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SEN 2195

Table of Contents – SEN 2195

  1. Looking for Russian Rod towline
  2. Re: SEN 2193……..Rules Changes
  3. Date of 2017 FAI F1ABC World Championships
  4. Kotuku Flash
  5. Sierra Flash

Looking for Russian Rod towline
From: Stuart Darmon

Hi Roger,               I wonder if any of the good folk in Scatland can help me? I’m trying to get hold of some Russian rod towline material, which doesn’t seem to be available any more. I know it isn’t very cool or cutting edge, but I still like to use it for older models when it’s windy, which is to say usually, here in the UK. If anyone has any surplus to requirements they can sell, would they please get in touch at ? Thanks very much. Alternatively, perhaps somebody can tell me what the stuff  actually was (I’m guessing it wasn’t manufactured specifically for model use), and whether it can still be sourced in reasonable quantities?                                            Regards, Stuart

Re: SEN 2193……..Rules Changes
From: Steve Helmick

I might want to point out that wingspan limits would reduce the performance, improve visibility to timekeepers, make the models so bunts and wiggly stuff be much less required, AND the models would also be relatively easy for a decent modeler to build at home, in almost any country on this planet, largely from domestic materials other than rubber and engines. Yes, it would obsolete virtually everything being flown. But that’s why I suggested this idea in the early 1980’s. While it’s cool to see what can be done, it isn’t always the wisest choice.
Steve O’Bat

Date of 2017 FAI F1ABC World Championships

From : Andras REE and CIAM

Dear Friends,
Please, be informed, that by mistake the date of the 2017 FAI F1ABC World Championships was wrong (the date of the 2018 F1ABC European Champs was shown) in the minutes of the 2016 Plenary Meeting and on the CIAM Calendar web page.
The right date since the bidding is 6-13, Aug. 2017 (Szentes, Hungary).
Please, share this information with the free flighters.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Best regards
Andras Ree
Hungarian CIAM delegate

Kotuku Cup Flash

1. Lars Jensen
2. Shlomi Rosenweig
3. Logan Tetrick

1. Sevak Malkaysian
2. Walt Ghio
3. Alex Andriukov

Sierra Cup flash

F1a- went to 7 m FO

1 Jim Parker
2 Andrew Barron
3 BrianJanna VanNest

f1C – went to 5 min FO

1 Roger Simpson
2 Guy Mennano

1 Julie May-Parker

F1B – 10 min F)
1 Alex Andriukov
2 William Booth
3 Blake Jensen

more later …

Roger Morrell