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  1. 5 Round Rule Change
  2. Euro Champs Blog
  3. Selling a Fat Cat

5 Round Rule change
From: Marty Schroedter

After all these months that we’ve had the announcement that we will be going
to 5 rounds next year, I find it interesting that nobody seems to mind this
change. Maybe everyone has been too focused on trying to eliminate the
changes being made in F1C so nothing has been said about reducing the
rounds? I for one am concerned about this change and will explain my views,
maybe others will agree with me, maybe not. There are some very obvious
concerns that I have with it that I will point out.

I am wondering if anyone was paying attention to the results during the
World Championships and noticed just how many competitors were still clean
after 5 rounds of competition? I carefully watched the results unfold and
noted this because I for one don’t understand why the CIAM has changed the
rules starting next year, that all continental competitions and world
championships will now be 5 rounds mandatory. I’ve written previously asking
why this was done, I never got a response. Was the rule changed so the
people that didn’t have the luxury of chase vehicle only have to chase for 5
rounds instead of 7? For those contests where the conditions are such every
CD has the right to shorten the amount of rounds based on conditions, so I
ask again, why make this a mandatory rule? If it was to help the CD and make
it less rounds, then they only made things worse for them.

After 5 rounds in F1A in Mongolia there were 41 people still clean. In F1B
there were 44, in F1C I believe it was 26. If the contest went to the
flyoffs after the afternoon break, I believe there needed to be a minimum of
two timers at each pole. Multiply those above numbers by two to see how many
timers they would have needed to time the first flyoff. Do you think the
organizers at the WC could have arranged 82 much less 88 timers?
Here’s my point, after 7 rounds in F1A there were only 27 people left, 31 in
F1B and I believe only 19 in F1C. That is a huge difference in not only the
amount of people flying left but in the amount of people needed to time.
Those last two rounds averaged at least a 25% decline in competitors maybe
more. Isn’t that what those last two rounds are for in the first place to
help eliminate people and make it tougher to make the flyoffs? I am sure all
the people that dropped the 6th or 7th round at the WC would have LOVED for
it to have been only 5 as proposed for next year.

As a contest director, I know one of the hardest jobs of running a contest
is making sure everyone at the line/pole has a timer and is ready when the
round starts. When it’s time for the flyoffs everyone needs at least one and
in the big contests, everyone should have two if at all possible. I couldn’t
imagine having to get even 50 timers to time much less 88.
Let’s look at 5 rounds another way. Let’s say people drop a round and don’t
make it to the flyoffs in a 5 round contest. If after the 5th round do you
think these people will volunteer to stick around for hours just so they can
be a timer or do you think they’d rather go back to their trailer or motel
to get out of the sun and rest? We need those people to help time so to
only make it 5 rounds you will not only have more people in the flyoffs now
you’ll have less people to time as well. We don’t pay people to be there
like the World Champs, we rely on people that were competing that dropped to
stick around and help time. How can we ask people to stay around the field
for hours just to time the flyoffs?

More people in the flyoff means more planes in the air at once, and more
chances for midair, line crosses etc. Changing the rounds from 7 to 5 has
nothing to do with the reduction of performance, if that’s what they were
trying to accomplish, it’s simply just helps those contest where the weather
is such that it eliminates rounds and makes it easier on the competitors. I
cannot think of any other reason for this change.

I hope people really think about this because I see it as nothing more than
a CD’s nightmare now reducing it to only 5 rounds. All I ask is, with more
people making the flyoff only having to fly 5 rounds, who is going to be
available to time? Convince me this change makes sense. Anyone.. What good
is making the flyoff if there is no one left to time you?
And on a personal point of view, if I were lucky enough to make the US team
and fly in a World Championship, I certainly would prefer going there after
spending all that time and money, to be able to fly 7 rounds instead of just
5. But that’s just me.

Let’s hear your thoughts on this I think it’s time we speak up. Pros and
cons are welcome. Is everyone happy with only flying 5 rounds come next
Marty Schroedter

Euro Champs Blog

From: Richard Jack

Hi Roger,

My Dad, Alan, is the UK team manager for the Junior Euro Champs that are currently taking place in Romania. He is writing a blog about it here: Could you post a link on SEN please?


Richard Jack

Selling a Fat Cat

From: Dave Rounsaville

Hi Roger, I’m looking to sell a Fat Cat…how can you help?
Dave Rounsaville

Roger Morrell