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  1. Saltonta Results ?
  2. Looking for a battery pack-old school
  3. Looking for older AA Pylon

Saltonta Results ?
Could we get the results of WC contest in Salona ?

Editor …. Yes we could if it was published somewhere

Looking for a battery pack-old school
From:John Lorbiecki

I need a replacement for the older 6 volt 150 ma battery pack for an older glider…Any ideas?
John Lorbiecki

Editor’s comment;  John if your timer is a Magic Timer(or maybe someothers too) it will run on single cell LiP0. Also most servos will too. Not really a problem for an old school glider.

Looking for older AA Pylon

From: chuck e bear

Hi Roger,
I am looking for an earlier Andruikov pylon designed to fit the Fourmost / Cooney e-timer system, new or used.


Ted Burfein (

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Roger Morrell