National Free Flight Society

One-Design Gas Event

Each year NFFS and Bill Vanderbeek sponsor the One-Design Gas  Event. Typically, they are small to medium-sized Nostalgia, or near Nostalgia Era gas powered models. Bill has changed the format for the next seven years. Each year will feature two models that are considered to be similar and competitive with one another. Contestants may choose between the two designs, or fly both in competition.

Bill also proposes that any of these models may be flown in the One-Design Combo event sponsored by different club in the country. Models would not have to be past designs to be eligible. they could also be upcoming designs .

One-Design events may be sponsored by local clubs and and will be run at the NATS/USOC.

Contest Directors who would like to sponsor a One-Design Competition at their contests should contact Bill Vanderbeek for further information. Bill can be reached at

The Models –

2024 – Dixielander (original size)(N) / Eureka (original size-first model) (N) any Nostalgia legal class A engine.

Plans for many of these models are currently available from NFFS Plans Service. Others will be added in time for the year of  the One Design Event in question. Vanderbeek is  also working with BMJR to see which models might be kitted.

Past One-Design Gas Models
1998 – 1/2A Geef by Dan Sobala (N)
1999 – AB Honey Bee by Joe Foster (N)
2000 – 1/2A Zeek by Lew Mahieu  (N)
2001 – 1/2A Space Rod by Vic Cunnyngham (AMA)
2002 – 1/2A T-Bird by Russ Hanson (N)
2003 –  Starduster X by Sal Taibi (AMA)
2004 – 1/2A Zero by Toshi Matsuda (N)
2005 – 1/2A Fubar by Ray Matthews (Early)
2006 – 1/2A Mini Pearl by Bill Chennault (AMA)
2007 – 1/2A Bounty Hunter by Dick Mathis (AMA)
2008 –  Ramrod 250 by Ron St. Jean (N)
2009 – 1/2 A Spacer by Sal Taibi (N)
2010 – 1/2A Country Boy by Jim Clem (AMA)
2011 – 1/2A Viking by Carl Goldberg (AMA)
2012 – AB Geef by Dan Sobala (N) (FAI)
2013 – 1/2A Satellite by Bob Hunter (AMA)
2014 – 1/2A Fortastrop by Midwest (Early)
2015-16 –  Jay’s Bird 250 (N) / Simpson’s Tornado (AMA)
2017 – Zingo (AMA or FAI) / Witchhawk 500 (AMA)
2018 – Smarty (Early) / Jasco Streak (Early)
2019 – Shocer (AMA) / Maverick AMA)
2020 – Hoosier Hotshot 450 (N) / Texan (N)
2021 – Hoosier Hotshot 450 (N) / Nostalgia Legal Texan (N)
2022 – 1/2A Da Box (N), 1/2A Top Banana(N)
2023 – Half Wild Goose (Early) / Yoho (Early), Early NosGas Rules and engines

(Symbols key: N=nostalgia eligible; AMA = may be flown in AMA events; Early= qualifies as an early nostalgia design; FAI= may be flown in vintage nostalgia.)