National Free Flight Society

SEN 2091

Table of Contents – SEN 2091

  1. Gulf Coast FF
  2. Rubber at Fab Feb
  3. USA Team Selection event
  4. 427 Reasons
  5. Fab Feb Summary and entry link
  6. Fab Feb FF Suppliers

Gulf Coast Free Flight Club.
Happy New Year!

A group of free flighters in Louisiana are forming a new club called the
Gulf Coast Free Flight Club. We are doing this in response to the recent
dissolution of the Pensacola Free Flight Team and the Cloud Climbers of
Southeast Louisiana. Our goal is to support all forms of free flight in the
gulf region, FAI, AMA, FAC, NOS, and SAM. I am in the process of assembling
the paperwork for the AMA so we are not officially sanctioned yet. We do
however have a Facebook page which I invite you to join or “like”.

I am preparing club bylaws and have been scanning the web for good
examples, but if anyone has a great example of club bylaws that aren’t
posted on the web I would appreciate a copy.


Rubber (and other great stuff) at the Fab Feb
“FAI Model Supply is currently taking orders for rubber, lube and other products that sportsmen would like to purchase and have delivered at the Fab February Contests in Lost Hills.

Please send us an email ( with the list of products you wish to purchase. We will confirm back to you with an invoice indicating your total cost to be collected at Lost Hills when the products are delivered.

We will need to receive your order prior to January 27, 2016 to guarantee delivery to Lost Hills. All orders received after that date can not be guaranteed to be ready.

We would like to thank all of our customers for a great year and looking forward to supporting your modeling needs in the future.

FAI Model Supply – Charlie and Geralyn Jones

USA 2016 Outdoor Team Finals
The location and date of the 2016 USA Outdoor FAI Free Flight Finals has been confirmed by the participants. The location for the finals will be Lost Hills, CA. The first bulletin regarding detailed information on the finals will be published around the June 2016 time frame. Below is the expected schedule.

October 5 – 9, 2016.
Oct. 5, Wed: Registration/practice,
Oct. 6,7,8, Thur, Fr, Sat,- Contest days
Oct. 9 Sun: Reserve Day
Oct 10 Mon (Columbus Day)-Depart day.

Charlie Jones TSC Chairman

FAB FEB: 427 reasons to be there in 2016
From: Malcolm Campbell

Hi Roger

Days are counting down to the best free flight event. Here are 427 reasons to be there:


Malcolm Campbell

2016 Fab Feb @ Lost Hills Summary

Enter online at

SAT 6 Feb

Kiwi World Cup F1 ABCPQ

AMA Events

SUN 7 Feb

Ike FAI Mini Events F1HGSJ(if you enter before)

Even More AMA Events

Mon 8 Feb

Kiwi World Cup F1E

Kiwi Reserve day

North American Entries on Field

Tues 9

Ladies Tea Party (exact time subject to Change depending of flying schedule)*

Wed 10

North American World Cup F1ABCQ

Thurs 11

Cal Cup F1E World Cup

MaxMen Entries on Field

Fri 12 Feb

Maxmen F1A World Cup

Sat 13

MaxMen F1BCP World Cup

Sun 14

MaxMen F1Q World Cup

Maxmen F1GHJ Mini Events

Mon 15 – Presidents Day Public Holiday in the USA

MaxMen Reserve day

Fab Feb FF Suppliers

We want to make a list of FF Suppliers who will be at the Fab Feb Events

We know from the above and entries received etc that the following are planning on being there

FAI Model Supply
Artem Babenko
Vasily Beschasny
Magic Timers
Optimal Tracking
Igor Vivchar

So if you are a supplier and want to be on the list either enter enter online or email SEN
and like FAI Model Supply say if you want something from a supplier be sure to contact them ahead of time to make sure they know and bring what you need.

Roger Morrell