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SEN 2123

Table of Contents – SEN 2123

  1. SCAT Annual
  2. Happy Birthday Peter
  3. EoB for Prez

SCAT Annual this weekend,March 12, 13, 2016.

AmCup and National Cup

Lost Hills

Saturday: F1ABCQP, HLG, E36, 1/2A Nos Gas, Classic Towline
Sunday: F1GHJS, Catapult Glider, P30, ABC Nos Gas
Either / Both days: Vintage FAI (may enter multiple eras on either day),Nostalgia Wake (either day)

Wunderground has been showing Saturday and Sunday to be good FF weather. It has rained this past week at LH, it is currently dry with a 60% chance of rain Friday afternoon. Green grass and no dust!

Good timing between the rain lines coming through California: Sat 1% to 5 %chance of rain, Sunday 9% to 12% chance of rain.

Sat and Sun breeze 3 mph in the morning peaking to 9 mph in the afternoon, direction is from the SE in the morning swinging to from the West in the afternoon. We should easily get the minimum 5 rounds in for the FAI events both days.

So with the wet ground and wind direction the FAI line will most likely be setup along the North boundary, ie in the “standard” location and the AMA events just west of the RV / Parking area.


Jim Parker

Peter Allnutt

From: Leslie Farkas

We would like to wish a Happy 83rd. Birthday with good health, long life and many maxes to our friend Peter Allnutt. He is the most senior F1A competitor at the World Championships level.
The Toronto Free Flight Group and Ansgar Nuttgens

EoB for Prez

From: Benjamin Coussens

Chris Edge for president!!!!

Editor’s comment
In spite of policy of no politics on SEN, we had to publish Ben’s suggestion

Haggis grazing at 1600 Penn Ave ??

Roger Morrell