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  1. Back to the Future
  2. For sale 2  F1A

Back to the Future
A drawing by Al Hotard, from back in 1998 …..

Al was the creater of the America’s Cup and besides being a great F1B is also an artist.

F1As for sale
From : Antony  Koerbin

I have two gliders for sale
1) M&K made short model, standard wing profile, single servo. Has series 7xx timer (compatible with other RDTs) and runs off lipo. Covering Ikarex. Impulse hook (with OLA and safe latch)
Hard to let this one go as its been very successful for me in the past but I just have too many models and it doesn’t get used.
Ideal for beginner to circle towing. Offers – can bring it to Lost Hills.

2) M&K standard long model with same specifications. Still capable of 4mins first round with careful air picking. Thermals beautifully as well so a really good all rounder.
I have two LDA longs so can’t really see a situation to fly it. Again – I’m open to offers and can bring to Lost Hills

Antony  Koerbin