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  1. Youngest?
  2. Challenge France
  3. Great SCAT Oktoberfest – after party
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Youngest ?
We have some input on the youngest World Champ and F1C Champ from

Martin Dilly
Mike Fantham
Sergio Montes
Gary Madelin
They all have Thomas Koster winning F1B in 1965 at 18 years old , they also have him winning F1C at about 28 years.  Charles Rushing’s book has more F1B info
But no more F1C info yet.  Checking on Mike Gaster’s details.

Challenge France
For overall Team Champ

  1. Poland
  2. Russia
  3. USA
  4. Ukraine
  5. Israel
  6. Finland

Details at

Challenge France


Great SCAT Oktoberfest – after party
SCAT president and F1A sportsman Jim Parker and Cathy Parker hosting it. Brian Van Nest organized the refreshments.  Great barbeque sausages, you could have had one cooked by the latest F1C Champ. Thanks to the musicians Ken Bauer on keyboard, balladeer  Dave Rounsaville, guitarist  Richard Blackam aka Rich Black, and the trumpeter Joel Chessler.  The music had universal appeal and went on into the night.  NFFS store with FF swag and Sympos.  Much talking and reminiscing.

Next Up
and tomorrow Kotuku Cup