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  1. Arizona Champs in Eloy
  3. Fab Feb 2022 Update

Arizona Champs in Eloy

From:Peter Brocks
On Dec. 4 and 5, the Arizona FAI Free Flight Championships will be held in Eloy, AZ. This is the last America’s Cup contest to collect points for the year 2021. There are also AMA, NFFS, FAC and SAM events. On the desert flying field in Eloy it will be cool in the mornings but it should warm up to about 70° during the day. The 2 fliers (FAI and AMA) and the entry form can be downloaded from the NFFS Free Flight Calendar website – . Please pre-enter by mail no later than November 25. If you pre-enter then the fee is only $25 to fly any event or more events on Saturday and Sunday.

For information on the 3-day 2022 Southwest Regional Model Airplane Championships on January 15-17 go to the SWR website – please use the Entry Forms there to pre-enter before Jan. 1, 2021.

Hope to see you in Eloy,

Peter Brocks


Nov 13th  & 14th Reserve Nov 15th, 2021 at Lost Hills Field

Americas Cup Contest

Saturday, Nov 13th: F1A, F1B, F1C, F1Q, F1P
Seven [7] one hour rounds start @ 7:30 AM with extended max times
F1A, F1B, F1C, and F1Q: 240 sec F1P 180 sec
Remaining round maxes are 180 sec.
Fly off schedule 30 min after end of last round. Event start times will be posted

Sunday, Nov 14th: F1G, F1H, F1J, F1S
Tie Breaker flight to the ground. F1H 7:30-7:40; F1G 7:45-7:55; F1S & F1J 8:00:-8:10
There may be a slight delay if F1A, F1B, F1C require morning fly offs
Standard Five [5] rounds 45 minute long starting @ 8:30 AM, 120 sec maxes.
2 FO flights starting 45 min after end of last round   Event start times will be posted.
If tied at end of standard rounds, tie breaker flight time add

Tie breaker as above 10 second motor run timed to the ground
F1S will run in rounds the same as F1H & F1G  ( 10 sec motor run 2 minute max)
Fly off 1 will be 5 second motor run 2 minute max
Fly off 2 will be 5 second motor run 3 minute max
If there is tie after 5 rounds +2 fly offs tie breaker will be based on early morning flight.

Entry Fees:
FAI events: FIA, B, C, G, H, J, P, Q; $25 first event, $10 for second

AMA age juniors: $5/event,

Trophies awarded for 1-2-3 places in F1A, B, C, G, H, Q, J, and F1S
Perpetual trophies for F1A, B, C, G, H, J (if they show up at the field)!
Junior Hi-Time Trophy Glider, Rubber

F1P 1st   only

AMA & Lost Hills Field Assn memberships are MANDATORY
FAI events run to the 2021 FAI rules

Flight line will move as needed to avoid retrieval from the trees
No Moto-flapping
RDT allowed all events.

Contest Director                           
Brian Van Nest
2346 Cheyenne Dr
Bishop CA 93514
Cell 760-937-0177

Covid 19 rules and social distancing apply
Bring exact change

We will be having a hot dog bar-b- q lunch.
Note that there is a 7:30 start time on both days


Fab Feb Update

None of the official sanctions are  confirmed yet.  There have been some minor changes in the schedule. This might help with travel planning. When the events are approved the flyers this full details will be published.

Revised schedule.

Friday 11 Feb – World Cups Sign up   (details not yet confirmed)
Saturday 12 Feb Kiwi World Cup, Ike 1
Sunday 13 Feb Kiwi Mini Events, Ike 2
Monday 14 Feb Kiwi F1E World Cup
Tues 15 Feb Reserve day
Tues 15 Feb Ladies Tea party  (details not yet confirmed)
Wed 16 Feb North American World Cup
Thurs 17 Cal Cup F1E World Cup
Friday 18 MaxMen  Mini Events
Saturday 19 Feb MaxMen World Cup F1A and F1Q
Saturday 19 Feb  Evening – America’s Cup Banquet/Presentation (details not yet confirmed)
Sunday 20 Feb MaxMen World Cup F1B, F1C and F1P
Monday 21 Feb Reserve day

Today, 8 Nov is the day when entry to the USA covid related rules are changed allowing entry for visitors who are vaccinated and have negative covid test.  It is expected that this will increase air travel to the USA, especially from the EU.  All of the official websites have not been fully updated yet.  Of interest is that some vaccines with WHO approval  in addition to those approved for general use in the USA are considered to be OK. This is described on the CDC web site at so potential visitors can check the list.