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  1. Russian invasion of Ukraine

Russian invasion of Ukraine

Several issues back on 1 March we published the statement from the FAI condemning the action of Russia and Belarus and suspending their membership of the FAI which excludes them from all events. We published this announcement so anyone involved in an upcoming event could take immediate action.

Since that time we have been heartbroken seeing the unfolding of events, destruction and death in the Ukraine and increasing number of refugees.  It looks like we are coming to the end of global pandemic that has disrupted our lives for 2 years  and  while we were not always happy with how the pandemic was going it could not really be blamed on one person or country. Then this invasion that clearly was avoidable and can be attributed to one person  starts.  Everyone is struggling how to process it.

We got 2 emails for SEN about that article. One just today from  Vasily Beschasny. You can see it below.  He was unhappy because in the intro to the piece on the FAI notice I had talked about the Military Conflict which he did not consider to be Military because his house was being attacked.  This came from the FAI notice and is a non-confrontational term that one might expect from a NGO like the FAI. I did not mean any disrespect and if I was to write it today, I would use word  the heading above. – Russian invasion of Ukraine, which I used in the following article in that issue.

Re SEN 2968
From Vasily Beschasny
Roger, It is NOT just military conflict! They attack my home and all civilians at 4-30 AM 02,24,2022. I did not escape. I will not give up. It is not just joke of you cowardly news.

The other message was earlier and the person complained about the FAI’s action saying in denying the right to participate they were detracting from their prime mission of supporting air sports.  It is clear that the various sporting organizations around the world feel, as most people, very unhappy but are powerless to know what to do.  So they did this. In the past such actions have been generally related to the use of drugs in sporting activities. This situation is a whole lot more serious than popping a few pills so more power to them.  Note we have seen discussion around this subject on social media and observed it to be very  political in nature and insensitive to the current Russian action. We do not do political discussion on SEN, so will not publish articles about it.

I have many supporting messages on social media with people offering encouragement and help to their friends in Ukraine.  Most have been very supportive. But I was very disappointed when I saw replies to a posting by a young family in Ukraine,  not offering support but blaming the current situation on wide selection of world leaders over the last century with some very tortuous logic . The only ones not included were Mother Teresa and Putin.  Not sure how Mother Teresa got left off the bad list.  For the first time ever I reported this reply to FaceBook as fake news.  It is important to keep in touch with our friends in Ukraine by whatever means possible; we are all worried about them.  I also know of people who have offered all different kinds of practical help, in many cases for reasons of privacy and concern for everyone involved this has not been mentioned publicly, but thanks to all who have done that.