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  1. 2017 America’s Cup Celebration
  2. Kick the tires and lite the fires!
  3. FF Vendors at Fab Feb
  4. F1C engine for sale
  5. Max Men Pole Assignments

2017 America’s Cup Celebration
From: Jim Parker
The full 2017 America’s Cup Results were published several SENs ago. Here is a summary of the top five and top juniors. Congratulation for another competitive year of FAI FF flying.  The top 5  and top juniors get certificates. The first place winners receive an unique trophy and get to keep their America’s Cup event perpetual trophy for a year. There are only two repeat winners for the 2017 season, Tiffaney O’Dell in F1G and Faust  Parker in F1J.

These awards will be given out at the America’s Cup Banquet, FRIDAY, (CHANGE from previous years!) February 16, 2018 at the Lost Hills Wonderful Park North Recreation building starting at 6:30 pm. Sign up and payment for the banquet is via the on line registration,  and pay at registration on Friday February 9, 2018 at the South Recreation building. If you are not entering any of the contests, contact me via email (22$, $17 juniors) and you can pay me during the banquet.

This year you will be served banquet style by the SCAT volunteers. The fare from Willow Ranch Restaurant is: Beef brisket or vegan dish (by Jana Van Nest for those that sign up for vegan), BBQ sauce and salsa, mashed potatoes with brown gravy, steamed veggies, Green Salad with ranch or Italian dressing, butter and roles, Peach Cobbler, soda, water, beer and wine (thanks to MaxMen).

Come and participate in the celebration!
2017 America’s Cup  Top Five

F1A        1                Mike McKeever
F1A        2                Jama Danier
F1A        3                Jim Parker
F1A        4                Joel Yori
F1A        5                Brian VanNest

F1B         1                Alex Andriukov
F1B         2                Blake Jensen
F1B         3                Charles Jones
F1B         4                Walt Ghio
F1B         5                Jace Pivonka

F1C         1                Ed Carroll
F1C         2                Faust Parker
F1C         3                Mike Roberts
F1C         3                Don Chesson
F1C         5                Guy Menanno

F1P         1                Randy Secor
F1P         2                Mike Fedor
F1P         3                Hayden  Ashworth
F1P         4               Terry  Kerger
F1P         5                Cade Fedor

F1G        1                Tiffaney O’Dell
F1G        2                Mike Richardson
F1G        3                Peter Brocks
F1G        4                John Clapp
F1G        5                Tom Ioerger

F1H        1                Jim Parker
F1H        2                Sifleet, Bob
F1H        3                Ken Bauer
F1H        4                Mike McKeever
F1H        5                Brian VanNest
F1H        5                Blake Jensen

F1J          1                Faust Parker
F1J          2                Mike Fedor
F1J          3                Ashworth, Hayden
F1J          4                Mike Roberts
F1J          5                John E Lorbiecki

F1Q        1                Bob Sifleet
F1Q        2                Tom Ioerger
F1Q        3                Jack Murphy
F1Q        4                Drake Hooke
F1Q        5                Julie Parker

F1E         1                Bob Sifleet
F1E         2                Mike Richardson
F1E         3                Peter Brocks
F1E         4               Tom  Ioerger
F1E         5                David Parsons

F1S         1                Don DeLoach
F1S         2                Julie Parker
F1S         2                Drake Hooke
F1S         4                Lee Hines
F1S         5                Jack Murphy

America’s Cup Top Juniors
F1A        Top Junior             Joel Yori
F1B         Top Junior             Joel Yori
F1P         Top Junior             Hayden  Ashworth
F1G        Top Junior             Cade Fedor
F1H        Top Junior             Cade Fedor
F1J          Top Junior             Hayden  Ashworth
F1Q        Top Junior             Joel Yori

Thermals, Jim Parker

Kick the tires and lite the fires!
From Mike Roberts (who else)

Trying to entice more F1 J competitors for the Ike and MM contests; the Winners in both will receive in addition to a beautiful trophy, a fully functional Vintage P 51 Mustang.  Kick the tires and lite the fires!


FF vendors
The Fab Feb is a great opportunity for all FF suppliers.  Especially to supply our International Visitors avoiding expensive international shipping. People are always interest in everything from the latest composite materials and tech gadgets through E-36/F1S and including small gliders. Any to do with Free Flight.

As part of the Kiwi/Ike event there is a free raffle for all present at the Sunday PM prize giving, contributions from vendors to the prizes is always welcome.

FOR SALE:  VE – F1C Engine
From : Ted Hidinger
FOR SALE:  VE – F1C Engine, it looks to have never been run – (I have not, but do not want to state it has never been) – geared front end.  I also have TWO geared props = One Three (3) bladed, One Two (2) Bladed – BOTH to be sold with the engine. NOTE: the Two Bladed prop is used, the Three Bladed is NEW.

ASKING Price for Engine and props = $750.00   Please Note:  If NOT picked up at Lost Hills and shipping is required – the $ cost to ship will be in addition to the price of the engine.

I will be at Lost Hills ONLY Saturday the 10th.  I will work with you to arrange pickup and/or shipping.  Payment can be by PayPal or Credit Card (I’m set up to take credit cards – NOT American Express Ted Hidinger)

I can email you photos, please contact me at:  OR Cell: 602 316-4430
Ted Hidinger
Mission Viejo, CA

Max Men Pole Assignment
From : Bill Booth CD
The Bob White Max Men International will be flown on poles with 4 flyers per pole.  If you have a preference for pole partners, please send me an e-mail  at

Without input, I will organize poles by country or if more than 4 modelers I will put countrymen on adjacent poles.  Final pole assignments, starting poles and number of poles to move will all be posted no later than 6:30 the morning of the event.  I will not re-arrange poles the morning of the event, so speak up.  Late entries will be placed where there are openings.
Thanks,  Bill Booth

Editors Comment . Other two Fab Feb World Cup (Kiwi and North American) events are flown from a Flight line with no assigned poles.