National Free Flight Society

SEN 1891

Table of Contents – SEN 1891

  1. Junior World – 1
  2. Junior World – 2
  3. Tangent
  4. VF

Junior World Champs on FB

Interested in up-to-the-minute Junior WCh news? Check the Free Flight Digest Facebook feed, linked at

Don DeLoach
NFFS Editor

and in Thermiksense by Wibke Seifert

Tangent Contest dates

Could you publish the date for the contest in Tangent

The Tangent Classic date are August 22 for FIA B C and August 23 for Mini
The FAI Challenge are August 23 for mini and the 24 for ABC

Thank you
Pierre Brun

Valley Fever Question

Do you know any website or contact address for where any blood test can be send for check of you have had valley fever?

Vegar Nereng

The web site of the Californa dept of Public Health has a number of useful links for both regular people and doctors. Try :


Roger Morrell