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  1. Winding the elephant
  2. USA Junior Team Support
  3. USA Indoor Nats

More on winding and what is the elephant doing in the corner ..
From: Stuart Darmon

Dear Roger,
As I don’t fly rubber and know nothing about computers, my opinions on the winding discussion are practically worthless, so without further ado, here they are.            Rather than instruct a machine to wind to test data of a particular batch of rubber, surely a self-educating programme could be created, whereby the machine is instructed to break a variety of motors, while monitoring all the variables and simultaneously calculating stored energy. These data could then be used to predict the failure point, and hence the optimal energy storage of any motor ( assuming batches of rubber share basic mechanical similarities and vary only in the values of the various forces). The more often this was repeated the more accurate the result, and different winding styles (fast throughout, slowing down, speeding up, altering tension…) could be analysed too. Would varying the threshold to accept, say, 10% breakage noticeably increase the stored energy in the surviving motors? What about 50%? Wallets out, guys.

The elephant in the room, though, is that however precisely the energy is put into the rubber, the majority of F1B flyers still choose to release it through a small number of instantaneous trim changes, VIT, AR, (two of each tops, and WW. Even electronic models (with just a few exceptions) have lines falling off levers. Surely servo driven surfaces can better turn the power curve into altitude; and better still, what about a timer that interfaces with the winder (or the stooge, depending whether the computer is) during the wind, to produce a bespoke trim for each torque profile, taking into account temperature and humidity? Or perhaps not.                                     Regards, Stuart Darmon

Editor’s comment –  I was going to address some of Stuart’s comments – such as on trimming F1B models but will confine my comment to say the elephant in the F1B room is the same as in the F1A room – this is a difficult hobby/pastime/sport with a huge number of variables .  The challenge is figuring out which variables are important.

USA Junior Team Donation Recognition
The USA Jr team is excited and getting ready for the Jr World Champs in Prelip Macedonia, Aug 1-7, 2016. We appreciate all the donations we have gotten. Thank you.

If you have a donation letter and envelop still around, it is not too late to send in a donation. If you did not get a donation request letter, you can donate to AMA (tax deductible, specify it is for Jr FF team,) or send me a check directly (not tax deductible), address below.

Special thanks to the Lost Hills FF association and Walt and Judy Ghio for their very generous donations. Also the Bill Vanderbeck, Bob and Connie Piserchio, Oakland Cloud Dusters, MaxMen and SCAT for their generous donations.  Dallas Parker helped out tremendously by utilizing his ability to get Boeing matching funds  for a considerable amount as well. I’m  currently working to get another Boeing matched and Charlie Jones has worked to get matching funds through AMA.

Thanks also to FAI Model Supplies, Charlie and Geralyn Jones,  for the Team’s polo shirts, jackets and caps and the F1B flyers (Jace, Sevac and Troy) really appreciated the April 2016 rubber donation!

Below are the 2016 Jr Team donors.  Donors of $100 or more get a Jr Team Shirts. Some names have a shirt size they specified. If you are are a $100 or more donor and do not have a shirt size stated, I either missed your specification or I assume you do not want a shirt. Let me know if I erred or my assumption is wrong, email me your shirt size. I plan to distribute donor shirts at contests. If contest distribution does not work, I’ll mail you the shirt, please send your address. Brian and Jana VanNest are making the drive to the NATs and will have Jr tee shirts at the July Denver contests and at the NATs where you can take delivery, please email and let me know so I can let Brian and Janna  know. They will also have limited amount of shirts for sale for $20 each.

Brain Busters
Detroit Balsa Bugs
Lost Hills FF Association
Oakland Cloud Dusters
Texas Cloud Climbers
Willamette Modeler Club
Abram Van Dover
Al Hotard
Bill Vanderbeck XL
Blake Jensen, Tif O’Dell
Bob and Connie Piserchio  L
Bob and Sue Tymchek   XL
Brian and Janna VanNest
Dan Tracy
Don Deloach  XL
Don Zink
Eddie Vanlandingham
Faust  and Julie Parker
Jack and Sharron Emery
Jim Bradley  L
Joe Williams
John Platt   L
Ken Bauer
Larry Norval
Lee Hines
Mike Roberts
Norm and Merry Smith  L
Norm Furutani   L
Richard Arland
Richard Ivers
Russell Backer
Walt and Judi Ghio

Jim Parker, Jr FF Team Manager
25018 Wintergreen Ct
Stevenson Ranch, CA 91381

Academy of Model Aeronautics
Presents the 2016 Indoor National Contest

Chanute Air Force Base Hanger 3, Rantoul, Il
Wednesday, July 20 thru Sunday, July 24

Special event for kids – P-18. Saturday, July 23, 9:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m.

We are looking for 50 boys and girls between ages 10-16 for a special build-n-fly event on Saturday, July 23.  We will supply everything needed.  There will be no cost to the entrants.  We will have coaches at every table to help each boy/girl build and fly his/her own model.  Each builder will be able to keep the model he/she built to take home and fly.

Entry fees are waived for Kids 10 – 16

Contact Info: Chuck Markos, or Carole Kane,

Do You Want To Fly?
An unprecedented opportunity awaits in Rantoul, IL on July 23 and 24 for kids of all ages, but especially for those who were active in the Science Olympiad Aero Events for the season past.

The venue is Hangar #3 on the grounds of Chanute Air Force Base. The base was deactivated several years ago, but the structures remain.  Hangar #3 has a floor area of about 200 ft x 200 ft and a clean (no beams) false ceiling at about 45 ft.  It has been recently cleaned and sealed to make it one of the finest sites available for flying Indoor Model Aircraft.    The dates correspond to the United States National Championships for Indoor Models during the week of July 18 -24, an event sponsored by the Academy of Model Aeronautics.
There will be opportunities to fly Wright Stuff and Elastic Launched Gliders built by students for Science Olympiad tournaments in addition to a build and fly session for a simple rubber-powered model from supplied kits.  Experienced mentors will guide students to success!

EVENT                        DATE                 TIME
WRIGHT STUFF                 JULY 23 SATURDAY    3 PM TO 11 PM
WRIGHT STUFF                 JULY 24, SUNDAY    11 AM TO 6 PM

Entry fees are waived for Kids 10 – 16

Contact:  Chuck Markos,  Please provide a count of the number of students who will participate on each day to help us make arrangements.
Videos of airplane from supplied kit:

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