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  1. No Super Max No
  2. Years of talk
  3. 2020 Bob White Memorial Max Men International
  4. Kiwi Cup FAI events

No Super Max No
From: Michael J Woodhouse
No a thousand times no! How to kill the contest in one hit. The old super max idea. Again NO!!!!
Michael J Woodhouse

Editor’s comment : this refers to the suggestion to have a very long ( i.e. not readily attainable by everyone) max for the first round.
Reasons against are:
1. Discourages people who miss it after the first flight
2. If you do it over a full round there is a potential very wide difference in weather conditions that is super critical for such a long target
3. If you do it in in a flyoff length window you need timers, at least 2 probably 3 for each sportsman, which is not practical
4. Such a length flight anyway requires better timers or “proper” on board electronic timing.

Years of talk
From: Lior Bachar

Hi Roger,
Re change of rules, I recall these discussions are going on for more than a decade.
As most of us don’t like the idea of restricting the rules, if due to beauty of the high performance or just too heavily invested in current equipment, the route of adding restriction is probably not relevant.
We all probably agree that the performance sometimes are exceeding the fields or just flight out of sight.
My suggestion is to adopt two changes:
1. “Herzberg plate” – For out-flying the field, we can use a drag plate added to the models, if conditions are poor and by CD consideration.
The idea was suggested by Giroa Herzberg on the CD meeting at Ukraine WC 2007.
Obviously the plate may effect the trimming of the models, but this always can be pre-trimmed.
This solution is much more effective than adding weight to the models, as it may reduce performance dramatically.
2. Flight sight – we all too dependent on timekeepers, which becomes even a bigger challenge with large fly-offs.  The current rules still makes the altimeter irrelevant for rounds, but also secondary to the timekeepers on fly-offs. Furthermore, the rule language doesn’t accept commercially available altimeters or GPS and makes most altimeters irrelevant.
We must put the technology on the same weight of timekeepers, during all rounds and fly-offs and make sure the language of the rules to be less restrictive.
Some may say that this will enable to manipulate the scores, but I say that a cheater will always find a way to cheat and I believe most of our sportsman are fair players.
The benefits of getting more based on technology are much bigger than the cost of these changes.
Lior Bachar

Editor’s Question ?
Lior I’m sure if I understand your second point.  Are you saying that some form of “help” such as an automated electronic onboard timing device should be used to provide more accurate timing?


2020 Bob White Memorial Max Men International
An FAI World Cup and Americas Cup Event
February 13 – 17, 2020


Bissonette Mirage Field, Lost Hills California, USA

F1E:    Thursday February 13
        F1E California Cup   Organized and run by SCAT  (Separate Bulletin & Entry)
(7) 1-Hour Rounds + Flyoffs  –  Check-In on Holloway Hill at 9:00 AM   Round 1 Start Time: 10:00 AM

F1B, F1C and F1P:    Friday February 14
*(7) 1-Hour Rounds + Flyoffs  –  Round 1 Start Time: 8:00AM
First Round Extended Max 240 Seconds

F1A:    Saturday February 15
*(7) 1-Hour Rounds + Flyoffs  –  Round 1 Start Time: 8:00AM
First Round Extended Max 240 Seconds

F1Q:    Saturday February 15
*(7) 1-Hour Rounds + Flyoffs  –  Round 1 Start Time: 8:00AM
First Round Max 180 Seconds

Americas Cup Banquet:    Saturday February 15
Dinner and Americas Cup Awards Presentations  –  7:00 PM at Lost Hills Recreation Center

F1G, F1H, F1J and F1S:    Sunday February 16
(5) 1-Hour Rounds + Flyoffs  –  Round 1 Start Time: 10:00AM

Reserve Day:  Monday February 17


Roger Morrell has developed a complete online entry portal for all FAI events that also includes reservations for banquets and social gatherings during the Fab February Week.  Click on the link below and fill in all your information.  You will get an e-mail response and we’ll see you in February!
All fees will be collected at registration

For Additional Information, Max Men International Contest Director:
Bill Booth Jr.
27842 Whisperwood Drive
Menifee, CA  92584    USA
(760) 889-3201 or e-mail:  >

Non-AMA Members must pay AMA Affiliation Fee or show receipt from prior payment

                         Contestants must pick up Registration Package at Headquarters Tent before Round 1 of their first event

Lost Hills Motels:  Motel 6 (661) 797-2346  and  Days Inn  (661) 797-2371


Isaacson Winter Classic and Kiwi World Cup

Lost Hills, California, 8-10 February 2020

Kiwi Cup FAI events

World and America’s Cup


Kiwi – New Zealand World Cup! F1A, B, C, P & Q


7 round Schedule: Saturday 8 Feb, Reserve day Monday 10 February 2019
1                    8:00am–9:00am
2                    9:00am–10:00am
3 – 7              on the hour, to 3pm; Round One Max: 240 seconds, all others 180.
Fly-Off Schedule:
First fly-off – 6 minute max.
F1A              3:30pm–3:40pm           F1C/P/Q          4:00pm–4:10pm
F1B               3:45pm–3:55pm             Additional rounds to be announced

No official time keepers provided – fliers help. Official flight line by class, no poles assigned.

Jean Batten Awards
For highest placing lady flier in each of  F1ABCPQ and F1GHJS

Grand Master Awards
For best performance in F1ABC or Q  by a sportsman over 75
Kiwi F1G, H, J* & S – Sunday 9 February 2019

*F1J – contingent on pre-entries (4 minimum)

Round one, 8:00 AM ‘Champagne Flyoff’ Time to the ground. Round Schedule:
Rounds 1-5, two minute max.
1   8:00am–8:45am
2   9:00am–9:45am
3   9:45am–10:30am
4   10:30am–11:15am
5   11:15am–12:00pm
Fly-Offs will begin at 12:15 noon and finish by 3:00.
At 3:00, any remaining ties will be broken by using Champagne Flight Times
Kiwi World Cup F1E – Monday 10 February 2019

10am-3pm. Five one hour rounds. On Holloway Hill. Peter Brocks, Event Director

FAI Events Pre-Entry on SEN and pre-Registration Fri. 9 February 9AM to 3 PM
Additional contest information
FAI Classes entry form for the Fab Feb contests :
You do not pay until you are at Lost Hills.  The Pre-Entry will tell you how much and includes other Fab Feb FAI Events – the North American Cup, California F1E Cup and MaxMen International

Entry Fees:
“Kiwi” World Cup events $30
All others, $20.00 – includes one event.
Additional events $5.00 ($10 World Cup) each.
CD Roger Morrell 1916 B Gates Ave., Redondo  Beach, CA 90278,
In memory of our dear friends, Bob and LaVera Isaacson

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