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  1. Public Clearance
  2. Viktor Pisanny
  3. Looking for white Mica film

Public Clearance

From gilbert morris

Aram’s observation that right turning power models, on their first turn, generally swoop down toward ground level within about 180 degrees of the oncoming wind. Everyone within striking distance needs to be aware of this characteristic. This is especially true of under powered models in strong wind. Safety first.

P.S. Anyone know where I can get a Bantam 19 engine  connecting rod please let me know.<>   Thanks

Viktor Pisanny

 From: Vasyl Beschasnyy -on FaceBook ( few day ago)

Viktor Pisanny ,well-known Ukrainian F1A builder and flier passed away.Yesterday.
Sadness and condolences

Editor.  Viktor aka the wingman was one of the first Ukranian F1A flyers to visit the USA when travel opened up in the mid 1990s.

Looking for white Mica film

From: Enes Pecenkovic

Hi Roger, could you please post on next SEN.
I am looking for White Mica film ( covering material for model airplanes). Please contact
Thank you .
Enes Pecenkovic

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Roger Morrell