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  1. Weather observation – Windy and Wunderground
  2. Weight no Flag yes
  3. Eloy Southwest Regionals 2020

Weather observation – Windy and Wunderground
For many years we used the Wunderground web site for flying weather, particularly at Lost Hills. It had the sites at Blackwells Corner and Paramount Farming aka The Wonderful Company airstrip.  They disappeared for some unknown reason. For a year or so before the World Champs we gave a link to National Weather Service at This was and still is very good.
But at Champs some visitors spoke of the site.  I did not look at partly because I had confused it with a site that mainly reported just wind.  Recently I had reason to check the weather at the first World Cup of 2020 , it is called Gladstone, near Carterton , NZ and they had it. In this case it is a farm just a couple of Km from the flying site. Windy  comes from the  Czech Republic.  What is strange but good is that all the Lost Hills (and other) sites that were on Wunderground but got lost have found them selves on Windy.  They have a number of different displays so experiment to find the one you like. The display may vary by site.

Weight no Flag yes
from Steve Helmick

Bill Shailor has it figured out! Increased minimum weights won’t reduce performance much, but it will increase the damage the models will do to themselves and things they hit. I like the proposal by Allard van Wallene. Sad that only works for F1A.

Steve O’Bat


Eloy Southwest Regionals 2020
From: Peter Brocks

On January 18-20 we again have the Southwest Regionals at Eloy – . Please pre-register by mail before January 1st – it makes running the contest so much easier (and is cheaper) . The Entry Forms for FAI and AMA events are online at the above link.   The max fee to fly any or all events is $50.
We are looking forward to seeing you in Eloy!