National Free Flight Society

SEN 3065

  1. Fab Feb F1C Fuel.
  2. Super Magic 6 Update

Fab Feb F1C Fuel

Of the 3 Fab Feb World Cup events, only the MaxMen provides official fuel for that event.  This fuel is 16% synthetic + 4% castor as it has been previous years.

Some visiting F1C sportsmen have made arrangements with American F1C sportsmen to get some fuel for testing and the earlier events.
Bill Booth, the CD of the MaxMen will be ordering the fuel for the MaxMen at the beginning of next week. He can order addition fuel for visiting F1C sportsmen. There will be an additional charge for this fuel that you will pay when you get the fuel..  There is not an additional charge for the official fuel used in the MaxMen contest.

Bill will be ordering this fuel very soon. So please email Bill immediately if you would like him to get F1C fuel for you. Bill’s email is

He will not order fuel for you unless you email him.

Super Magic 6 Update

Recently, we talked about the availability of a new version of Super Magic 6 program for the Android.  A number of people have down loaded this and used it. This release as to correct a particular issue and there is not problem with this. However Magic Timers has got a few comments that said “Why did you not fix this or make it better there”. Magic Timers was not aware of these issues or suggestions.  A further update to Super Magic 6 under way and will be released shortly to address these point.  But if you are a Super Magic 6 User and have some issue or suggest please tell Magic Timers at  to make sure that it is dealt with.