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  1. Remembering Reinhard
  2. Detroit Balsa Bugs Intercity Meet.
  3. Tangent Tales

Remembering Reinhard
From:Steve Jones
I was fortunate enough to attend the 2001 FAI World Championships at Lost Hills just one month after 9/11.

It was truly a memorable weekend for me. I stayed with Doug Galbreath, who had driven his son’s motorhome down for the event. The time spent with one of my best friends in the entire world would have been reward enough for flying out from Denver, but it was only the beginning of one of the greatest free flight weekends I have ever experienced.

I got to do a couple of days of timing, along which came the honor of rubbing shoulders with Randy Archer, Eugene Verbitski, Artum Babenko, the late Stafford Screen, Ed Keck, and Ken Oliver, and witnessing remarkable flights of the first “folder” of Fuziev.

But one particular FAI Power flier has always stuck in my mind . . .
Reinhard Truppe. He just struck me as being purposeful, classy, and one hell of a flier.

Mr. Truppe, you are in God’s house now. I hope you had a great flight getting there. And thank you so much for being an integral part of my wonderful free flight memories.

Steve Jones / Lakewood, Colorado

Steve,  World Champs always bring great memories.  You will have the chance to refresh some of them and make new ones at Lost Hills again next year.

Detroit Balsa Bugs Intercity Meet.
From : Greg Simon

Can you post the contest results on SEN?  Thank you.

Young guns dominated 2 contests with outstanding weather.
Winds out of the south 4mph all day with Temps in the low 80’s.
This favorable direction allowed the full length of the field available at Muncie, 1.5 miles.
Not a frequent directional wind pattern.

Ryan Jones won the Hoosier Cup the week before run by his father Charlie,
and Evan Simon won the Intercity Meet a week later run by his father. Irony?

F1B 3rd thru 5th was separated by 10 seconds, tight race, an unfortunate drop by Charlie
in the final round sent him from 1st to 6th, that is free flight. Paul Crowley came in the back door for 3rd.
F1A Bob & John battled it out, with John flying his Woody solid balsa glider.
F1Q Bob Sifleet put up some great time with only a small drop.
F1G Geralyn was battling the guys for a shot at the title and edged out Chuck & son Ryan for the VICTORY!
She has her eye on the Cuuup.
Great time had be all the participants.

Greg Simon

Intercity Meet 2018  June 16th & 17th

NAMES         Round Round Round Round Round Round Rond 7FlyoffTOTAL  PLACE
Flyer Nm F1B
Evan Simon     120   180   180   120   180   180   180   317   1457   1st
Ryan Jones     120   180   180   120   180   180   180   238   1378   2nd
Paul Crowley   120   180   180   106   180   180   180         1126   3rd
Greg Simon     120   162   180   120   180   180   180         1122   4th
Rich MacCleery 120   156   180   106   180   180   180         1116   5th
Charlie Jones  120   180   180   120   180   180   125         1085   6th
Kyle Gerspache 120   180   142   120   180   180   124         1046   7th

Flyer Nm F1C
John Lorbiecki 105    90   153    0     0     0     0          348    1st

Flyer Nm F1Q
Bob Sifleet    180   180   180   120   180   154   180         1174   1st

Flyer Nm F1A
Bob Sifleet    180   180   180   120   180   154   180         1174   1st
John Lorbiecki  73   111    0     0     0     0     0          184    2nd

Flyer Nm F1G
Geralyn Jones 120 +   86   120   120   120                     566    1st
Chuck Markos   120    78   120   120   120                     558    2nd
Ryan Jones    120 +  120   105    74   118                     537    3rd
Charlie Jones   0     0     0     0     0                      DNF

Flyer Nm F1H
Bob Sifleet   113   120   120   120    82                     555    1st

Flyer Nm F1J
John Lorbiecki120 +  120    6                                  286    1st

Flyer Nm F1S
Bob Sifleet  120 +   99   112   120    70                     521    1stAa

Tangent Tales

From: Mike Roberts

We had a lower turnout this year than past but were happy to see Mike Thompson, Walt Ghio, Jerry Fitch, Mike Achterberg and Jack Murphy, who joined the fun.  Weather was good, particularly in the morning hours, with tricky thermal picking in the afternoon as the breeze kicked up.  As years before, the get together at Linda and Glenn Grell’s is one of the weekends highlights.  Here are the results:

F1 A

1st  Mike Thompson.            1062
2nd  Pierre Brun.               875

F1 B

1st. Walt Ghio.                 1260
2nd Larry Norvall               1246
3rd  Derek McGuckin.            1246. (coin flip)
4th  Jerry Fitch.               1200
5th  Blake Jensen.              1181
6th  Mike Achterberg             360

F1 C

1st. Ron McBurnett.              1149

F1 G

1st  Tiffany O’Dell.              595

F1 H

1st. Blake Jensen.                571

F1 J

1st Mike Roberts.                    600

F1 Q

1st. Jack Murphy.                  1260

F1 S

1st. Derek McGuckin.              600
2nd  Jack Murphy.                 592

We trust everyone had a good time and will return next year.


Ron McBurnett & Mike Roberts