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  5. Viktor Pisanny got sick


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Lee at The Nats

From:Charles Markos
More Lee

The stories go on and on.  One that has not yet been mentioned is the 2001
Nats in Muncie at which Lee won F1A in one of the more
spectator-entertaining flyoffs of all time.   Lee and Brian VN were going
for the 9-minute (correct me if not) flight.  Lee found late-afternoon air
early in the round and launched  quickly.  Brian did a bunch of
searching and could find no better air.  After several minutes, he launched
under Lee’s airplane that had continued to gain altitude.   Lee’s airplane
made the 9 and DTd while still way above towline height  Brian’s was
slightly short of the max.  The entertaining part of that fly-off was that
both airplanes were easily visible without binoculars for the entire
duration of their flights.

Chuck Markos

NFFS Rising

From:Gene Ulm

Reports of the death if free flight are fake news:  National Free Flight Society Membership growth:

2020: 992
2021: 1150
2022: 1172

Thanks Lisa!

Gene Ulm

Photos of Leeper

From: Malcolm Campbell

Hi Roger

Over the period 2011 – 2018 I took photos of many flyers attending Fab Feb so I have a few of Lee Hines, at Lost Hills and also New Zealand.  I remember him saying his FO win in F1H at New Zealand was one of his most satisfying wins  (9 minute flight).  It was a long retrieve on foot for one who normally riode a chase bike.

Malcolm Campbell

Viktor Pisanny got sick

From:Vasily Beschasny
I’ve got with deep concern to say that our friend well-known free
flight modeller, designer, builder and technologist Viktor Pisanny
(long hair guy)  got heavy diagnosis of leukemia right in this hard
time for our country. Right now it is hard to get even dental care
here. Please, pray for this guy, extremely talented F1A flier .Please, if
you have any chance, drop a few bucks for Viktor’s chemo pills which
he is under in hospital in Kyiv, Ukraine. Email or PayPal his wife Tania Myronova at  .
Save him  God.

Thank you!