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  1. Reminder 1- Fab Feb 2020
  2. Reminder 2 – FAI Licenses for USA sportsmen
  3. Where is the weight located

Reminder 1- Fab Feb 2020
The Sign Up for the FAI events  is at
Because of the number of participants and the organization required you must enter for the FAI events in advance.  You do NOT pay until you arrive at Lost Hills.

Fab Feb 2020 – Revised 20 Dec 2019

We have received numerous questions about the Fab Feb dates.  All events are subject to official confirmation as they need sanctions from both the FAI and the various NACs.
Preliminary information is:

* Friday sign up for the FAI events at Lost Hills Community Center on 7 Feb.
* Ike/Kiwi on 8-10 Feb with the F1ABCPQ World Cup on Saturday 8 Feb.
* The North American World Cup is on 11 Feb.
* The 2 F1E events are on Monday 10 (Kiwi)and Thurs 13 Feb. (Cal Cup- MaxMen)
* The Ladies Tea Party to be announced.
* International Dinner and Dumplings   partly “sponsored” by the Chinese Team in the evening on Monday 10 February
* The MaxMen International starting on Friday 14 with World Cup F1B, F1C & F1P and
* F1A and F1Q on Saturday 15.
* The MaxMen Mini Events on Sunday 16 February
* America’s Cup Banquet will be on 14 or 15 Feb (Friday or Sat) depending on venue availability.

As usual the Ike will have a variety of AMA events on 8 and 9 February.  We are working on those details – real soon now.
There the usual online entry for the FAI events for all contests at
The above schedule is subject to official confirmation and details such as starting times, reserve days, entry fee will appear in the official event announcements.

Information on line at

Reminder 2 – FAI Licenses for USA sportsmen
For USA flyers needing a FAI sporting license, that you get them from the NAA and their web site is NAA.AERO.
It is not hard, the is place on the home page for membership and licenses, just follow the instructions.
Not from the AMA s we did in the past. And they can take up to 5 days to process, so if you need it for Fab Feb World Cup events do it soon.

And while you are about make sure your AMA membership is up to date.


Where is the weight located
From:Peter Brown

Hi Roger
Weight increase.
The proposed suggestion for increasing the weight of our models would need the rules to be written very carefully.

If they were merely increased do we really think people would just add a dead weight to the model, I doubt it.

It would open up the window to use the extra weight for more elaborate, complicated expensive machines.

Like flappers, folders, huge LEDs, CofG moving devises to think of a few.
God knows what the clever people would think of.
All stuff that I find interesting but it goes against one of the things we are trying to prevent, making our present models obsolete

In principle upping the weight it fine but it  needs thinking through.

Peter Brown