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  1. Nelson Glow Plugs /  F1J Carbon Tailbooms for Sale
  2. Moose and Bear Cup

Nelson Glow Plugs /  F1J Carbon Tailbooms for Sale

I will have Nelson glow plugs for sale at the Fab Feb week of events.  The cost is $9 each.  In stock, I have 200 glow plugs at this time.  Please send me an e-mail if you wish to purchase glow plugs so I can make sure that everybody gets what they require.  If you need a large amount, meaning 75 to 100, please let me know so they can be preordered before the Fab Feb week begins.

Also, I will have carbon 1/2A / F1J / F1P tailbooms for sale.  These have been manufactured by Stepan Stefanchuk in the Ukraine.  They are a replacement for the aluminum / carbon / aluminum Ken Oliver tailbooms from the past.  The weight is approximately 20 grams.  The big end diameter is 1.080 inches the small end is .300 diameter and the length is 38 inches.  The cost is forty dollars per tailboom.  I can also mail these to anybody who wishes to purchase them.

Walt Ghio

Moose and Bear Cup

From:Per Findahl
Dear Friends !
Come and join us on one of the biggest free flight fields in the world ! Two World Cup contests during one weekend, 9 – 12 of March.
The registration for Moose Cup and Bear Cup is open. More info can also be found under the links.