National Free Flight Society

SEN 3068

Fab Feb Updates All of that Hank Cole Videos Helping Len Surtees Ike HLG update Fab Feb Updates We now have 111 entries. But in a recent discussion with some… Continue reading SEN 3068

SEN 3067

Hank Cole World cup Trophée Belge and Poitou The 2023 FAI Southwest Regionals Model Airplane Championships Wanted to buy:MTK9xx timer. Hank Cole A few days ago the well known flyer… Continue reading SEN 3067

SEN 3066

Bulletin 1 Looking for Rohacell? Bulletin 1 Now available at Looking for Rohacell? From:Michael Achterberg Hello.  Looking for a sheet of 1mm 31IGF. All the companies have  minimum order… Continue reading SEN 3066

SEN 3065

Fab Feb F1C Fuel. Super Magic 6 Update Fab Feb F1C Fuel Of the 3 Fab Feb World Cup events, only the MaxMen provides official fuel for that event.  This… Continue reading SEN 3065

SEN 3064

MiniNeurone in Lost Hills Help Support the 2023 United States Free Flight Team! Fab Feb Pre-observations MiniNeurone in Lost Hills From :Frederic Aberlenc Jes Nyhegn from Denmark will have some… Continue reading SEN 3064

SEN 3063

NFFSU Needs You! Super Magic 6 Update NFFSU Needs You! From:Ross Jahnke The National Free Flight Society just completed its second AE24 competition for college age students. We’ve been working… Continue reading SEN 3063

SEN 3062

For sale a used  winder with electronic counter Question on Bulletin 0 For sale a used  winder with electronic counter From: Tuvia Fibish For sale a used  winder with electronic counter  made by… Continue reading SEN 3062

SEN 3061

Nelson Glow Plugs /  F1J Carbon Tailbooms for Sale Moose and Bear Cup Nelson Glow Plugs /  F1J Carbon Tailbooms for Sale I will have Nelson glow plugs for sale… Continue reading SEN 3061

SEN 3060

Registration for Eagle and Danish Cup For Sale MK Timer MTK9xx MiniNeurone Lost Hills Update Registration for Eagle and Danish Cup From:Vegar Nereng Registration for Eagle Cup and Danish Cup… Continue reading SEN 3060

SEN 3059

Fab Feb Update Alternative for Dymond D47 Another Small Servo Choice and survey Feb Update We have over 65 entries so far,  with about 2/3 from outside the USA. … Continue reading SEN 3059