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SEN 2254

SEN 2254 – Table of Contents

Most all Fab Feb Stuff

  1. Lost Hills update
  2. B stuff for sale
  3. Scorekeeping help
  4. Entrants So far

Lost Hills Update

Weather – the Weather station closest to the field in Paramount Farming on Wunderground

The Orchard and Bees
The trees  have now grown to maturity so are too tall to retrieve a model at tree top without getting the loan of a pole from the organizer.  Do not damage the trees , borrow a pole. Do not ride your bike or motor bike or drive your car or golf car between the trees.  We now have more experience in working with the orchards so will probably fly more from the most Northern Flight Line, this will minimize flying into the trees.

Bees are needed to pollinate the trees. This year the pollination period for Almond Trees is expected to be just after we finish flying. The Lost Hills association  works with the bee keeper to minimize the impact of bees on our events.   But there always can be bees at Lost Hills.  Remember that dark clothes are less attractive to bees  and if you have issues with bee sting always take the appropriate medication.

B stuff FOR SALE
Carbon F1B wings for sale. I have two sets of the new 190 cm carbon wings designed by Tony Matthews and manufactured by Stepan Stephanchuk  for sale.
Paid $400 each will sell for $350 and $300 (cheaper one was crashed but Stepan has repaired them by inserting back in the molds so good as new). They fly great I just need some cash.

April 2016 tan super sport. This is from the exceptional batch that gave lots of very good motors. $400 USD for a full 14lb box (or best offer)
Other Tan Super sport rubber from various batches. This is “normal” tan super sport, broken into segments with the batch date and segment number on the bag. Selling for less than retail at 20/lb (equivalent to $280 per box).

contact me at:

Bernard Guest
cell: 587 894 2006

Score keeping help
From: tony mathews

North American Cup CD’s (Tony and Peter) are requesting some help with the
electronic score keeping for Wednesday, February 15th, 2017. Some
proficiency with Microsoft Excel required. We will pay expenses
Please contact Tony Mathews:

Thank you,
Tony and Peter

Entrants So far
Abad         Javier        ESP             Lane          Robert     USA
aberlenc     frederic      FRA             Larsen        Dag Edvard NOR
Achterberg   Michael       USA             Lavis         Brian      GBR
Ackerley     Cameron       CAN             Leško         Robert     CRO
Allen        Carrol        USA             LESTER        MICHAEL    GBR
Allnut       Peter         CAN             Limberger     Rene       USA
Andrist      Dominik       SUI             Limberger     Siegfried  GER
Andriukov    Alex          USA             Madelin       Gary       GBR
Babenko      Artem         UKR             Makarov       Sergey     RUS
Bachmann     Christoph     SUI             Malila        Lauri      SUI
Bachmann     Gottfried AlfrSUI             Malkhasyan    Sevak      USA
Balassiano   Aviv          ISR             Malkhasyan    Taron      USA
Ball         Philip        GBR             Mark          Gilad      ISR
Baños        Alfredo DanielARG             Mathews       Tony       CAN
Bardarov     Borislav      BUL             Mathis        Richard    USA
Baruch       Abraham       ISR             MATSUO        TETSURO    JPN
Batiuk       George        GER             McGuckin      Derek      USA
Bauer        Ken           USA             McKeever      Mike       USA
Bezak        Ivan          SVK             Mitchell      Phil       AUS
Bezchasnyy   Vasyl         UKR             Morgan        Vin        AUS
Blazhevych   Iurii         UKR             Morrell       Roger      NZL
BODIN        Jean Luc      FRA             Morris        Gilbert    USA
Bond         Terry         AUS             Murphy        Jack       USA
Booth        William       USA             Myers         Richard ( DUSA
Brun         Pierre        USA             Nakata        Mitsuyasu  JPN
Bulatov      Albert        RUS             Nereng        Vegar      NOR
Burford      Kathy         AUS             Norvall       Larry      USA
Campbell     Malcolm       AUS             Nouvian       Richard    FRA
Chapman      Paul          GBR             Nyhegn        Jes        DEN
Chesson      Don           USA             Obligenarz    Tomer      ISR
CHEVENARD    Didier        FRA             ODell         Tiffaney   USA
Chevenard    Didier        FRA             Palavecino    Guillermo  ARG
Clapp        John          USA             Parker        Faust      USA
Cooper       John          GBR             Parker        Jim        USA
Crowe        Bernie        USA             Parker        Julie      USA
DANIER       JAMA          CAN             Parsons       Carl “DavidUSA
Davis        Michael       USA             Pecenkovic    Enes       BIH
Davis        Troy          USA             Pecenkovic    Jasminka   BIH
DeLoach      Don           USA             Peers         Russell    GBR
Djandara     Slobodan      NED             Pereyra       Virgilio AnARG
DUCASSOU     François      FRA             Persson       Anders     SWE
ECHIVARD     Didier        FRA             Peter         Brocks     USA
Edge         Chris         GBR             Piserchio     Robert     USA
Eimar        Bror          SWE             Puhakka       Risto      USA
emery        jack          USA             Pykelny       Michael    USA
Farkas       Leslie        CAN             Raymond       Aimee      USA
Farmer       Jim           USA             Richardson    Mike       USA
fathers      albert        AUS             Roberts       Mike       USA
Faux         Ken           GBR             Rybchenkov    Anatoly    RUS
Felix        Ronald        USA             Savukhina     Larissa    RUS
Fibish       Tuvia         ISR             Schlosberg    Aram       USA
Findahl      Per           SWE             Schneider     Glenn      USA
Fleckenstein Jorge Egidio  ARG             Schroedter    Marty      USA
Fradkin      Igor          USA             Schwartzbach  Christian  DEN
Gannon       William (Bill)USA             Seifert       Michael    GER
Gao          Yuan          CHN             Shemesh       Ezra       ISR
Gerspacher   Kyle          USA             Sheng         Xin Pu     CHN
Gewain       Matt          USA             Shi           Haoyuan    CHN
Ghio         Walt          USA             Shichman      Ittai      ISR
Goodwin      Gary          AUS             Shitrit       Nir        ISR
HA           KYUNG HO      KOR             sifleet       robert     USA
Hemsworth    Craig         AUS             Silz          Bernd      GER
Hines        Lee           USA             Simon         Greg       USA
Horak        Ladislav      CAN             Pim           Ruyter     NED
Hrast        Matija        SLO             sirkis        omri       ISR
Ioerger      Thomas        USA             Sitton        Shmulik    ISR
Issakov      Saar          ISR             Smith         Norm       USA
Ivers        Dick          USA             SON           SUNG HWAN  KOR
Jack         Alan          GBR             Squires       Paul       NZL
Jensen       Blake         USA             STEFANCHUK    STEPAN     UKR
Jensen       Steffen       DEN             Stowe         Tahn       AUS
Jeong        SuYeon        KOR             STUDNIK       AVNER      ISR
Jones        Charlie       USA             Sugahara      Takao      JPN
Jones        Geralyn       USA             SUMMERSBY     ROY        AUS
KAWAI        RYO           JPN             swain         john       USA
Kaynes       Ian           GBR             Tarcher       Benjamin   USA
Kim          Hyung-mo      KOR             TERZIAN       FRED       USA
KO           SANG WOOK     KOR             Tetrick       Logan      USA
Kochkarev    Mikhail       RUS             Truppe        Reinhard   AUT
Koerbin      Antony        NZL             Ulm           Allen      USA
Koglot       Roland        SLO             Ulm           Gene       USA
Kongstad     Karsten       DEN             Vaccaro       Tom        USA
Koster       Thomas        DEN             Van Nest      Brian      USA
krystosek    randall       USA             Vivchar       Igor       UKR
Kulakovsky   Oleg          UKR             Wang          Hua qiang  CHN
Kulmakko     Kimmo         FIN             Woolner       Mike       GBR
Kuši?ka      Igor          CRO             Zak           Yehuda     ISR
Zilbershtain  Uri        KAZ
Zink          Don        USA

Note there is no significance to the capitalization – other than that’s how the person entered their own name

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