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SEN 2238

SEN 2238 – Table of Contents

  1. Map Database for iCare GPS Tracking System
  2. F1A, weak link in towline to limit launch tension
  3. Weak Link for F1A
  4. Link too Weak
  5. Thermiksense

Map Database for iCare GPS Tracking System
From: Chris Edge

Cardinal SEN,

Many readers of your fine organ who use the excellent Optimal Tracking iCare GPS system will be aware that you can create custom maps for the receiver. This can be extremely helpful to speed up navigating to the model and helping to avoid DT’ing in/on hazards.

Frederic has now created a database of user maps on his website and, of particular interest to those going to the Fab. Feb. events, there are a couple of maps for Lost Hills. These can be downloaded directly and then loaded in to your receiver quite simply; you can obviously edit them yourselves if you want to add more details.

The map database is here :-
with translations via icons on the upper right of the webpage. This page also contains the iCare user manual.

The map database is a user resource and currently contains a limited number of flying site maps but I know Frederic will be happy to add maps of other sites for the benefit of all; I am currently working on one for the World Champs site in Hungary for example.

Your servant,

F1A, weak link in towline to limit launch tension
From: Dave Edmonson

Hello Roger
Putting a piece of line that is expected to break with too much tension is a bad idea. A broken line means that the model is launched leaving the tow ring still attached to the model, and possibly a timer that has not been initiated. Net result, a model launched without starting the timer. Really bad especially on small fields and with the normal launch into a thermal, leading to lost models.

If you want to limit performance, just go back to straight towing with rules such as NFFS Classic Towline Event. Also a 30 meter line would do wonders to limit performance. Perhaps those that want to do circle tow catapult launched can use 30 meter line, and for straight towed models a 50 meter line.

I have so many models and events to fly, and rarely take my F1As out of the box. We have several modelers here in Minnesota who fly Classic Towline, but no one has an interest in F1A.

It is too bad that the F1A class has really become a catapult glider event. Should never have been allowed to happen.

Dave Edmonson, Minneapolis Model Aero Club, founded 1937, 80 years strong

Weak link for F1A
From: Dean

This idea was attempted in F3B R/C Soaring years ago. It has flaws.
1. The links are inconsistent in line tension upon breakage. Result – protests
2. Failures of the links on tow. Results- protests
3. All these protests during the event making a CD nightmare.

This weak leak idea came and gone with applause from all. I do not have a solution to this problem, only stating what had been done before in trying to accomplish the same goal. Limit line tension on tow.
Dean Clark

Link too weak
From: Jim Lueken

Ok…the weak link idea for F1A it’s too bad an idea, however, what do you do when the flier breaks the link? The flight is scored based on flight time, scores an attempt, or gets a zero?  When this approach was used in F3B RC soaring you got what you got for the launch. Now they had a working time to complete each task which meant you could relaunch as long as you had the working time to do so. Not enough time to relaunch, you’re stuck with what you got.
This might give flappers an advantage as well…getting rid of camber during acceleration  for launch would help get rid of some line tension….maybe?

Just some more thoughts from the side lines, Jim

Thermiksense – the German Free Flight Magazine
– is published four times a year and reports about everything concerning free flight sports. It focuses on the international FAI-classes such as F1A, F1B, F1C, F1D, F1E and F1Q. However the “small” classes are not neglected. Each copy of Thermiksense contains app. 60 pages (21 x 30 cm). Subscription $27 per year. Special offer: 4 past issues for $10. For details see You may pay by Paypal.

Recently in SEN we said we were re-building our Free Flight Suppliers list on our web site. This is one of those suppliers.  The new web site is available in pre-view mode at  It will be replacing the temporary site at , “real soon now”.

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Roger Morrell