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  1. Fab Feb Friday sign up
  2. Stamov tailbooms for sale
  3. The FAI ID Check login


Fab Feb Friday sign up
The Fab Feb sign up (and pay up) will be at the Lost Hills Community Center from 9:30 on Friday 7 Feb.  The sign up will close at 4 PM .
If you have are arriving later in the week you can sign up at the White and Blue 5th Wheel trailer/caravan marked “Stealth” on the flying site.
The Saturday sign up  for AMA events at the Ike sign up at the AMA Event control desk on the field.


Stamov tailbooms for sale
From : Brian Vannest

Stamov tailbooms for sale Al-Carbon-Al   $30. USD Each
Also I have a few new stabs $75.USD each
See me on the field at Fab Feb
Brian Van Nest


The FAI ID Check login
From:  Jerry Fitch

Thank you–I now understand the difference between FAI number and FAI  ID number.  Just to add to the fun:  I received a link from NAA or  FAI to check my current FAI ID number.  It led to a message saying  “This is an unsafe web site” or something similar, and I could go no  further.  Maybe you can post a better link so we can check our numbers?


Editor’s Comment
I assume the login is
It is the only one I know of available to the simple sportsman. You may get a not secure message but you have to ignore it to get to the web site. I did observe that some of the FAI’s IT support leaves a little be to desired at times.  Maybe you might have more influence as a former World Champ, I’m just a simple sportsman.