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  1. Ukraine – You are in our thoughts
  2. Fab Feb Thanks


The invasion of Ukraine has heart breaking for all of us who have friends there and many of us of have taken part in events there. We see that many have added the Ukrainian flag to our FaceBook profile.  There have been numerous messages of support on Facebook and some reports from Kyiv and Karkov.  It appears that all Ukrainians who attended Fab Feb have got home and are with their families. Evgeny Gorban got left in Turkey when the last leg of his flight was cancelled  but managed to get across to Romania and catch a train to the Ukrainian border where he was picked up.  It does appear that Model Club house in Kyiv has been badly damaged, no report on the people.  I do know that Igor Vivchar and his immediate family are west of Kyiv, probably in Ternopil with the rest of his family.
This is a incomprehensible  situation that is changing very quickly and hard to follow and know what is really going on.
Below are two message that we received right at the beginning of the invasion that indicate the universality of support from the rest of the world.


From:Ron McBurnett
It seems that stupidity has put its foot in the Ukraine
Let’s all give them our hearts
How sad….
Ron McBurnett

You are in our thoughts

From:Aram Schlosberg
To our fellow Ukrainian free flight brothers – Our hearts and thoughts are with you in this difficult time.

All your fellow fliers.

Fab Feb Thanks

From:Faust and Julie Parker
A special thanks to all involved in pulling off the contests held during Fab
Feb. Starting with Roger and Lindy Morrell (remote sign-up and contest
result posting), Brian and Janna Van Nest (Kiwi CD’s), Walt Ghio (North
American Cup CD), Marty and Aimee Schroedter (MaxMen CD’s), Blake Jensen and
Tiffany O’dell (Max Men set-up), and last but not least Bill Booth who did
all of the organizational work for the Max Men. There is a lot that goes
into running these contests and many people to make it happen and run

Faust and Julie Parker