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SEN 2240

SEN 2240 – Table of Contents

  1. SEN Reminder
  2. Nelson direct drive F1C parts
  3. How topics change
  4. Dino will now watch gliders
  5. More on FAI performance
  6. Nelson Glow Plugs at Fab Feb
  7. Eddie the Eagle goes to Jamaica or maybe Hollywood
  8. Wise words from OZ
  9. F3B Event at Lost Hills
  10. Fab Feb Summary – Corrected

SEN Reminder
Firstly SEN is about FAI Free Flight. We welcome comments and articles about all aspects of Free Flight but the primary focus of SEN is those who fly the FAI classes.

The SEN readership is world wide and comprises active flyers as well as former flyer, friends and family members who want to keep up with what and who is happening in FAI Free Flight.  Just over 1/3 of the readership is in the USA and that includes the largest number in the second category

Nelson direct drive F1C parts
Hi Roger, I need a bit of help locating some auxiliary pieces for
the 2.5 cc Nelson side exhaust direct drive F1C setup I am using. Specifically, narrow hub spinner assemblies or pieces especially including correct collet, firewall/backplate mounts, brake shells, brake springs, needle valve assemblies,
stack adjusting washers to fit shaft, and toilet lid-style intake inserts. I can be reached at and I will be at Lost Hills for MaxMen. Thanks,
Dick Mathis

How topics change
From: Allard van Wallene
Some months ago I started a discussion on time keeping error and drafted a proposal to reduce this with a rule framework, which would make time keeping more objective in fly offs. The system was even put into practice, with succes if I may say (see report in FFQ).
From there on the discussion drifted off topic with junior interest, cost, dwindling participation, performance issues and what not, just about anything to avoid objective time keeping.
I can only second Ken’s arguments.

Maybe we should have another poll on the subject, but this time well before the CIAM voting. At least it will stay on topic.

Dino will now watch gliders
From: Michael Achterberg
Wow! Really Ken! Flying other events is a novel idea.. Like flying payload at the local park.. At first glance seems like a really good idea.. I personally never watched gliders much, but now we all watch the spectacular launches. They are awesome.. But you guys are having too much fun.. Sorry time to change the rules! You know if you cant fly them in your backyard they go too high, go too far and are too much fun.. Same crap, different event.. Anyone seen how far a coupe goes in a thermals? Talk about an event screaming for a rule change…5 gr motors anyone????
Thermals, michael

More on FAI performance
From: john carter

In reply to Ken B article . As an avid A Flyer I get everything what kens says yep flying towing and launching is a great experience even when you done  it a thousand times.
But I am afraid you in the U.S. just  don’t get it. The performance we now have with F1 is now to great .Yes it’s great to have models that put in regular 7 plus  minute scores. But  again around the world there are not many sites we have access to that will allow this length of flight with out leaving the allotted field and enter land we should not be using. Weather we like it or not  the ever increasing use and sale of drones plus attitudes by authorities on safety will eventually dictate that we have to reduce our models performance. Now if all but the U.S is constrained do we actually think the FAI will not be forced to reduce the models performances.

Those of us in the UK that fly F1 do appreciate the great performances we now get with current models but we are grown up enough to realise we need to fit in with society and that means adapting to  the views and wills of those that allow us to use their land.
I think it is only a matter of time as the area around lost hills site becomes more and more farmed that leaving  the actual flying  site will become a problem then may be the guys in the U.S. will appreciate why we  in the UK keep harping on.
Sites we use in most of Europe have experienced issues. I want to continue to fly F1 for many years to come so let’s adapt and make it happen change is inevitable .
John Carter UK

Nelson Glow Plugs at Fab Feb
Again, I will have Nelson glow plugs for sale at the Fab Feb week of events.  The cost is $5 each.  So far I have one order for 100 plugs and will have an extra 400 on hand.  If some flyer needs a large amount for their combat friends please let me know so they can be preordered before the Fab Feb week begins.  Also, I will have fuel tubing and bladder material.  All items are from Doug Galbreath who has asked me to be his salesperson.

Walt Ghio

Eddie the Eagle goes to Jamaica or maybe Hollywood
Gavin Manion

Over time some UK flyers have been known to complain that FAI flyers are elitist, a view that I have never held. But I have to say that the condescending tone of Ken Bauer’s note has convinced me that there is some truth of that belief.

We don’t need instruction regarding Eddie the Eagle nor Cool Running Jamaican Bobsleders to justify that other voices are somehow Children of a Lesser God (let’s just keep those Hollywood references going) and have no right to their views and legitimate concerns to widen the appeal of F1a.

As an occasional flyer of F1a s over the last thirty plus years, with the odd bit of success thrown in, I have to admit that I am not one who has “enjoyed the thrill…..”. And I beg to differ regarding F1c, if they had been neutered in terms of their performance rather than accepting all the technology and neutering by motor run, then I believe more would fly it now not less.

So, as one of the lesser souls for whom small gliders or free flight scale would clearly be more appropriate, I will continue to fly F1g where, at least for the present, it is allowable to build models and fly and win. Long may it remain so.

Gavin Manion

Wise words from OZ
From:Adrian Bryant

Fly the events that  give you the most PLEASURE.
Adrian  Bryant

 F3B Event at Lost Hills
On January 27th, 28th and 29th an RC group will be holding a F3B glider contest on the Lost Hills flying site.  This is a sanctioned AMA contest and the contestants will be members of the Lost Hills Field Association.  They have use of the field for the three days listed above.  If by chance any free flight flyers are using the field for practice these three days please respect the contest and test fly away from the area of the field that they are using.

If any free flight flyers have an interest in watching this contest you are more than welcome to visit the contest.  Sandy Smith the CD is looking for some volunteers to assist at the contest also.  They are expecting around 20 contestants for this event.

Walt Ghio

Fab Feb Summary – Corrected
A summary of the information for Fab Feb can be found on the new SEN web site currently at
We can’t arrange your on field transportation or accommodation but the web site has information about that.

Reminder :Fab Feb online entry form is available at:
It lets you sign up for all the FAI events at the Kiwi Cup, Ike Winter Classic, North American Cup, California Cup and The MaxMen International.  Held at Lost Hills from 11 to 20 February 2017.

Roger Morrell