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  1. 2022 Finals for 2023 United States Team
  2. Last 2022 US  F1E contest

2022 Finals for 2023 United States Team

From: William Booth
The United States Team Finals are scheduled for October 10-16, 2022 in Lost Hills, CA
The Sierra Cup and the Kotuku Cup, both World Cup contests, are scheduled for Saturday October 8 and Sunday October 9 respectively.

Registration and Model Processing will be Monday October 10, beginning after any flyoffs needed for the Sierra Cup or Kotuku Cup.

The Finals will begin on Tuesday October 11 with F1C (early round) and F1A (late round).  F1B times on Tuesday.
Wednesday October 12 will be F1B (early round) and F1C (late round).  F1A times on Wednesday
Thursday October 13 will be F1A (early round) and F1B (late round).  F1C times Thursday

Friday October 14 and Saturday October 15 are Reserve Days. Sunday October 16 is available as an emergency day if necessary.

More information will follow soon regarding qualification & entry.  We do need a CD and a Head Timing Official

If you would like to volunteer or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Bill Booth

Last 2022 US  F1E contest

(not sure if this was announced)

From: Tom  Ioerger
We held the last F1E contest of the season on Nov. 15th at the Holloway hump. The fog did not clear until noon ,but once it did we had good flying. Five 45 minute rounds had us complete before dark. As usual, no one maxed out, but the light breeze was out of the East so there were strings of good scores. Mike McKeever won with Brian Van Nest second and Fred Terzian third followed by Mike Richardson , Tom Ioerger and Ben Tarcher.

Tom Ioerger, CD