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  1. For sale a used  winder with electronic counter
  2. Question on Bulletin 0

For sale a used  winder with electronic counter

From: Tuvia Fibish

For sale a used  winder with electronic counter  made by Blazevich  –1/4  for 250$
Can be delivered  in Feb Feb week in Lost Hills.
Tuvia Fibish

Question on Bulletin 0

Hi Roger, sorry to bother you. Do you have news if they have already published the bulletin 0 of the French world, or do you know the schedule of its activities? Thank you very much and greetings from Argentina. Claudio Fabris

Editor’s reply

Claudio, We have not seen it. There is information on the dates in the FAI calendar. We understand that Bulletin 0 was reviewed by the CIAM before Xmas and some changes requested. The overall dates appear to be correct. We have told them and the CIAM that the lack of Bulletin 0 makes it especially hard for people who have to make intercontinental flights and may effect participation.

We are more fortunate than the Control Lines whose event was scheduled for Ukraine and I understand that the the replacement is not yet chosen.  We do know the country, site and date.

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