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SEN 2237

SEN 2237 – Table of Contents

  1. Fab Feb Update
  2. Fishing for a new approach
  3. Martin is linked to Gene
  4. Clarification
  5. World Cup Link
  6. Un-official World Cup top 6


Fab Feb Update
Reports from the field at Lost Hills say the rain in December has caused the grass to grow.
The total number of entries by 4 Jan is 123
UK Sportsman Phil Ball would like to hire, share or borrow a small motor bike for all 3 contests. – SEN will forward information to Phil

Fishing for a new approach
From: Gene Ulm

Dear Mr. Sen
On the discussion of limiting F1a performance, I agree that requiring the sportsman to hold the line through launch would only stimulate new technology that released the line at a specified high tension.  I’m sure if this doesn’t exist already, it will within a year of the rule change. And launches will be even higher than they are now.

Rather, we may want to take a page out of the the IGFA (International Game Fishing Association — much larger than ours) which establishes size of fish caught records by LINE class; the most skilled angler is the one who lands the largest fish caught on the lightest line.

In our world all that would require is a three meter “tippet” on the end (prior to the ring) of the launch line made up of 10 lb line. If that is too light, maybe try 15lb.

At $15 bucks for a roll of spectra line, the cd could even deal everybody a piece off the same roll prior to a contest.

I’m sure some smart sen subscribing engineer could determine the ultimate launch height prior to tippet breakage.

No model would be taken off the field; however the differences between models would be much narrower.

Martin is linked to Gene
From: Martin Dilly

*Holding the Line*
I think Cenny’s idea has a couple of problems. First, it will be
hard to police, with the person towing maybe several hundred metres away,
and the timekeepers concentrating on the model rather that the person
towing it. Second, there are times, e.g. a line cross, when temporarily
letting go of the line is needed to clear a tangle.

I suggest a weak link in the towline, consisting of a short length of
monofilament supplied by the organiser and of a known low breaking strain
(5-10kg?), attached at the model end of the towline and in parallel to the
towline so as to leave the actual towline slack. This will ensure that any
line tension over the weak link’s strain will snap it. Line checked by
timekeepers after flight. The supplied monofilament could be dyed to avoid
any hanky-panky downwind before the line is brought back for checking.

From: Stuart Darmon

Hi again Roger,
Regarding your comment, I should make it clear that by saying “you have the fields and the weather” I was not of course suggesting that the entire USA is perfect for Free Flight- I’m obviously aware that North America is vast and geographically diverse, with its own set of problems . The point I was making is that there are some near-perfect  sites ,and some flyers  with regular access to them are understandably indignant about attempts to restrict the models. I agree. Modern FAI models are spectacular, to legislate them out of existence would be a shame. That’s why I think we should be trying to find ways of making the sport accessible and practical without penalising excellence.                                        Regards, Stuart

World Cup Link

Un official World Cup top 6
From FFn Web Site

FAI World Cup 2016 top positions for class F1A
1 Borislav Bardarov   BUL 215 SM-1  KS-1  HG-1  IC-1  NA-7  BU-5  KW-8  HN-7  NK-6  PR-10 DZ-18
2 Jes Nyhegn          DEN 208 SZ-1  DK-1  JT-1  SL-2  RB-4  SM-5  DZ-6  SE-7  KW-12 MM-13 HL-11 NA-16 RH-16
3 Mikhail Kosonozhkin RUS 205 EA-1  RH-1  SW-1  HL-2  NL-3  HO-3  EF-4  JM-4  BC-7  OZ-7  SE-14 DK-13 DZ-17 SL-20 HN-19 EL-3  NO-17
4 Per Findahl         SWE 198 SL-1  HL-1  KW-2  SZ-2  BC-3  SH-3  DZ-4  DK-4  NA-6  PR-5  BD-6  NO-6  EQ-6  MM-21 SE-6
5 Roland Koglot       SLO 191 DZ-1  MM-1  NA-2  KW-3  JI-9  KS-23
6 Ivan Bezak          SVK 184 NA-1  BD-2  HO-2  JM-2  KS-5  MM-7  KW-7  KZ-10

FAI World Cup 2016 top positions for class F1A-Junior
1 Luca Aringer     AUT 203 SM-1  SL-1  EF-1  CT-1  RH-2  KC-3  RB-4  JI-4  KZ-7
2 Mikhail Lomov    RUS 199 MC-1  NL-1  KO-1  PR-2  EA-2  ZU-2  NK-3
3 Vitek Rossler    CZE 196 RB-1  SZ-1  HO-1  KZ-2  KC-2  JM-2  JI-3  SM-4  SL-4  PR-10
4 Urban Terlep     SLO 184 NK-1  MS-1  KS-2  MC-2  SM-5
5 Filip Klobusicky SVK 159 KZ-1  JI-1  JM-3  HO-4  SL-5  KS-7
6 Capucin Ragot    FRA 150 DZ-1  EQ-2  SH-2  RH-5

FAI World Cup 2016 top positions for class F1B
1 Albert Bulatov      RUS 217 EA-1  NL-1  DZ-1  RB-1  CU-1  EL-5  CB-1  ZU-1
2 Oleg Kulakovsky     UKR 215 NA-1  SL-1  SZ-1  BD-1  VS-1  LV-1  KZ-8  EF-14 KW-20 MM-23 AN-2
3 Alexander Andriukov USA 207 KW-1  SR-1  AC-1  SC-1  KU-3  MM-7  NA-13
4 Stepan Stefanchuk   UKR 205 JI-1  KC-1  HG-1  JM-1  SM-2  LV-2  EF-3  VS-3  BD-4  MM-5  SL-6  HO-5  KZ-7  KW-9  KS-7  NA-15 SZ-9  AN-10
5 Ismet Yurtseven      TUR 201 SF-1  IC-1  AL-1  MS-1  RH-5  SZ-7  BU-5  KS-8  DZ-20 MM-24
6 Dag Edvard Larsen    NOR 197 DK-1  HL-1  JT-1  DZ-2  HO-2  JM-2  HG-2  KC-3  RB-4  SL-5  MM-10 SE-8  NA-12 KW-19 SZ-8  NO-12

FAI World Cup 2016 top positions for class F1B-Junior
1 Bojan Gostojic     SRB 202 MC-1  NK-1  SL-1  BU-1  SF-1  HG-1  SM-1  DZ-1  SZ-0  PR-2
2 Jackel Sebastian   GER 192 SE-1  SZ-1  EF-1  SL-2  NO-2
3 Dawid Lipski       POL 190 BD-1  JM-1  HO-1  KZ-2  RB-2  SZ-2  SL-3
4 Vanesa Veskova     BUL 160 BU-2  SF-2  MC-2  NK-2
5 Vladislavs Dreiers LAT 140 NO-1  JI-1  SE-2
6 Pavel Lomov        RUS 135 EA-1  CB-1  PR-3  NL-3  CU-2  KO-1

FAI World Cup 2016 top positions for class F1C
1 Artur Kaitchuk   RUS 216 EA-1  CU-1  BE-1  SF-1  DZ-2  AS-2  NL-14 EL-11 ZU-3
2 Volodymyr Sychov SLO 199 SZ-1  KZ-1  SM-1  SL-2  JI-2  KC-2  BD-2  DZ-3
3 Roy Summersby    AUS 198 MM-1  NA-1  KW-1  AC-2  DA-2  SC-4
4 Artem Babenko    UKR 191 DZ-1  AS-1  MM-2  NA-2  KW-2  EA-4  SZ-3  BE-5  SL-7  NL-12
5 Juri Roots       EST 190 NO-1  DK-1  SW-1  BC-2  JI-3  SE-2
6 Alexandr Vyazov  RUS 185 PR-1  EA-2  NL-2  OZ-2  DZ-4  CB-6  CU-3  EL-13

FAI World Cup 2016 top positions for class F1Q
1 Gabor Milak      HUN 204 KZ-1  BD-1  KS-1  SM-1  SL-2  RB-3
2 Ian Kaynes       GBR 191 KW-1  EQ-1  HL-1  MM-2  NA-2  SH-2  PT-3  DK-4  SE-6
3 Ron Assmuss      GER 172 SL-1  SZ-2  EF-2  CT-2  SE-5
4 Jack Murphy      USA 150 NA-1  TU-1  CC-1  KW-4  MM-3
5 Anna Milak       HUN 124 SM-2  KS-3  RB-3  SZ-4  KZ-6
6 Gabor Kertesz    HUN 123 BD-2  KS-2  KZ-5  RB-5

FAI World Cup 2016 top positions for class F1P-Junior
1 Ilia Trapeznikov    RUS 203 NL-1  EL-1  OZ-1  PR-1  EA-2  CB-1  CU-3
2 Daniel Bogomaz      POL 200 KZ-1  HG-1  RB-1  JM-1
3 Elizaveta Klimakova RUS 162 HN-1  NL-2  OZ-2  EL-3  EA-6  CB-3  ZU-3
4 Vladislav Lipov     RUS 102 EA-1  ZU-1  EL-2  CB-2  CU-2  KO-1
5 Sevak Malkhasyan    USA 100 KW-1  MM-1
6 Maxim Poliakov      RUS  82 CU-1  EA-3  NL-3  EL-4

FAI World Cup 2016 top positions for class F1E
1 Marian Popescu   ROU 215 CH-1  CP-1  GC-1  PA-1  NM-2  TC-3  PC-11 MT-6
2 Alexander Winker GER 212 VL-1  PM-1  OB-1  FB-1  CH-2  MT-4  CP-6  PE-11 NM-14
3 Ian Kaynes       GBR 177 HB-1  CA-1  UE-2  HA-3  NM-5  PA-5  KE-5  BG-8  CP-12 TZ-18 GC-18
4 Dominik Andrist  SUI 167 CP-2  PM-2  KE-2  CA-2  VL-3  PE-7  NM-11 FB-10 PC-17 OB-16 MT-21
5 Daniel Bildea    ROU 153 UE-1  BG-1  PA-4  CH-8  GC-9  TC-18 TZ-22
6 Bob Sifleet      USA 150 KE-1  CE-2  CA-3  NM-4  MT-5  UE-15 GC-23

FAI World Cup 2016 top positions for class F1E-Junior
1 Ema Kozuchova     SVK 204 TZ-1  NM-1  CH-1  HA-1  HB-1  UE-3  VL-5  MT-5
2 Florian Winker    GER 202 CP-1  VL-1  OB-1  FB-1  MT-3  CH-4  NM-5
3 Dorobantu Hariton ROU 186 PC-1  BG-1  TC-2  MT-2  PA-2  GC-3  CH-5  UE-6  TZ-8
4 Laurentiu Anca    ROU 173 PA-1  PC-2  NM-2  BG-2
5 Clarisse Trachez  FRA 159 UE-1  TZ-2  PM-2  PE-3  TC-4  CP-4  PC-7  GC-4
6 Nathan Laura      FRA 140 CP-2  VL-2  PE-2  TC-9

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Roger Morrell