Soarers – Hans Gremmer
Radio Direction Finding Systems – Charles Dorsett
Free Flight in the PRC – Carl Bogart
History of the Jordan Traveler Junior Aviation League – Hewitt Phillips
Rediscovery – Keith M Sturgeon

Pitch Stable Power – Stan Hinds
Paper Dyno – Maximizing Power – Bob Mattes
Zipper and the Gyro – Gyroscopic Effect – Frank Zaic
Flying the Prototype Zipper 1938 – Dick Obarski
Winglets – Are They Useful For Models? – Hewitt Phillips
Wakefield Thermal Dynamics – Brian Martin
Rubber Energy Storage – Fred Pearce
Rubber: Calculating the Capability – Fred Rash
Some Model Uses of PC Spreadsheets – Harlan Halsey
Simple Efficient Rubber Winding Stooge – Harlan Halsey
Triangular Structures – Ramon Katigbak
Take Another Step Up to P-30U – Bob Hatschek
Composite Construction Modern Materials – Jim Bradley
Molding I-Beam Spars in Carbon Fiber – Richard Blackam
Nordic Wings Structural Design – Jim Parker
Calculating Indoor Flight – Walter Erbach
Balsa Stiffness Testing – Jim Richmond

Indoor Model Design: Going Back to the Basics – David Aronstein
Model Aircraft Performance Analysis – Dick Huang
Resurrecting the Admiral’S Trophy – Jim Bennett
Basic Design Program for Rubber Propellers – Fred Rash
It’S What’S Up Front That Counts – Jean Pailet
Propellers ’91 – Progress and Practicalities – Bob Hatschek
Rubber Powered torque Winding Stand – Bob Critchlow
A Study of the Start and Speeding Up of An F1A Glider on a Towline With the Use of A Mathematical
Model – Michael V. Kochkarev & Sergei V. Makarov
Ten Models of the Year – Bruce Augustus
Free Flight Hall of Fame – Anthony Italiano

Editorial Preface: What’s New? A (Last) Word From the Exec: “Nobody Remembers” – Hardy G. Brodersen
Nordic Wing Construction Techniques – Aram Schlosberg
A Proposed Method for Designing Low Advance Ratio Propellers – Max Chernoff
Optimum Rubber Weight for Rubber-Power Models – Bob Meuser
‘No Hassle’ F1D – Bernard Hunt
FAI Funding – How, Who and Why? – Martin Dilly
Zippier Rubber – How to Get It! – Bill Turner
Choosing the Best Wakefield Propeller – Bob Meuser
Coupe D’Hiver – Some Aspects of Design – Peter King
‘Wing Wigglers’ for F1bs – Michael Woodhouse
Testing of Indoor Propellers – Bob Bailey
The 1992 Hall of Fame
Ten Models of the Year – Bruce Kimball

My Heart Goes Soaring – Charles Rushing
It’s As Simple As That – Bob Waterman
The Nffs Symposium Reports – George Xenakis
F1A towing and Bunting – Andrew B. Bauer
How to Successfully Steer Indoor Model Aeroplanes – Laurie Barr
Canard Design – Douglas D. Joyce, Jr.
Propeller Analysis Suitable for Larger Rubber Models – Bill Bogart
How to Size Fins for Model Airplanes – Len Sherman
Tiltwing Design – Hank Cole
Butt Laminated Propeller Blades for Rubber-Powered Model Airplanes – William Saunders
Aspect Ratio for Minimum Sink Speed for 1/2a Power Model – Bob Leiber
Cartoon Portfolio – Will Nakashima
Nffs Digest Tech Notes – A Compilation – George Xenakis
Vortex Generators, Laminar and Turbulent Flow With Applications to Model Aircraft – Paul Fleming, Jr.
On Wing Load Computation – Max Chernoff
An Integrated System for the Testing and Usage of Rubber – Jim O’Reilly
The Davis Airfoils – Philip Krueger
Ten Models of the Year – Bruce Kimball
Hall of Fame Inductees: Hardy Brodersen Jim Clem Anthony Italiano Harry Murphy – Bob Waterman

How Does An Airfoil Produce Lift – Hewitt Phillips
Ideal Angle of Attack – Bob Meuser
Lift – Andrew Bauer
How An Airfoil Does Not Produce Lift – Bob Mauser
Linear Aerodynamics For Swept Wings – Max Chernoff
Try A Pinhole Turbulator – M.M. Gates
Passive Boundary Layer Control – George Xenakis
Active Surface Treatment – Beginnings – M.J. Whittemore Jr.
F1A: Variations On An Optimized Bunt AndrewBauer,
Wing Wake Effect – Longitudinal Stability – Fred Pearce
Reynolds Number Effects on Model Trim – George Xenakis
New Approach To F1A Glider Trimming – Peter J. Allnut
Center Of Gravity Question – Henry Cole
Speed Effects On Model Trim – George Xenakis
Practical Approach For Spiral Stability – William F. McCombs
Light-Weight Timers for Small Power Model – Bruce Augustus
FF Scale Modeling – Bill Warner
Thermals – E. Wallenhorst
An Ornithopter Wing Design – James DeLaurier
Symbols Nomenclature Model Aeronautics – Hewitt Phillips
Errata – Bob Meuser
Design Of The Stealth Bomber – Bob Meuser

A Word From the Exec – Bob Beecroft
Thoughts While Under Competition Pressure – Tom Coussens
Chicken Kiev – George Batiuk
Models & Motives; People & Planes – Bill Hannan
Power Propellers – Doug Joyce
Optimum Propeller Design for Rubber – Bruce Kramer
A More Flutter Resistant Wing – Reid Hull
Understanding Spiral Stability – Andrew Bauer
Turbulators – Len Sherman
Notes on High-Tech Wing Construction – Aram Schlosberg
How Far Is It? – Paul Fleming
Comment on E. Gorban F1B Models – Ed Turner
Bucket Prop Design Program – Fred Rash
Passive Boundary Layer Control – George Xenakis With Bob Meuser
Aeronautical Research of Horatio Phillips – Hewitt Phillips
A Radio Retrieval System Design – Ken Bauer
Wind Tunnel Test Results of Five Free Flight Models – Michael Selig
A Change In Approach – Mike Woodhouse
Ten Models of the Year – Jim Haught
Hall of Fame – Bob Beecroft

Playing With P-30 Models – John O’Dwyer
A Universal Forming Block for Propeller Blades – Kai K. Halsas and Antti T. Jolma
Welcome to the Big Time – Jeremy Woolley
Static Stability Analysis – An Update – Dick Huang
Indoor Glide Tests for Evaluating Airfoils and Other Features – William F. Mc Combs
A Flapped F1C – Gil Morris
Making Propellers for Rubber Powered Models – Len Sherman
Thoughts on Handlaunch Glider Design – Glen R. Simpers
The Brothers Cahill, Their Clodhoppers, Etc – Jim Bennett
The Evolution of the Very High Thrust Line – Keith K. Hoover
Nordic Electronic Timers and Mercury Switches – Aram Schlosberg
Integrating Airfoil Characteristics With Model Design – Hermann Andresen
The Atmosphere – Peter W. Soule
Ten Models of the Year – Jim Haught

Where Does the Lift Come From? Where Does the Lift Go To? – Hewitt Phillips
Tow-Hook Position Effects on F1A Glider Steering – Andrew B. Bauer
Sideslipping and Turning – Andrew B. Bauer
Transitional Pitch Stability – Eric Ryan
20 Years of Electronic DT Timers – Ken Bauer
Electronic Timers – A Paradigm Shift – Roger Morrell
Composite Construction of Propeller Blades for F1B – Louis Joyner
60 Minutes the EZ Way – Hermann Andresen
Recollections of a 1930’s Model Airplane Designer – Joseph H. Konefes
Flying Techniques – Chasing and Retrieving – Len Sherman
Hall Of Fame – Jim Haught
Ten Models Of The Year – Jim Haught

Flutter Sherman, Len
Dihedral Problem – How Much and Where? Bauer, Andrew
Comprehensive Explanation of Prop Logic Norris, Jack
Clime Trim for VIT/VIW Equiped Wakefields King, Peter
Estimating Sink Rate of a DT Model and Impact Loading Annis, Jeffrey
Sun, the Moon and the Contest Andresen, Hermann
Calculating an Optimum CG Position Jossien, Rene
Color and Visibility of Covering Materials Jahnke, Ross & Roussel,
Thrust Testing Small IC Engines Stalick, Bob
Best Kept Secrets in the CO2 Game Mueller, Fritz
Gearing up for Success Gieskieng, Bill
F1C Adjustments Galbreath, Doug
Henry Nelson Speaks Nelson, Henry
F1D: It Makes You Wonder Brown, Steve
Novel Method to Increase Participation and Competition at Indoor
Contests Olm, Orville J.
Electronic Timers or Avionics Morrell, Roger
Servo-Driven Nordic Stabs Schlosberg, Aram
Free Flight Model Electronics, Overlooked Concerns Joyner, Louis
Free Flight Model Electronics, Overlooked Concerns 2 Hinson, Rex
Hand Launched and Happy Brown, Kevin
Introducing the TAREAUCAT System for HLG Lonergan, Art
Model Teacher Ellis, Art
Build or Buy Stiles, Charlie
Introduction to F1C Waterman, Bob
1997 US Free Flight Team Profile (outdoor) Cowley, Martyn

Robert Perkins, Editor
Foward, Frank Zaic

Model Design, New Construction and Flight Adjustments
Applications of Rubber Model Design Theories, Peter King
Trim and Stability in Free Flight, William F. McCombs
Basic Dynamics of Airflow and Lift Generation, Reid Hull
Altitude Effects on Rubber Model Stability and Performance, Len Sherman
Use of Models to Solve Problems of Full-Scale Airplanes, Hewitt Phillips
Coconut Concept for Light Construction of Scale Models, David Rees
Experiments with Microfilm, Hermann Andresen
High Ceiling Aluminum-Skinned Wing IHLG, Len Surtees
Comparisons of Rubber, Electric and CO2 Power Sources, Fritz Mueller

What’s Up Front Still Counts, Jean Pailet
Static Propeller Testing, Richard Nelson
Rubber Testing Techniques, Robert Piserchio

Model Components and Support Equipment
The Indoor Model Box, Jim Richmond
Skywalker Mulvihill Propeller, Joe Williams (Stephen E. Sova; Bob Hatschek)
The Liberty Propeller, Robert Hatschek
High-Tech Rubber Motor Winders, Orville Olm
F1B: Combining Components, Louis Joyner
TAN II Rubber: A Journey, John Clapp
Electronic Timer Development, Allard van Wallene
Story of an F1A Strain Gauge Tow Hook, Ken Bauer
Onboard Electronics: Are They Worthwhile? William Bogart
Mini-Combo Seelig Timers: Set-Up, Use and Care, Robert L. Perkins

Model Spotting, Tracking and Lessons Learned in Retrieval
Binoculars: Characteristics and Choices, Fred Pearce
Model Retrieval with Auto-Mounted Whip Antennae, William Prensky
Using Your Radio Retrieval System, Stephen Spence
GPS: A Position Paper on Use in Retrieval, Julian Pennington
Tale of a Chase: “Eureka”, in the Tall Corn, Chris Parkyn
Tale of a Chase: The Search for a Lost F1J, Robert L. Perkins

British SLOP: Background, Methods and the Future, Phillip Ball
Free Flight Simplicity, Keith Hoover
Wet Weather Flying, Michael Woodhouse

Rules, Junior Programs and the Future of Free Flight
The AMA Rules for Thought, Jim Bocckinfuso and Brad Bane
What’s Happening to Free Flight? Robert Johannes
Beginner 2000, Jorgen Korsgaard
Where are the Youth in Model Aviation? John Clapp

Recognitions, Awards and Honors
Aeromodellers Who Helped Change the World, Rex Hinson
Ten Models of the Year, Chaired by Larry Kruse
Hall of Fame, Chaired by Jim Haught
State of the NFFS Robert Stalick, President

Introduction, Blake Jensen

Construction, Test, and Observation
All Strings No Levers VIT, Gil Morris
The Gear Machine , Evgeny Verbitsky and Doug Galbreath
Atomic Powered Free Flight, Orville J. Olm
Carbonator-F1K, Rudolf Hobinger and Aram Schlosberg
Ratio-Beam Balance, Art Lonergan

The End of History?, Michael J. Woodhouse
The America’s Cup — A History, Al Hotard

Rules and Organization
Baby Bee 40, Born On-Line, Maybe, Ross Jahnke
Millennium Free Flight Rules for AMA, Bob Perkins
Organizing an FAI Contest, George Batiuk
What are Real Flying Site Issues? How to Find One, Rex Hinson

The Effect of Airfoil Geometry on Lift and Drag Coefficients, Peter King
Dihedral Break Offset — Is it Worthwhile?, Allard Van Wallene
Tapping the Potential of Digital Scales, Hermann Andresen
Site Issues? How to Find One, Rex Hinson

Models of the Year, Norm Poti
Hall of Fame

Model Performance Calculation, Ian Kaynes
Some Thoughts on Computer Simulations and on the 30g Wakefield, Peter King
Small, Medium, or Large: Which is the Best P-30 for You? John O’Dwyer
Turbulator Alternatives, Hermann Andresen

Finite Element Torsional Stiffness and Buckling Analysis of Large Dawn, Unlimited Rubber Model Truss Fuselages, Jeff Annis
Jigs and Fixtures: Don’t Build Without Them, Rex Hinson
Composite Outer Wing Panels, Aram Schlosberg
Building a Modern Oldtimer, Tom McCoy
Solutions to an Erratic Vertical Climb, Gil Morris
Electric Duration by the Numbers, Charles Groth
How To Use Electric Power Systems In Free Flight Scale Events, Dave Rees
Indoor Models powered by D/C Motors, Robert Wilder

The Impact of Technology on Free Flight, Louis Joyner
The Free Flight Cottage Industry and My Part in It, Mike Woodhouse
A Plea for International Competition in F1N, Jim Buxton
The Model Club and the Science Olympiad, Jesse Aronstein
The NFFS National Cup, Robert L. Perkins

Ten Models of the Year, Norm Poti, Chair
Hall of Fame, Bob Beecroft, Chair
State of the NFFS, Robert Stalick, President

Aerodynamic Measurements of Cambered Thin Plate Airfoils at Low Reynolds Numbers, James E. Parry
Aerodynamic Measurements of Flat Plate Wing at Low Reynolds Number and Low Aspect Ratio, Kevin A. Paulson
F1E Glider Engineering, Dan Petcu

Nostalgia Engine Hop-up, Bo Clinton
The Rose Pelican, a Folding Wing F1C Power Model, Leonid Fuzeyev
F1E, Ivan Horejsi
Performance Analysis of the Playboy Sr., Richard Huang
Jigs, Tools and Techniques for Balsawood Construction, Chuck Markos
Eliminating Un-trimmable Free Flight Troubles, William F. McCombs
Poor Peoples Electronic Dethermalizer, Fritz Mueller
De-mystifying Molding Techniques, Larry Norvall
Composite Wings for Outdoor and Indoor HLG, Len Surtees

Wanted: Large Air Space, Laurie Barr
Remembering Endless October 2001, Bob Johannes
The Zeek Chronicles, Harry Murphy
Flying Aces Club, Lin Reichel

2002 Models of the Year, Mike Roberts, Chair
Hall of Fame, Bob Beecroft, Chair
President’s Report, Robert Stalick, President

Introduction – Louis Joyner, editor
Dedication  to Bedford F. Joyner Sr.

Optimum Trimming for F1B Models – Peter King
Headwind Glide Performance Analysis – Richard Huang
Aerodynamic Performance of Thin Curved-Plate Airfoils with Different Maximum Camber Locations – Kyle W. Hansen and W. Jerry Bowman
F1E Handlaunched Gliders Flight Tests – Daniel Petcu
Airfoils Are Good, If They Look Good – Fritz Mueller
Downthrust, Incidence and Decalage a Non-Technical View – Rex Hinson
Aerodynamic Characteristics of the “Hofsass Espada” –  Masaru Koike and Werner Wertz

Learning to Lover the Mogle Timer – Bob Johannes
The Variable Diameter Indoor Prop – Jim Richmond
The Elastic Band is the Beating Heart of the Wakefield – Richard Blackam
Free Flight Glider Recovery: Old and New Models  – Daniel Petcu
From Scarlette to Painted Lady – Mike Segrave
Use of Strain Gauges in Free Flight – Hermann Andresen
P-30: The Next Generation – Mike Evatt
Laser Cutting – Mike Fruciano
Hand Launch Gliders – Kevin Moseley
Rubber Energy Output – Fred Pearce

History and Philosophy
Papers from the Past—Excerpts from the 1954 Model Aeronautics Conference (London) – Louis Joyner
The Works and Organization of the L.S.A.R.A.  – N.K. Walker
The Development of the L.S.A.R.A. High Climb Layout – T.W. Smith
Model Aerofoils and Turbulence Effects –  F.W. Schmitz
Team Management and Changes in 35 Years of World Championships – Martin Dilly
A Case for Reducing the Number of Powered Free Flight Events – Robert Stalick

Awards and Honors
2003 Models of the Year – Aram Schlosberg,  chair
Hall of Fame – Bob Beecroft,  chair
President’s Report – Robert Stalick
Authors and Editors

F1A Bunt Computer Simulations – Ken Bauer
Selected Wing Designs for F 1 A and F 1 B – Hank Cole
The PinTurbulator – Rudolf Hibbinger
Computer Simulation of Rubber Powered Models – Paul Rossiter
Eliminating the Pusher Climb Trouble – William McCombs
Tips on Tips – Hermann Andresen

Composite Molding at Elevated Temperatures – Allard van Wallene
Put Your Electric in the Clouds – Charles Groth
Profili V. 2.0, A Review – Peter King & Sergio Montes
Growing Your Club – David Mills
Lithium Polymer Batteries for Electronic Propulsion – Charles Groth
Rubber Testing – Ron Pollard
Building F 1 E Gliders – Daniel Petcu
Variations on a Theme by Richmond – Mike Seagrave
Eucalyptus 1 Airfoil – Art Lonergan
Beginning Free Flight Power: A ]ourney Don Deloach

History and Philosophy
Learning to Fly with a Flight Log – Aimee Raymond
The End of History Part 2 – Michael Woodhouse
The More I Fly the Better I Get – Charles Dorsett
The Shape of Things to Come – Ron Pollard

History & Philosophy
Once upon a Time in America and in Two or Three Dozen Countries as Well – Michael Warren
In Memory of Free Flight (or – “Why Don’t the FAl/CIAM Come to Their Senses?”) – Art Lonegan
Time for a Change – Ron Pollard

Vintage, Classic and Nostalgia
Another Mystery Model – the (CW2)- Eric Cooper, Bob Wells, Michael J. Woodhouse & Charles Williment
Club Classic Rubber Duration Memorable Models of the 1950’s – Martyn Pressnell
Nostalgia Power and the Cranfield Classic – Allan Brown
Classic Gliders – A Very Personal View – Rod Audley

Airfoils with Conic Camber – John Barker
T he Effects of Air Conditions on Model Performance – Peter King
Catapu l t Glider Launching Theories – Kurt Krempetz

Pultrusion Processing – Maarten van Djik
Advanced Composites the Way Forward? – Mike Francies

FIB Enjoyment and the Single Bladed Prop – Georges Matherat & Jea n Wantzenreither
Prop Talk and Whittling Props – Fritz Mueller
Sunrise and Stabilisers – Rainer Lotz & Helmut Werfl
Open Electric – A Practical Approach, Getting Started with Unlimited Electric Models – Trevor Grey
Rise Off Water (ROW) – Ed Mate
Large Open Power – Trevor Payne
Peter Harris a Tribute – Michael J. Woodhouse
Experiments in Flapped Wing FIA – Allard van Wallene
Improving the Breed, Modifying Hand Launched Glider Kits – Peter Lloyd
Know Your EZB (Or how to become an expert) – Laurie Barr
Balsa Stiffness Testing – Bernie
Hunt Fibres and Filaments for Indoor Duration Models – Nick Aikman
Join the Jet-Set! – Richard Crossley

Awards and Honors
2005 models of the year – Aram Schlosberg
Special award – Aram Schlosberg
Hall of Fame – Steve Bruno
President’s Report – Rex Hinson Authors and Editors

Introduction – Harry Grogan

Dynamics of the Catapult Glider Launch – Robert Thoren
F lQ Basics – Aram Schlosberg
The F1E Magnetic Rudder – Claudio Bognolo
Wood Grain Direction in Spar Webs – Stan Hinds

The Three Essential Items for Trouble-Free FF Models – William McCombs
An Effective DT System for Lightweight Models – Sean O’Connor
Building an FIE Steering Mechanism – Daniel Petcu
F1C Static Thrust Tests – Gilbert Morris
Metal Insert Minimizes Geared Engine Vibration – Gilbert Morris
Putting Your AMA Electric Powered Model Into the Winner’s Circle – Ron St. Jean
The Meteor Boat ROW – Edward Mate

Some ClAM Perspective and Relevance – Daniel Tracy
Fl y On! The Leper Squadrons – Art Lonergan
Twelve Free Flight Heresies – David Mills

Bob White Remembered
NFFS Hall of Fame Biography – NFFS Sympo 1988
Bob White Receives FAl Penaud Diploma – Al Hotard
My First Encounter with Bob White – George Schroedter
BobWhite – C hampion – Norm Furutani
A Personal Tribute to Bob White – Dave Rounsaville
Bob White Remembered – Randy Secor
Bob White and the Danish Flag Incident – Jim Parker
Bob White and the Bear – Al Hotard
Bob White: Another Side – George Batiuk Jr
My Friend Bob White: Memories from the Field – Willi a m Nakashima

Awards & Honors
2006 Models of the Year – Bill Booth
Hall of Fame – Steve Bruno
President’s Report – Rex Hinson
Authors and Editors

Introduction – David Mills
Acknowledgements – David Mills
A Dedication: The 2006 USA Junior World Championship Team

Discus-Launch Glider Performance Analysis – Robert Thoren
The Lure of the FIat: Digressions Around the Topic of Flat-Bottom Airfoils – Sergio Montes
Structures Design Considerations for Model Aircraft – Rick Pangell
About the Wing Incidence Setting – William McCombs
Optimization of an Electric Propulsion System – Charles Groth

Electric Motor Systems for Free Flight Scale – Stew Meyers
Field Dimensions and Free Flight Competitions – Bob Perkins
An Accurate Approach to Modern F1b Trimming – Peter King and Mike Woodhouse
A Flight Log for Gas Models – Dean McGinnes

Nostalgia Rubber
Nostalgia Wakefield: A Historical Perspective – Louis Joyner
Nostalgia Wakefield: A Practical Guide – Don Deloach
Memories of the Nostalgia Rubber Era – Bob Bienenstein

NFFS and the Future World – Paul B. MacCready
The Flying Aces of Smyrna, Kid’s Style – Tim Lavender
Ten Years of After School Model Airplane Classes – Dale Whitford
Forty Years and Counting – David Mills

Awards and Honors
2007 Models of the Year – Bill Booth
Hall of Fame – Steve Bruno
President’s Report – Rex Hinson
Authors and Editors

Introduction – Rick Pangell
Tribute – Rick Pangell
The NFFS Foundation – John Shafer

F1A Airfoil Design and Wing Optimization – Brian Eggleston and Peter Alnut
Theroetical Optimal Design of Wings for Free Flight – Peter McQuade
Variable Camber F1A Models – Aram Schlosberg
An Analysis of The Effect of Bank Angle on Yaw Control for Towline Gliders – Peter McQuade
FIB: To Flap or Not to Flap – Peter King
Lift Distribution Circling Flight – Louis Young

F1E Dynamic Hand-Launch Bunting System – Daniel Peteu
Systems Approach to FAC Scale Design – George Mansfield
Energy Testing and the Performance of Rubber Powered Models – Fred Pearce
The Evolution, Status and Future of Mechanical Timers – Hank Nystrom
Is Digital Free Flight in Your Future? – Jerald Murphy
On Being a Free Flight Materials Supplier – Tim Goldstein
Sixty Years of SuperSticks! – Art Lonergan

History & Philosophy
Future Shock: What When You Miss Thirty Years of Free Flight – Richard Mathis
You Too Can Be a Free Flight Hero – Steve Jones
Free Flight 2020 – David Mills

Models of the Year – Bill Booth
Hall of Fame – Louis Joyner
President’s Report – Phil Sullivan

Introduction – John Lorbiecki

Cox TD .020 Nelson Head Development and Other Improvement – Bob Mattes
Secrets of Speed Engines – How to Make the Most of Your OCD – Scott Newkirk & Ron Bennett
Free Flight Engine Optimization – Doug Galbreath
A Starter for High RPM Engines – Bucky Servaites
The]oyce F 1 C Canard Pusher Project – Doug Joyce
Cutting Indoor Balsa Sheet – Nick Aikman
Planing Indoor Balsa – Jeff Hood
An Altimeter Glide Trim Method Or Is There Any Such Thing as Calm Air? – Ken Bauer
The Development Line of Lee Hines’ F1A – Lee Hines
E-timer Installation in F1A Aero Models – Jim Parker

T urbulator Alternatives for F 1 A Airfoils – Brian Eggleston
Boundary Layer Basics- A Simplified Explanation of the Concept of Boundary Layer
and its Effect on Free Flight Models – Bill Hartill
Taking the “Q?” out of FIQ – What is FIQ? – Bernard Crowe
Catapult Launched Glider Performance Analysis – Tony Matthews & Bob Thoren
The Art of Tracking or Tracker Traits and How to Use Them – James Gerszewski

Wiki: A Modern Way for Free Flight Knowledge Collaboration – Paul Seren
A Perspective on the Current and Future NFFS – Daniel Tracy
Free Flight – The Other 60% Rex Hinson and Vic Nippert
National Cup 2008 – Bob Mattes

2009 Models of the Year – Jerry Murphy
Hall of Fame – Louis Joyner
President’s Message – Phil Sullivan


The Question Remains, Three Years Later, To Flap or Not to Flap – Per Findahl
That Elusive CG – Peter Allnut
F1A Mechatronics – Allard Van Wallene and Rene Limberger

Full Skin Carbon Wings – Dieter Siebenmann
C28 – Eugeniusz Cofalik’s FIB Design Flown in the 2009 W/C in Croatia – Eugeniusz Cofalik
Variable Pitch and Variable Diameter Props for FIB & G – Peter King
Rubber Propeller Folding Over the Years – Peter Gruenbaum

Features of Folder/Flapper Wing in F1C Design – Gil Morris

FIE Steering System Using CMPS03 Electronic Compass – Claudio Bognolo

Electric Free Flight – Klaus Salzer

FF Scale
Development of Multi-Motor Rubber Powered Scale Model Aircraft – Bill Henn
Counter-rotating Propeller Drives for Rubber Scale Models – Keith Sterner

FFn-FreeFlight News – Ian Kaynes
NFFS Digest History Project for the 2010 Sympo – Don Deloach
The History of the German FF Magazine-Thermiksense – Bernhard Schwendemann

High Endurance Airfoils for Small HLG and CLG Models – Brian Eggleston, Paul Love and Ken Bauer
Vertical Stabilizer Airfoils – The Forgotten Section – Louis Joyner
Old Tools for New “Restricted” Classes – Jean Wantzenriether

Modifying Tomy- Toy Mechanisms for Free Flight Timers – Edgardo Figueroa

The (Inexorable?) March of Technology Within Free Flight Aeromodelling – Michael Woodhouse

Awards & Honors
2010 Models of the Year – Jerry Murphy
Hall of Fame – L ouis Joyner

General Interest
Newcomers and Free Flight Modeling – Glen Simpers
Capacitor-Powered Free flight and the Science Olympiad – Chuck Marcos
Disjointed Memories of Brockenspar – Hardy Brodersen
The Story of a Longstanding Club: The C.I.A. Central Indiana Modelers – M. I. Whittemore

It’s All in your Head – Louis Joyner
Trimming Classic Power Models- Bob Hanford
Gliders -A Primer for the Intermediate Modeler – Gene Ulm
A Compilation of Historical Papers on Rubber Model Trimming – The Editor
CG vs. Tail Volume Coefficient – Jim O’Reilly
Twenty Terrific Tips from the Annals of the Free Flight Digest – Bob Stalick
Outdoor Freeflight Covering Materials for Intermediate Modelers – Tom Ioerger
Covering the Free Flight Model – Ralph Smalley and Dave Lacey
What Next? – David Mills

Estimating Rubber Cross-Section Requirements for Small Models – Don Srull
Single Lipo Electric Power for Small Free Flight Scale and Sport Models – Stew Meyers
Lobomir Koutny, His Scale Models and His Wonderful Aeromodelling Book – Bernard Guest

Sensitivity of Flight Time vs. Aspect Ratio and Plan Form – Jon Champion
Single Cylinder Engine Balance – John Shannon
Airfoils for F1C Power Models – Brian Eggelston
Low Drag Airfoil F1A 3D Analysis – Claudio Bognolo
Some Reflections on Hand Glide Tests, Wind Gradients – Peter King
What Ever Happened to May ’99 Tan 2? – Ron Pollard
Rubber Mechanics – Aram Schlosberg
A short History of Our F1E Adventure – Paul Seren
Energy Management and the Free Flight Modeler – David Lacey

Awards and Honors
2011 Models of the Year – Mile Fedor
Hall of Fame – Rex Hinson

First Things First
Building a Stronger Aeromodelling Club – Karl Hube
Impact of 2012 Rules Change on F1 Q Event – Bernie Crowe

Rubber Testing – Tapio Linkosalo
Really Random Thoughts from the World of Outdoor Hand Launch Glider Flying – Tim Batiuk
Surface Inversions and Their Effects – Gilbert Morris
Do-it-Yourself Free Flight Electronics – Klaus W Salzer
The Timperley Trombone – John Barker

Beginners VP Hub – Dennis Tyson
Indoor VP Hub Composite Techniques – Brett Sanborn and Dennis Tyson
Building a Digital Torque Meter – Marcus Chandrasegran

Propeller Blocks -A New Twist? – John Barker
The Drag of Free Wheeling Propellers – Sergio Montes and John Barker
The Universal FiE – A Free Flight Quarterly Reprint Claudio Bognolo
Factors in Tailplane Airfoil Selection for LDA FlA Models Brian Eggleston
Use of Barometric Pressure Sensors for Telemetry Allard van Wallene

Book Excerpt
From Free Flight Quarterly, The Compressed Air Engine Book
Compressed Air Motors Revisited – John Morrill
Zephyr .015 C.I. Compressed Air Motor – John Morrill

Awards and Honors
2012 Models of the Year – Dan Berry
Hall of Fame – Rex Hinson

Introduction – Randy Reynolds

What 51 P3O Design’s TeII Us About Dynamics – Jean Wantzenriether
The Genesis of the ModernF1B Propeller – Sergio Montes
Glow Engines and Electric Motors a Method for Comparison – Chris Stoddart
Tips for Winning Power Contests – Gene Smith
Calculating FlQ Motor Runtimes and Measuring Energy – Dick Ivers
Geriatric Free Flight – Jerry Murphy
Photographing Free Flight Models – Pat Dailey
2OI2 Geneseo: A Journal – Tom Hallman
The Electric Free Flight Forum – Randy Reynolds

In the Shop
Struts for SmaII Models – Stew Myers
Transitioning From Board Design to CAD Design – Mike Midkiff
Sidebar on Laser Cutting – Charlie Bice
Building Foam Free Flight Wings – Jim Buxton

General Interest
Free Flighters Make Great Nobel Prize Winners! – Rick Pangell
The State of Indoor Free Flight – and the NFFS Indoor Committee – John Kagan
Float – The Indoor Documentary – Ben Saks & Phil Kibbe
The National Free Flight Society Foundation – Updates for the Membership – Bob Stalick
The AMA Rules…Everything You Need to Know to Have Your Voice Heard – Jerry Murphy

SaI Taibi’s 70 Years of Competition – Kevin Sherman
Satellite History – Mike Schwartz

Awards and Honors
2013 Models of the Year – Dan Berrv
HalI of Fame – Gary Baughman
President’s Report – John Lorbiecki



P-30 with an LDA Airfoil – Tapio Linkosalo
Aerodynamic Study on Model Airplane Wings – Daniel Petcu
Current Trends in F1 D Propellers – Nick Ray
A Surprising Bit of Wing Aerodynamics – Yury Avdeev,  translation by Boris Sergeev
Longitudinal Stability Explained – Peter King
The Case for the Consideration of Humidity – Maurice Whittmore

Graphical Method for Determining Maximum Rubber Turns for Indoor Model Aircraft – Don Slusarczyk
The Thin-preg Story – Allard van Wallene
Electronics for Catapult Launched Gliders – Frank Perkins
Securing and Keeping a Sod Farm – Jim Bethea

Fewer Free Flighters? Probably Not – Gene Ulm
World Free Flight Review and the Samokish Wakefield – Louis Joyner
From Supporter to F1Q National and Americas Cup Champion – Julie Parker
Women in Free Flight – Tiffaney O’Dell

The World
Free Flight Around the World – Ross Jahnke
Free Flight in Mongolia – Chimed Ganzorig
Vuelo Libre en Argentina – Anibal Enrique Arigos
Free Flight in China – Yuan Gao
The New Zealand Free Flight Scene – Paul Lagan with Roger Morrell
Free Flight Practice in Serbia – Nenad Lockie
Free Flight in Sweden – Per Findahl

2014 Models of the Year – Dan Berry
2014 Hall of Fame – Gary Baughman
President’s Report
Authors and Editors

Bob Hunter’s Other Designs – Mike Schwartz
Electric Double Layer Capacitors (EDL’s) – An Energy Source for Indoor Duration Flights – Heinrich Eder
The Low Down of Downthrust – The How and Why – Ralph Rayand Chris Stoddart
The E-20 Story – One of Free Flight’s Newest Events – Bob Stalick, Various Authors
An Analysis of Stability Trends in High Performance Indoor Aircraft –  Interesting Concepts in Indoor Performance – Joshua W. Finn, PH.D.
Some Thoughts On Growth In The Builder and Flyer Ranks – Where Can We Encourage New People to Participate? – Roger Willis
The L-Tail – A Unique Approach to Controlling the Glide – Herman Andresen
Looking Aft – A Lifetime of Modeling In Perspective – Bill Hannan
Building Stick Fuselages – Creating Perfect Joints – Marcel Lavoie
Louvers for Scale Models – A Pictorial “How-To” – Tom Hallman
Sport Flying – Keeping the Free-Flight Juices Flowing – H.G. Frautschy
A Recording Torque Meter – Looking Deeper at Winding a Rubber Motor – Stew Meyers
Using Paper Clay – How to Create Lightweight Details for Scale Models – H.G. Frautschy
Using a Box Crutch – Dave Mitchell’s Novel Use of a Box to Build Fuselages with Formers – Dave Mitchell and H.G. Frautschi

Photographing our Hobby – Clemens
Magazine Digitizing and Archiving – Friestad

Alex Andriukov
Artyem Babenko

Computations at Reynolds Numbers Appropriate to Coupe d’Hiver (F1G) Models – Brocklehurst
LDA-R Airfoils – Bognolo
Small Mulvihill, Some Thoughts And Some Simulations in this Popular New Rubber Class – King
OHS Configuration of Free Flight Models – Seyfang
Two New LDA Series for F1A Flappers – Midic
Performance of Rubber Powered Scale Models, Why Their Performance is less than Competition Free Flight Models – Srull

Rubber Testing: Myths and Realities – Rossiter
Thermals and Picking Lift – Rossiter
Objective Time-Keeping – van Wallene
FlQ Commentary – Schlosberg
Pistachio Scale Models Powered by Supercaps – Eder
Computerized Rubber Testing – Allen
Calibrating Rubber Winders – Picol and Rossiter

FlC a technological History – Joyner
Vintage FAl-60 Years In the Making – Stalick and Schwartz
Evolution of Free Flight, and a Peek into the Future – Newell
FlC Engines, a Historical Overview – Murphy

2016 Models of the Year
2016 Hall of Fame
2016 Presidential Message
2016 Patrons

NFFS Symposium Editors, The History – David Mills
Thoughts on the Annual NFFS Symposium Report and its Future – David Mills

Exploration of Tailplane Aerofoils at Low Reynolds Numbers – Alan Brocklehurst
A Study of the Wobbeking Stabilizer Airfoil – Sergio Montes
The Future of E-36/F1S Performance – Tapio Linkosalo
Dawn Unlimited Rubber, Some Thoughts and Some Simulations – Peter King
New F1E Airfoils Designed for High Penetration – Brian Eggleston

Preservation of Old Plans and Decals – Roland Friestad
Dethermalizers for Small Scale Models – Tom Hallman
Demystifying Rubber-Powered Free Flight Scale in Flying Aces Club Competition – Vance Gilbert
Moore’s Law and Free Flight: A Fifty Year Retrospective of Free Flight Electronics – Frank Perkins
Current F1A Towline Technology – Allard van Wallene
Effects of Temperature on Rubber Performance – Paul Rossiter
F1B Rubber Test Tables – Bror Eimar
Observations on F1C in the 4 Second Era – Richard Mathis
F1Q Developments: The Slow Cruise Alternative – Omri Sirkis
Using Social Media to Market Free Flight – Gene Ulm

2017 Models of the Year
2017 Hall of Fame
2017 Presidential Message
2017 Patrons

Once in a Lifetime – Gil Morris
Origin and Development of the Winding Stooge in 1960’s France – Gerard Pierre-Bes
Ralph and Walt Prey, a Retrospective on Their Life and Contributions – Mike Schwartz and Mike Prey
Golden Age of 1/2 A NFFS Provisional Event – Mike Schwartz and Bob DeShields
Youth Recruitment Ideas – Bill Kuhl

My Approach to Rubber Scale Flying – Don Deloach
Bringing Up the Rear – Herman Andressen
LDA for F1C Experiment? – Richard Mathis
E36, Watts and Auto Rudder – Aram Schlosberg

Polyspan and Tissue, How I Do It – Glenn Schneider
The Evolution and Taming of the Lost Hills Crocodile a Rare but Not Endangered Species – Glenn Schneider
Methods for Use of Viscous Timer – Bill Kuhl
A Survey of GPS and ROT Systems and Their Use in Free Flight Models – Mike Schwartz
Gearbox Multiplier for Peanuts – Jean Pierre DiRienzo
Comparing Adhesives and Techniques for Laminating Thin Balsa Sheets – Steven Henderson New Age Models – Michel Coviaux
FF Electronics – Massimo Ursicino
2018 Models of the Year
2018 Hall of Fame
2018 Presidential Message
2018 Patrons of the NFFS Symposium
Authors and Editors

Spiral Vs. Vertical Climbs – Which is Better? – Harry Grogan
Thermals And Picking Lift – An Update – Paul Rossiter
Trimming a Models Climb – Alex Andruikov
Use and Abuse of GPS Trackers – Chris Edge
Flying F1E – Bob Sifleet

Performance Testing of F1C Propellers – Brian Eggleston
A New F1Q Design with Geared Motor and F1B Propeller – Sergei Vorvihost
Optimization of Global Factors in Indoor Model Design – David Aronstein
The Development of Electronic Steering for F1E Model Aircraft – Tom Ioerger

Building and Using Laser Technology – John Lorbiecki
3D Printing – A Path to Custom Parts That Anyone Can Walk – Paul Bradley

Propagation Of The Faith
Free Flight From a Youth Perspective – Bob Slalick and Adelaide Machado Ulm
F1E History And Development – Geroge Arghir
Remembering Bill Gieskieng – One Person’s Affair With aa Hobby – Rick Pangell
P-18 a “New” Beginners Event – John Mcgrath and Jerry Murphy

History and Commentary
Finals: Thermals, Performance and Grace – Aram Schlosberg
F1E History and Evolution in Numbers – Daniel Petcu
2019 Models of the Year
2019 Hall of Fame
2019 Presidential Message
2019 Patrons of The NFFS Symposium

Theory And Technology
Xoptfoil Airfoil Optimization – Claudio Bognolo
Airfoil Camber Selection for a Short F1A Model – Brian Eggleston
Origins And Construction of the Joukowsky Airfoils – Sergio Montes
A Peterborough FET Timer Modification – Chris Stoddart
Using 3d Manufacturing for Free Flight Model Parts – Tapio Linkosalo
Timer/Altimeter for Catapult Launched Gliders – Frank Perkins

Rules And Scoring

May the Best Man Win! – Gary Hinze
FAI Disqualifications or Time Penalties – Aram Schlosberg
Rules: Past, Present, and Future – Louis Joyner

Flying And Competition
The Details of Catapult Glider Flying -Tim Batiuk
Fundamentals of a Wing Wedge – Gilbert Morris
Flying Free Flight Scale Models – Wally Farrell
FAC Jet Catapult Scale-An Approach That Proved Successful
– Kurt Krempetz And Randall Krystosek
Strategies for Competition – Dan Berry
Walkalong Gliders – David Aronstein
The Road to the World Champs – Faust Parker
How I Got Started in Free Flight – Skylar Donnelly, Jace Pivonka, and Adelaide Machado Ulm
F1Q-More Model Types And Energy Monitors – Aram Schlosberg

The Evolution of F1A Launching Technique – Per Findahl
History of the Texas (Cliff) Cloud Climbers – Mike Fedor
History of the Tustin Blimp Hanger – Michael Schwartz
History of the National Free Flight Society,
An Interview With Bob Stalick – Travis Russell

2020 Models of The Year
2020 Hall of Fame
2020 Presidential Message
2020 Patrons of the NFFS Symposium

Editor: Kit Bays

Air Picking – Tiffaney O’Dell
Ode to Sifleet and Sotich – Ed
Vintage FAI – Bill Swift
Golden Age 1/2 A -Mike Schwartz
Competition Committee Activity 2000 To 2020 – Bob Mattes
National Cup Program – Bob Hanford
History of the MMAC – Dave Edmonson, Edited By Rick Pangell
Delaurier Wind Tunnel – Brian Eggleston, James Delaurier, Yuri Shvedenkov
Eclectic Electrics – Jack Murphy
Stability and Control of Fixed Surface Power Models – Harry Grogan
Openscad 3d Modeling Program – Roie Black
Tip Launch Glider Dynamics – Ken Bauer, Kurt Krempetz, Paul Love
F1A Flapper Mechanics – Lauri Malila
Indoor Scale Techniques – George Bredehoft
Covering Materials Strengths And Tests – Mike Kirda
Laminated Propeller Process – Dean Hart
Creating The K Prop – Yoshinobu Imai
Timers – Bernard Guest
F1C Auto/Sonic Timer – Gil Morris
Science Olympiad Partnership –
Chuck Andraka, Brian Turnbull, Andrew Welter, Anjulie Sorbello, Josiah Rose, Monet Ramacciotti, Rachel Lee
Models Of The Year – Mike Fedor, Chair
Hall Of Fame – Faust Parker, Chair
Presidential Message
Patrons of the NFFS Symposium

Data files for Mike Kirda’s Article on Covering Material’s Strength

Free Flight Covering Materials Strength Testing Data  (PDF)
Free Flight Covering Materials Strength Testing Data (Excel)

Flying Indoor Free Flight in the Eighth Wonder of the World – David Lindley
Confessions of a Civy Boy Addict – Kit Bays
Duck!!  It’s a Spacer!!!  – Daniel Berry
This is a Hobby – Gil Morris
Small Field Flying with the Oakland Cloud Dusters, Then Taking it to The Extreme – Fred Terzian

The National Free Flight Society University  (NFFS U) – Ross Jahnke & Gary Fogel

A Historical Perspective of FAI Free Flight  From “SCATTER”  1961 -1969 – Jim Parker
The Stories, Diary, Records & Chronicles of Lee Hines – Bill Booth

Another Look at Airfoils for F1B Models – Brian Eggleston
Predicting Indoor Model Flight Times Using Python – Roie R. Black
Free Flight Model Aircraft Airfoil Section Design – Roy E. Smith

Model Box Concept and Design – Blake Jensen
Scale Detailing:  Making a Spinner for Flying Scale – Mike Isermann

Altimeter Flyoffs, Electronic Devices, The Rules Change Process and the Objective of FAI Free Flight Competition – Roger Morrell
Winding Rubber Motors – Aram Schlosberg

The NFFS Archives:  A Treasury of Free Flight Champions, Records & Awards – Jim Bennett & Don DeLoach

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