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Scandinavian Free Flight Week
From: Per Findahl
We are happy to announce that the Scandinavian Free Flight week in June – July will take place. The dates are as previously announced, but we will use another flying field. The new field is located on Öland, the long, narrow island just outside the south-east coast of Sweden, in the Baltic Sea. Closest city on the mainland is Kalmar. From Kalmar there is a bridge to Öland.

Öland is  140 km long, and in the south part there is a natural reservation and UNESCO World Heritage site called  Alvaret. There are huge open places used for several contests during the past 40 years. The main area we use is 7 * 4 Km, so there is enough space. The field is beautiful, with a special nature, so we hope that you are going there for the World Cup contests.

We don’t have many good car parking places, but we will sort this out. There will be difficult access to some starting lines at certain wind directions. The field is surrounded by fences. Be prepared to walk some distance (up to 1 Km) to the starting line, so please consider this when packing your equipment. No vehicles are allowed. The field is vulnerable  due to the thin layer of soil over the limestone ground. For the F1B flyers there are problems putting up winding stooges. We will inform about a solution for this later.

Please start planning your trip now! Note that Öland is a popular tourist area at this time of the year, so book your accommodation in time.

A drive from Stockholm its about 450 Km, and from Copenhagen about 350 Km. From our old field in Rinkaby it’s about 220 Km. To travel by ferry boat to Sweden, there are ports close to Malmö and at Karlskrona, on the east side of Sweden. Then there are ferries boats from Denmark and Finland.

As a tourist place Öland  is famous. You may visit the Royal Summer Residence, see the famous bird watching station and lighthouse in Ottenby at the south cape of Öland, and many more sights. There are many good opportunities for swimming. Öland would be a good place for the whole family.
The closest city to the flying field is Mörbylånga. There are many camping places, B&B and some youth hostels and hotels. Kalmar is the bigger city not too far away if you want a fancier hotel and other interesting sights.

More info is found on our web page:

Welcome !
Links for tourist info and accommodation:

Regards discussion of the German F1Q proposal ?
From: David Ackery
Is this something on the agenda of the April 2017 CIAM meeting ?.
So far no agenda has been published, (we are waiting,,,, soon,,, we hope,,,).

Is it possible that some people have access to an advance copy of the agenda before the rest of us ?.
David Ackery

CIAM Meeting Info

The official list is now on the FAI Web site

The information can be found under 2017
The item has all the details
CIAM 2017 Plenary Meeting – Agenda  (2.14 MB)
13 MARCH 2017

We published a list of the proposals in SEN 2241 on 9 Jan. The information came from FFn

I believe that this is the Q proposal Aram was talking about.  (it would have been more clear if he had included this in his article)

5) Germany also propose to make energy limiters mandatory
but also revert to their idea of specifying system architecture
with “The energy limiter must interrupt the impulse signal
from the timer to the ESC and cuts of the motor(s) when the
given energy limit is reached, without need of interaction of
other devices. The ESC must always operate via its serial
connection to the energy limiter and not with direct connection
to the timer. The timer stays independent, but the energy
limiter may inform the timer about the end of the energy
supply.” They also add” The SET must store and display
energy amount used and motor run time”

Reason: The measurement method of the motor run in models
without limiter is very complicate and difficult applicable in
practice. As in this case the motor run is not to be timed in
flight, the compliance of the correct run time is not possible. A
rule which cannot be controlled should not to be used.
Energy limiters are approved devices also in other
aeromodelling categories. Reliable limiters which meets the
requirements are available on the market and also as an open
source project for self-made (for saving costs). The stored data
are replicable and verifiable. Limiter can be verified by the
CIAM EDIC commission.

The independence from the other electronic control
components (timer) is required to avoid manipulations by