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SEN 2099

Table of Contents – SEN 2099

  1. Fab Feb Food and Frank remembered
  2. FAI License Clarification
  3. Lucky Rubber

Fab Feb Food and Frank remembered

Gabby’s Grill and Cafe will be catering on the field for us during the competition
On the dates Feb. 6,7,10,12,13 and 14th

We have asked them to be there between 10-2:00pm

So please support them

In the Kiwi Cup we offer special awards for “simpler FAI models” called the Zaic awards

Zaic Awards
The Isaacson Winter Classic and Kiwi World Cup will offer the Zaic awards in the following FAI Classes: F1A, B, C and Q. This is an additional award that is part of the regular event. The award is for person with the best result who has a model that conforms to the current rules for the class but is subject to some additional constraints. For example in F1A the model cannot bunt. So the Zaic award for F1A would go the the flyer with the top non-bunting F1A model. This award says that it is OK to take part in an event that is World Cup/America’s cup with a model that does not have all the bells and whistles. This object is to encourage more people to take part and fly with the big names to gain more experience or just for fun. We see people using older models or maybe new models built with model techniques but perhaps more appropriate for beginners or occasional flyers. Note that you can use a model from an older era when the model specs were different but it must conform to current specs. So, for example you could fly a Bob White or Jim Quinn Wakefield design but you must use a
30 gram motor, not a 40 like Bob and Jim did when they flew their models in the 87 World Champs and the model must be up to the current weight.

Remember this is Free Flight and the thermal you put that glider in does not know if you bought it from M&K or made it your self , how much carbon is in the wing, if you molded the carbon wing yourself, if the d/t timer is a fuse, clockwork or electronic, if you built it from a Dragmaster kit, or cut all those ribs by hand …

The model must conform to the current rules for the event.
All Classes – no bunt, no flappers, no folders
F1A – No additional constraints
F1B – No VP prop, No start delay , max of 2 functions plus d/t
F1C – No geared motors, max of 2 functions plus d/t
F1Q – No moveable surface other than D/T

Why called Zaic Awards? Frank Zaic was a member of SCAT and represented the USA with his Wakefields in World Champs. Frank’s activities over the years were aimed at sharing knowledge and encouraging participation. That is the object of these awards.
What this is not. This is not intended to replace or compete with Classic Glider, Nos Wakefield or Vintage FAI power. It is not an alternate the restricted technology F1 classes as proposed by the UK some years back. It is not providing a performance helper to simpler models.

Be sure to let us know when collect your timecards if you are flying a model that falls into this category

FAI License Clarification

We posted some information for USA flyers on how to get a FAI license. Please note that this ONLY applies to people in the USA. You get your FAI License from you National Aero Club – NAC in FAI speak so that is not something that is done on the field. So if you need one, you get it from the NAC in your country. Note that most people are aware of this but we had a couple of first time attendees from outside of the .USA who were not familiar with the process.

Lucky Rubber Rumors

I conducted a Rubber test at the contest in Eloy this past weekend. Charlie Jones of FAI Model Supply was flying in F1B. Just before he left for the contest he got a new shipment of rubber and made up some motors. Since taking over FAI Model Supply from John Clapp Charlie has found, just as John did that he has less time for his own models. At the contest Charlies models were not 100% on trim but he made the fly off. To tease Charlie and as part of the “Rubber test” I posted on FB on the Free Flight group a picture of Charlies model and said

“Charlie Jones F1b at Eloy. Used the latest Jan 2016 super sport. Great rubber and even better it is lucky as on 2 of his rounds Charlie maxed in spite of stalling the whole way down. He made the FO”

It turns out that the rubber was lucky but not super lucky because Charlie made the 6 min FO but not the 8 minute.

But what I was interested in was how soon the news would get back to Charlie “at work”.

So today Charlie reports to me ….

email dialogue with customer…

“I just read an article and they were praising the new January production of Sport rubber.”

my question, where did you read the article?

It was from Facebook Group Free Flight ( Public Group). yes… your post….

At least he didn’t mention the lucky feature of the product…


So I was a little disappointed that the lucky part was not mentioned. But I did observe that Charlie created his own luck because when he got the fly off the model no longer stalled.

So here is the real scoop Charlie and John Clapp before him are very fair about the rubber. They show no favorites, they do not save special stuff for special people. They don’t test all the boxes and put them aside for whoever. The just sell them on a first come first serve basis. Charlie does not have the time to go through the boxes and pick out the “good stuff” for himself or anyone else.

I’ve heard stories that Alex Andriukov gets special rubber from Charlie or even that he goes directly to the factory and a man comes out with a box of rubber tied with a pink ribbon to show it is really great. Absolutely ridiculous and not true, Alex and all the other “top guys” buy their rubber just like you and me . But if it makes you feel better I’m sure that for only a 10% premium Charlie can get Geralyn to tie a pink ribbon around your next box of rubber.

There was a change in the supplier on one of the constituents of the rubber in about 2010 and since that time the rubber has been constantly very good. As always there are differences throughout a box of rubber and if you make up a whole lot of motors and test them all you will probably find a few really super motors. So the “secret” to getting that killer motor lies with you not FAI Model Supply.

Roger Morrell