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As seen from outside
Application for Team Manager of 2017 USA FAI Team
2016 Finals
IP rated
Fab feb – schedule and your input

As seen from outside
From: Wolf-Dietrich Dolzinski
by the way,
I am jealous about the flying fields you have available in the States.
Take it as a privilege.

The NFFS 1989 Model of the Year was the late Stafford Screen’s Number 32 Silhouette and it is currently on display in the National Aerospace Library at Farnborough. However, there is a spare carbon boom for this model, complete with fin and bunt mechanism. It seems a shame just to keep it in a cupboard, so if anyone would like this, either to use or just to keep as an example of Staff’s superb workmanship, then get in touch with Martin Dilly ( or call +44(0)2087775533. A small donation to the BMFA FF Team Support Fund would be welcome.

Application for Team Manager of 2017 USA FAI Team
Any person who wants to be considered for Team Manager must submit his or her name in writing to the TSC Chairperson. Please include a short paragraph describing your interest and experience. This should be submitted to Charlie Jones at Team members and program participants are encouraged to submit recommendations for Team Manager to the TSC Chairperson.

The Team Manager will be selected according to the process described in the “Blue Book”. Nominations for Team Manager shall be voted upon by the 2017 Team Members and the first alternates in each event. (“Blue Book” Section VII, A, 2) The actual appointment of a Team manager shall be made by AMA Headquarters and the FAI Executive Committee in consultation with the Chairperson of the TSC.

The Team Manager will be required to follow the TSC guidelines and procedures pertaining to AMA and Team Program provided funds (see Appendix A of the 2017 Team Selection Program).

The Team Manager shall have leadership qualities and the congenial personality necessary to maintain cooperation from all team members and function as an effective leader with the Jury and the organizers at the World Championships.

Charlie Jones
TSC Chairman

2016 Finals

Thank you to the many volunteers that help run the USA Team Finals. We especially appreciate the work of Terry Kerger as CD and Roger Morrell as Head Jurist. We also thank Lindy Murrell, Mike Richardson, Jack Emery, Merry and Norm Smith, Bob Tymcheck, Glen Schneider, and all the timers who volunteered. A special thank you to Bill Booth for all the preparation that went into organizing the finals.

Charlie Jones
TSC Chairman

IP rated
from: Roger Morrell

At the recent USA Team Selection event I noticed a few incidents that could attributed to “start switch failure”. With the ongoing drought in California Lost Hills has become more dusty and a possible reason in dust in control switches on our timers.
In general with the increasing interest in IoT (Internet of Things) electronic component suppliers are making switches that are more resistant to life in the real world. There is now a rating system called IP meaning International Protection Marking, IEC standard 60529, sometimes interpreted as Ingress Protection Marking. You can read more about it in the Wikipedia article At Magic Timers as these parts come available we are switching over to use them or redesign our timers to take advantage. Many people buy the switches used on tow hooks and start buttons directly from electronic suppliers, we recommend that you use the IP code as part of your selection criteria. Of course if you use electronic switeches such as hall effect with no mechanical contacts then the risk of dust penetration is much less.

Fab Feb Update
we still keep getting question about the dates so here is the latest
We will be putting out an online entry form “real soon now”
Gabby’s Resturant in Lost Hills that normally closes too early in the evening has offered to to stay open for a special sportsman’s dinner. We think this is good idea for an infomral social dinner.
But there is also the possiblity of having a guest speaker of two possible subjects include – something on LDA airfoils – or how to match model performance with flying fields and participation. We would like your feed back on this
so – just a social meal ?
meal with talk and/or discussion
Give your input by replying to this email

Date to be announced – Online entries for all events
Friday 10 Feb 2017 – Ike /Kiwi Entries on the field
Saturday 11 Feb 2017 – Kiwi World Cup F1ABCPQ – Ike AMA event
Sunday 12 Feb 2017 Ike FAI Mini Events F1HGS and J(only if advance entries are recieved) -Ike AMA events – Lost Hills family Flying
Monday 13 Feb 2017 Kiwi F1E
Tuesday 14 Feb Ladies Tea Party
Wedensday 15 2017 North American World Cup F1ABCPQ
Thursday 16 Cal Cup World Cup F1E, MaxMen on Field Entry, Fab Feb Mexican Dinner in town plus ?
Friday 17 MaxMen F1A World Cup
Saturday 18 MaxMen World Cup F1BCPQ
Sunday 19 Feb 2017 Maxmen Mini Events
Monday 20 Feb 2917 – Maxmen Reserve day and President’s Day Public Holiday

MaxMen events per day subject to confirmation
America’s Cup Banquet 17 or 18 Feb subject to confirmation

Roger Morrell