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  1. Must have a Unique ID – it does
  2. More Altimeter stuff
  3. A Further Lost Hills Update

Must have a Unique ID – it does

From: Allard
To Alex question:
The EDIC rule says that each altimeter must have an unique number, nothing more. So:
Yes, they can be sold 2nd hand as they will remain unique,
Yes, they can be borrowed but it is important the number on the All-Tee is entered on the score card
And yes, I can relabel and re program them for a new owner.


Editor’s comment :  I understand that if you order more than one All-Tee then a sequence number is added as suffix to your FAI – ID so each one has a unique number.  So All-Tee ensures the device identifier is unique.  I have seen this but could not find it on the All-Tee FaceBook and associated documentation

More Altimeter stuff

From: Aram Schlosberg

Suppose one has an All-Tee installed in a B model in a flyoff and that the motor blows before launching. (The same applies to an A or C model).
One possibility is to quickly transfer it to the backup model if there is enough time. The other is to have a second All-Tee unit installed in the backup model. To simplify, suppose there is only one.
But if one has to perform a “signature” by raising the model up say three times before the flight, it also applies to the backup model before it’s launched.
Just one more thing that could go wrong.///


A Further Lost Hills Update

A recent posting on the FaceBook showed a picture of the ex-English, Toronto resident, Taft snow bird, F1A senior sportsman. With his latest glider, with model number 100 no less at Lost Hills.  This is a very notable event. Even more so because it showed the weather was great and there was even green grass, this verdant growth no doubt the product of some December rain.  Looking good  for Feb.