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Missing Fab Feb
From:Malcolm Campbell

Hi Roger
Having missed Fab Feb this year (the first time in 10 years), I have looked forward to every one of your SEN emails.  It’s almost like being there, I could almost feel the thermals.  The progressive results online have been excellent and it’s great to check the successes of the many friends Kathy and I have made over the years.  Top marks for Lindy crunching so many numbers too. I hope you massaged her shoulders every night Roger?  If I was only able to compete in one event in the whole year, anywhere in the world, it would have to be Fab Feb.  What variety – FIA classes, S & T old timers, balsa gliders, Holloway’s Hill, IKE, NA Cup, MaxMen, SCAT banquet, Ladies Tea Party, Gabby’s, drinkies every night at the field and/or in the two motels, and of course Denny’s – Fab Feb has it all.  And a big thank you to the many who CD’ed and helped with the running of the big 3 events – it’s a well-oiled machine but it still needs all its cogs to mesh as it does.  Oh, has the 46 and 5 intersection roadwork been finished yet?


Malcolm and Kathy (AUS)

Editor’s Comment
We missed you both and your photos- Others have been taking photos and we hope to see them soon.



Every time we come to a good round number, whatever that is I always this that should be a memorable SEN issue. But I guess one number is much like any number, unless it is 180 and all SEN readers are special.


MaxMen Part One

Today there was perfect weather and almost perfext flying. That meant that day one of the MaxMen with  F1B, F1C and F1P produced a final result after 7 regular and 2 flyoff rounds (6 and 8 minute)


Jensen,    Steffen
Eimar,    Bror
Sirkis,    Omri

Summersby,    Roy
Babenko,    Artem
Shapiro,    Oleksandra

Kerger,    Terry
Rounsaville,    Dave
Secor,    Randy

Full results on line

More tomorrow !