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  1. Barron Field Schedule
  2. Perris Work

Schedules for Hatschek (May 18-19), Sky Annual (June 15-16), and Lacey-Kerr Memorial (July 13-14)

From:Andrew Barron
Dear Free Flight Friends,

Here is the schedule for the FAI, AMA and Nostalgia events at the upcoming
contests at Barron Field.  These are the Hatschek International Challenge
next week, May 18-19 and the Skyscraper Annual June 15-16 and the Dave
Lacey & Tom Kerr Memorial July 13-14.  Dave Acton is the CD for the May and
June meets. I am the CD for the July meet. [Concurrently in July there will
be a Bob Morris Memorial for SAM events.]  Consult the site for location and direction to the field, as
well as a list of hotels. We look forward to seeing many of you there!
Thermals, Andrew Barron and Dave Acton.

Schedule: Hatcheck (May 18-19), Annual (June 15-16), and Lacey-Kerr
Memorial (July 13-14).  Americas Cup and National Cup.

SATURDAY start: 10 am.
F1B, F1P+F1C (seven one hour rounds, three minutes max, option for more).
F1S, F1H (five one hour rounds, two minute max).
Electric B, P-30, Mulvihill, HLG
Classic Glider & Bungee Launch Glider combined (club provides bungee).
1/4A Nostalgia and 020 Replica (SAM) combined

SUNDAY start: 8 am for F1A and F1Q. Dawn Unlimited at 6:30am. Other events
start at 9 am.
F1A, F1Q (seven one hour rounds starting at 8 am, first round at four
minutes max).
F1G, F1J (five one hour rounds starting at 9 am, two minute max).
E-36, Open Rubber, Catapult Glider, Pee Wee 30,
Gas Classic and Nostalgia Combined (engine run per each events rules).

For the AMA and Nostalgia events the maxes are two minutes.  Also for the
AMA, Nostalgia events, the days shown are suggested as the preferred
National Cup day. You may fly them on the other day as long as you complete
all flights that day.  For FAI events, they are to be flown on the days and
rounds as specified.  See you at the flight line and down wind!

From:  Roger Willis

Many of you fly at TAIBI FIELD in Perris.  We are doing a special [ much needed ] field maintenance on TUESDAY MAY 14TH  beginning at 7AM. Please support this wonderful free flight field by coming out with a shovel, some water and wear long pants. Your help , on this important maintenance day will be much appreciated. If you can come, please email BERNIE CROW at
Maxes to All
Roger Willis