National Free Flight Society

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  1. First Annual United States NFFS Youth Postal Contest!!!
  2. Dave Lacey/Tom Kerr Memorial

First Annual United States NFFS Youth Postal Contest!!!

You do NOT need to be a NFFS member to participate. (Ages up to 18 years old)

Competition Rules:

  • Any catapult launch glider design and size.
  • 6 flights with 60 second maxes.
    • In the case of 6 maxes the competitor must continue until they drop a flight
  • All flights must be completed on the same day

For scores to count all mentors must:


  • Top 5 juniors win a GTS 12” CLG kit
  • Top 5 juniors win a 1 year NFFS subscription with hard copy digest.
  • 1st place wins the NFFS Youth Perpetual Trophy

Please join the NFFS! They are the lobbying body for our free flight community. The NFFS supports all youth programs! Serious youth competitors qualify for a free NFFS membership with online digest.

All scores and questions should be directed to Sevak Malkhasyan at


Dave Lacey/Tom Kerr Memorial
American Cup/National Cup
Wawayanda, NY

October 10-11, 2020

Saturday Oct 10th start 10 am
FAI events: F1B (Wakefield), F1H(Glider), F1C (Power) F1J, F1P(Power) F1S (Electric)

Sunday Sep 11th start 9 am
FAI events: F1A (glider), F1Q (electric), and F1G(Coupe)
AMA events: E36, Electric A, electric B, E 20, HL Glider, Cat. Glider, P-30 can be flown on either day.

All FAI events will have 5 rounds. Round lengths will be at least one hour.
Due to the COVID-19 epidemic flyers are required to maintain social distancing. Face masks are required, don them when appropriate. Practice social distancing. Please bring a pen to record your scores. Those using golf carts are encouraged to use gloves. Towels and cleaning materials are also recommended.
Entry fee is $25 for all events. Junior $15. Fuel donation $5. (Please bring the exact amount)

(Camping is possible on the field. Super 8 in Middletown is open as well as other motels. Directions to the field are on )

CD: Aram Schlosberg. (917) 446 3222