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SEN 2213

Table of Contents – SEN 2213

  1. Merry Smith’s Photographs of Boulder City
  2. fab Feb Flash
  3. Power Flyers

Merry Smith’s Photographs of Boulder City.
We often see excellent photographs of model aeroplanes and that is fine but
this group was somewhat different.  There was an intimacy about the
pictures; the people were real to me although I have never met them; it was
a real competition, although I have never been to Boulder City.  Thank you
for inviting me there even if it was by way of a lens.
John Barker – England.

Fab Feb Flash
Online entry form will be available shortly which will let you enter online for all the FAI events.  Do not enter by email because we are doing a combined entry process that will speed up everything on the field.
The online entry will make sure we have all the information we need.  You will pay for the entry on the field.

Also people have reported that the Lost Hills Motels (Days Inn and Motel 6)  are getting full so get your reservations in
Alternatives are the Best Western in Wasco and a number at Buttonwillow or Delano.

Power Flyers

From: Mike Roberts

It looks like several of us will be bringing F1 Js to the Fab Feb contests.  If you have one or can build or buy one in time; please join us on the mini day flight line to scare the F1 Gs after they find us the good air.

editor’s note – Great to see the J guys getting organized and planning on attending otherwise the Fab Feb  orgainzers would cancel. When the online entry is available be sure to enter.

Roger Morrell