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SEN 2434

  1. Reminder of the Barron Field Meets, May 19-20 and June 23-24
  2. What’s hot, Druids or not
  3. Put the Casino in your Western USA FF schedule for 2019

Reminder of the Barron Field Meets, May 19-20 and June 23-24
From:Andrew Barron

Dear Free Flight Friends,

This is a reminder of the Skyscraper International Challenge this weekend,
for FAI and AMA events as shown on the attached, with Alan Abriss as CD,
and Flying Aces events with Vic Nippert as CD.

Also, the Skyscraper Annual June 23-24.

Enjoy the flying!!


Hatcheck International Challenge
May 19-20, 2018
America’s cup,
National cup

F1B, F1C, F1S
10 AM start, 5 rounds.
B and C first and fifth round with a 4 minute max+
7 PM flyoffs.

F1A, F1G, F1H, F1J, F1Q
8 AM start, 5 rounds. A’s first and fifth round with a 4 minute max+

Flyoffs with a 1 minute DT++

P-30, HLG, Catapult glider, E-36, Electric B, Mulvihill, Dawn Unlimited (Sunday 6:45 AM*) Classic towline,1/2 A – AB Gas combined, Pee Wee 30, 1/4A Nostalgia- 020 Replica Combined.
These events can be flown on either day, but must be completed on the same day.
$ 25 Entry fee covers all events. Awards to 3rd
+ Weather permitting
++ DT’s time exceeding 1 minute is deducted from the flight.
Directions to the field are on
Alan Abriss CD.
Dave Acton contact person
(cell) 914 393 7491

Check with CD on the field on the day about round and flyoff times and lengths

What’s hot, Druids or not

Proof?  that people are interest in how contest went around the world and want to see the results.  In the first few hours of sending the last SEN with links to the UK World Cup results over 150 people clicked through to go and look at how it went at the Stonehenge Cup… So tell people about your event, they are interested. Even if there were no Druids and no CHE.

Put the Casino in your Western USA FF schedule for 2019

From: Leaping Lizard on FB

The Lizard reports ….Went out flying today in West Wendover NV which is on the Utah/Nevada border along I-80. The two towns of Wendover UT and West Wendover NV (basically one community of about 6000 people) feature 5 casinos and even more motels. My flying site was about 3.5 miles away from all of these accommodations. I hope to host the inaugural Casino Cup Free Flight Model Airplane Contest the weekend of May 18-19 2019 at this venue. Hope you can make it!!
Top of Form

Editor Observes …

that famous  the Bonneville Salt Flats are northeast of town (about 9 miles, but are typically under water this time of year). Wendover is to Salt Lake City what Vegas is to So Cal.. they love golf tourneys etc, an airplane contest with a lot of people from elsewhere is right in their wheelhouse… get on Google Maps and see….The Lizard’s site looks good, large, dry,  no trees and not even pucker bushes. Hope he can pull it off.  Mr Lizard ,  don’t forget to put it on the America’s Cup Schedule.