National Free Flight Society

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Kits, Suppliers, and Other Links

AeroAces – Peanut Scale plans, No-Cal Scale plans, No-Cal Scale marking sheets, indoor flying model supplies, scale drawings, and AERO ACES rubber powered flying scale model kits
Aeromodeller Magazine – Free flight and control line, from England
Aerospace Composite Products (ACP) – composite materials
Alexander Andriukov Models – Highest quality F1B models, components and parts
BMJR Model Products – outdoor, nostalgia, old timer
Bob Holman Plans and Laser Cutting
Boca Bearings – engine bearings
Brodak – Electric kits, and etc.
Campbell’s Custom Kits – Lee Campbell’s kits, now at Retro RC
CB Model Designs High Quality Free Flight Rubber Powered Kits
Composite Structures Technology (CST) – composite materials
Diel’s Engineering – Rubber Powered Scale Kits and Supplies
Digitized Model Magazines and Books – UPDATED – Aeromodeller, Model Builders, Model Airplane News, Air Trails, etc. etc.
Dremel Tools – dremel tools
Dumas – Kits, and etc.
Easy-Built Models – Kits, and etc.
FAI Model Supply – Tan II rubber, FAI model components, broad range of kits, general free flight supplies
Freedom Flight Models – Science Olympiad kits, Ikara props, and indoor supplies
Glow! – Glow in the Dark Paint and Powder, cool stuff
Great Hobbies – indoor, outdoor, scale
Guillows – Kits
Hastings Fiber Glass Products – model EI-150 fifty foot telescoping fiberglass pole, model C-35 carrying case
Hip Pocket Aeronautics – An excellent online forum for free flight model builders and flyers, in addition to control line and radio control
Hobby Club – Profi & Fora Competition engines, Balsa Wood, Electrics, Covering Materials,Propellers, etc.
Howard Littman Model Aircraft – No-Cal and 1/16 scale models
Hummingbird Model Products –  Laser cut  short kits for scale, AMA, FAI, and SAM designs as well as a selection of tools, Bernard Guest
Indoor Free Flight
Indoor Free Flight Supply
Indoor Models Canada – Indoor models, operated by Fred Tellier
J&H Aerospace – Kits, tools, and accessories
Klotz Performance Lubricants – Klotz oil
Mattes Engine Rework – Engine repair and rework
Micro Fasteners
– screws, nuts
Micro-Mark – miniature tools
Midwest Products – Balsa and basswood
National Balsa Co. – Balsa, plywood, and hardwoods
Outer Zone – Free plans of many types
Peck Polymers – Laser cut kits, indoor models, building supplies and accessories
Retro RC – Laser cut free flight kits and accessories
Ron Williams: Building & Flying Indoor Model Airplanes   Associated Blog
Sam’s Models – Kits, accessories, and etc.
Sig Manufacturing – balsa, model products
Small Flying Arts – This is a great a webzine devoted to flying models of all types – including Free Flight
Specialized Balsa – High quality balsa wood source
Starlink-Flitetech – High Tech kits and ready to fly models, featuring models by Bob White and Andrey Burdov
Stevens Aero – Great site for Tip Launched Glider fuselages
Stick and Tissue – Online forum for free flight modelers
Texas Timers – A great variety of timers
Turner Toys – Flying model airplanes & gliders, balsa kits, building tools and supplies, kites
Vintage Model Company – Kits, tools, and accessories
Volare Products – Shorty’s Basement – kits, supplies, new home for Superior Props
Woodhouse’s Free Flight Supplies – outdoor (U.K.)

Personal Free Flight Web Sites

Endless Lift – Simple model aviation with illustrated, step-by-step tutorials on building and flying simple model airplanes and related topics.
FAI Power – A web site dedicated to the past, present and future of FAI Power
Model Flight – Scott Cannon’s free flight page
Twin Pushers and other Free Flight Oddities – archive