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  1. 1961 World Championships
  2. Connie Piserchio

1961 World Championships

From:Martin Dilly

Does any SEN reader know whether Frank Zaic was US team manager at the 1961 World Championships at Leutkirch? I’ve been looking through some of the slides I took there and there’s one of him using a pretty chunky-looking walkie-talkie.  That was the year George Reich won Wakefield. Anyone else still around who was there?


Connie Piserchio

From: William Booth

After a long illness, Connie Piserchio passed away last Friday evening.  Those of us that had the good fortune to call Connie our friend know first hand what a force she was as a supporter on the flying field and for the hobby in general.  If there was a problem on the field, you wanted Connie on your side!  She and her husband Bob were honored as Volunteers of the Year by the SCAT club a few years ago for their relentless support of our Junior FAI Program.   Her illness took Connie away from the flying field several years ago, but the memories and the impact will always be there.   Thanks Connie, we’ll miss you!
Bill Booth

Connie Piserchio

From : Pat & Allen Ulm

We lost our dear friend, Connie Piserchio yesterday, 3/19/21.  She was one of the best timers on the field, and loved her favorite flier, Bob, and all those with whom he flew all over the world.  Warm and gentle Thermals Connie.

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