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  1. F1C engine timing
  2. Wired Ike and Kiwi
  3. Rubber Reminder
  4. Flash your flood

F1C engine timing
From:John Cuthbert
I hope you will allow me to put my “four pennyworth” ( strange English
saying meaning “adding to the debate”.) on the current F1C engine issue.

As a long time F1C competitor, now retired, I can still fly them but cannot
retrieve them, therefore not Ex F1C flier, my observations are this: The
reason our rule makers reduced the engine run to 4 seconds ( in reality 3.4
seconds on the timer) was to reduce performance, reduce fly off numbers and
keep models within the boundaries of the flying site. If we go to a full,
genuine 4 second run then the performance will almost return to the old 5
second run. I set my timers for the 5 second rule at 4.2 seconds or this run
which gave me a safe 4.8/4.9 engine run with most timekeepers. For this
reason I don’t think the proposal will get through. The current way we time
the engine run has stood the test of time despite its failings and
shortcomings. It has invariably got the right result. I also don’t like a
rule that forces a flyer down a particular route (electronic timers) unless
on safety grounds i.e. radio D/T. If you wish to use a clockwork timer you
should be allowed to.

On a totally different issue, the 2018 F1A World Cup result
was overturned because of a protest (as is the right of any competitor)
against the result of several Radio D/T Fly offs being included in the
points issued. Reason given: D/T fly offs are not in the FAI Sporting Code,
fair enough. But has this decision not opened up a whole massive “can of
worms” (hope I don’t have to explain this). I have attended many, many World
Cup events around the world and so few of them were run in accordance of the
Sporting Code, including some World and European Championships. Are we now
in a period where protests will become common practice because ” it is not
in the Sporting Code” Pleased I don’t have to sort this one out. There is
still an issue of arriving at a sporting result when a “normal” fly off
cannot take place. Ten equal first places is not the answer. Good luck CIAM.

My Credentials: Many times GBR F1A and F1C team member,
outright F1C World Cup winner 2001, World Cup runner up 2002, 2003, 2005,
F1C European Silver medal, Hungary 2002, Bronze medal, Romania 2004. many
team Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, CD on many occasions at British
National Championships and World Cup events, Senior and Junior Team Manager,
F2C (control line Team Race) Team Member on several occasions. How did this
all start, Ok enough already.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the October World Champs, and having a
chat with Leslie Farkas,  respectfully yours, John Cuthbert.

Wired Ike and Kiwi

Electric flyers at Ike and Kiwi, note in recently released Ike flyer that there is an Electric Champs $ award donated by the Leeper taking in E-36, Nostalgia Electric, F1Q and F1S.  All 4 events count, points allocated by the number of people you beat in each event. Not necessary to enter all events .

Rubber Reminder
from Fai Sales

FAI Model Supply will once again be providing rubber and supplies to all
those who *pre-order* for delivery at the FAB February Contests in Lost
Hills, CA.  We have already received a number of orders at this time.

If you are interested in ordering items, we ask that you please send us an
email to

We will confirm back to you with an invoice indicating your total cost from
the group shipment to be collected at Lost Hills or prepaid arrangements
available prior to the contest via PayPal.  Our plans are to distribute at
the contest registration on Friday February 8.

We will need to receive your order by January 28, 2019 to guarantee
delivery in Lost Hills.  Any order/request received after that date can not
be guaranteed to be delivered at the contest.
Thank you,

Charlie and Geralyn Jones
FAI Model Supply Inc.

Flash your flood
From:Ross Jahnke

Although I do not fly F1C I fly *with* F1C guys all the time, so I feel
eminently qualified to pontificate on engine run timing.

I like the LED flashers that blink when the timer releases the flood-off
mechanism. It’s very easy for the timekeeper to see, even in a noisy and
crowded sky. If there is a malfunction of the engine/fuel system the
disconnect between the flash and the behavior of the model will be clearly
visible. The technology is already in many contemporary models.

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Roger Morrell