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SEN 2187

Table of Contents – SEN 2187

  1. light Carbon information
  2. Another Carbon Cloth source
  3. What’s the problem … ?
  4. Is this the problem ….

Light Carbon information
Carbon fiber biaxial  you can find in R & G composites in Germany  20 , 29
, 30 , 39  grams sq/dm ,  and T Extreme in different weights  ,  in England Carboline (ukranian carbon from Vladimir
models) 26, 38 grams sq/dm and more at good price
Manolito from barcelona Spain

Another Carbon Cloth source

For Arik Donde,
Try Mike Woodhouse Free Flight supplies for light weight carbon.  He has 2.75 oz/sq yd cloth and even cuts it on a 45 degree.  Its expensive everywhere.
Glenn Schneider

What’s the problem … ?
I believe like  John Carter  writing No need to change the measurement system!!
I think the measurement of time is a very special.. it is  part of our sport and it is very  important to keep it right !!
Sometimes there are some problems in measurement So what is there in all sports and it only highlights the humanity!!
we just need To improve the measurement equipment and learn the rules better by timekeepers.
I really think the existing system must remain!!! the only thing that I would return is the new rules about the FLYOFF (ridiculous)
Shmulik kuflik  ISR

Is this the problem ….
To John Carter,
I am glad to read that you can not see the problem, which is good, because you were apparently never timed short. It is also good because in the proposal the use of an altimeter is not mandatory. If you never had problems with time keeping, you can keep flying fly offs without.

As to why it would put people off our great sport I would like to see some more supporting arguments. I could state that the use of altimeters increases interest in our sport, but this would be equally convincing.

Roger Morrell