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  1. Kiwi Cup Update
  2. Altimeter and Timing  Re: SEN 2259


Kiwi Cup Update
World Cup Events {F1ABCPQ} postponed until Sunday 12 Feb (next day) at 8 AM because of field conditions.  Access to the actual FAI  flight line was difficult.  The field is drying out.

The FAI mini  events {F1HGJS} are being moved to Monday 13.  The F1E event will probably be flown Tuesday 14.
AMA events are being flown today and Sunday, any event any day.  Many people are able to do some test flying.

Anybody who has not finished registration should do so immediately. This is for all events, people who are pre-entered must pay and sign AMA safety form 10B

Altimeter and Timing  Re: SEN 2259
from john carter

Nice one
I read that Tapio sees issues with the addition of altimeter timing and agree through the pushing by Allard are in danger of adding yet another un necessary rule which is both unfair and not practical in the format as proposed in this years CIAM rule changes.

I would add what happens when the guy who finds his model un accessible and can not get it back in the time period to recover the data ? What then do we then allow data transfer v the  the air waves ?

Allard is also wrong re the rules that allow flappers gears folders etc. there as been plenty of discussion and opposition .
Rather than add this altimeter rule now, please can we get the CIAM to put together a plan  and strategy for further free flight development in a co ordinated manner that takes on board the changing world we live in .


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Roger Morrell